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Dr. Damani Johnson is this year’s 2020 Lifetime Peacemaker Awardee!
Dear friends,

We are now six months into a global pandemic. It is important to recognize the perseverance that takes, as well as the community support involved — everyone has leaned on someone during this time. Take a moment today to reflect on who that has been in your life: friends, family, neighbors, grocery deliverers, mail drivers, etcetera. As we get closer to the November election, we need to remember that no matter who is elected, it is not government that will save us. Mutual aid, collective care and continued solidarity while challenging structures of oppression? That's our ticket! Check out our latest blog post about the role of love and joy in sustaining a revolution. 

Violence against Black and Brown bodies, as witnessed this week by residents of Kenosha, Wisconsin, continues. Which means our work will too. So before you do anything else today, follow this link to register for our virtual International Day of Peace event, happening the weekend of September 18-20. We need a steady registration pace in order to meet our goal of $5,000 so as soon as you are done registering, please encourage a friend to do the same! If you want to do even more, share the event on Facebook and keep an eye out on WPJC's social media for our digital ambassador toolkit, so that you can help raise the hype about IDP among your friends (or email us to learn more about it). Also boost our Take Out For Peace fundraiser, which is a great opportunity to both support WPJC and local Black-owned businesses and eat some delicious food! 

In this newsletter, we’re so pleased to announce that this year's Lifetime Peacemaker Award will be presented to Damani Johnson: co-founder of Whatcom Human Rights Task Force, political science professor at WWU, and longtime champion of social justice and nonviolence. Damani Johnson has served on the board for the Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity; was a member of WWU's Diversity Equity and Inclusion Task Force; is the director of the Ralph Munro Institute for Civic Engagement; and speaks frequently about Black Lives Matter and the movement toward anti-racism. He has focused his research on comparative settler colonial states in the global system and has taken special interest in the role of global citizens in community development in Africa. We are excited to recognize and thank him for his contributions toward building a more peaceful and just world, starting here in our own community! 

In peace,
Marii Herlinger
WPJC Intern
Please join WPJC in thanking this year's International Day of Peace sponsors:

Bellingham Friends Meeting
Veterans for Peace Chapter 111
Bellingham Peace Vigil
Whatcom Human Rights Task Force
Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship
First Christian Church
Khush Khush
Daylight Properties
A-1 Builders
Allied Arts of Whatcom County
Boundary Bay Brewery
Pepper Sisters
Lucky Monkey
Old World Deli
Sound Divers
Phoebe Bird
Menace Brewing
The Local Public House
Old Town Cafe
WWU Theater
Latin American Solidarity Committee - Corvallis

Make Racism a Public Health Crisis in Whatcom County

Follow this link to add your name to a petition demanding that Whatcom County declare racism a public health crisis. 

Help Stop the Military from Targeting Children on This App

The U.S. military is using a popular video game platform called Twitch to recruit kids as young as 13 years old, in direct violation of the laws prohibiting recruitment of anyone under 16. Tell Twitch CEO Emmett Shear to ban military recruitment on the platform and protect young people from harmful recruiting practices here.

Prioritize Victim Services in Indian Country in the Next COVID-19 Relief Package

In some communities, Native women are murdered at a rate 10 times the national average. COVID-19 is sure to exacerbate this national injustice due to the virus’ impact on already limited justice, health and advocacy responses.This is a crisis. Please urge your members of Congress to include funding for victim services for tribes in the next COVID-19 relief package. 

6 pm, September 4
People's Budget Assembly
Hosted by Defund BPD Coalition

10 am, September 5
Labor Day: Fighting for Workers Rights and Racial Justice
Hosted by AFL-CIO, LELO and Poor People’s Campaign

2 pm, September 8
Webinar: Post-COVID Multilateral Cooperation – A Chance To Achieve A Nuclear-Weapons-Free World?
Hosted by SOAS University

4-6 pm, September 8

Preparing for Street Demonstrations: Practical Tools For Compassion In Action
Hosted by Campaign Nonviolence

10 am, September 10
COVID-19 Webinar Series  — Back to School During a Pandemic
Hosted by Physicians for Human Rights

5 pm, September 10
Organizing to Prevent Nuclear War in the Current Moment
Hosted by Back from the Brink

5 pm, September 11
Flights & Rights: National Security and Surveillance
Hosted by ACLU

3:30 pm, September 12
ICE Protest
Hosted by Stand Speak Listen

4 pm, September 14
Voting is Power Unleashed: Mass Assembly
Hosted by Poor People's Campaign

5 pm, September 26
Power to the Peaceful: Annual Movement Building Event
Sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action

11 am - 12:30 pm, September 27
Rooted in Resistance: Defending our Communities and Ending State Violence in the Americas
Hosted by School of the Americas Watch

5:30 pm, September 30
From Crisis to Recovery: Forging a collective path towards a more just, equitable and green future
Hosted by RESources

WPJC's 17th International Day of Peace

This is the beautiful poster, created by Jonathon Soren, for our 17th International Day of Peace event! You can find it on our Facebook page — please share widely and help boost awareness of what's going to be an awesome event. This year, we are (virtually) hosting Aaron Dixon, co-founder of the Seattle Black Panther Party, and Walidah Imarisha, an historian and writer who has studied the history of racial violence in the PNW and has worked with adrienne marie brown on co-editing Octavia's Brood, a collection of science fiction stories from social movements. You won't want to miss these two in conversation with each other! Register for the event here

TODAY: People's Budget Assembly: March To The Mayor's House

Join us in telling Mayor Fleetwood we demand real change in the upcoming city budget. We demand funds be moved from the bloated police budget to the social programs laid out by the Defund BPD Coalition:

-Expanded mental health services
-Safe, secure, and affordable housing for our community
-Expanded substance abuse treatment and harm reduction services
-Community and Cultural Spaces for Black and Indigenous Foles
-Supporting Black and Indigenous Economic Development
-Expanded Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services
-Worker’s Cooperatives
-Food Sovereignty Programs
-Community Land Trusts
-Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Education/Youth Programs
-Expansion of Early Childcare and Before & After School Care programs

I.C.E. Protest, Hosted by whatcom Focused Youth Movement

At 3:30 p.m. on September 12, Whatcom Focused Youth Movement will lead a protest in solidarity with our brothers, sisters and non-binary folks detained or otherwise terrorized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Show up and get loud! ICE has got to go! The location of the event, plus more details, can be found by clicking here

Demand Corporations Divest from Police Foundations! 

You may be wondering what a police foundation is — it's a private, corporate-funded backchannel which directs money toward law enforcement outside of public record and funds, allowing police departments  access to surveillance technology, military weapons, and other tools used to terrorize Black and Brown communities. Police foundations shouldn’t exist and corporations pretending to care about racial equity certainly shouldn’t fund them. Sign this petition to demand these corporate enablers cut all ties with police foundations.

Tell Congress: DO NOT Recognize Israeli Annexation


Contact your member of Congress (click here for an email script) to ask that they support H.R. 8050 Israeli Annexation Non-Recognition Act, which would ensure that the US government neither recognizes nor funds the annexation of any parts of the West Bank. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the decision to annex much of the West Bank was Israel’s to make. Instead of giving the green light to the confiscation of Palestinian land, the United States Government should help facilitate an end to the conflict that will result in full equality and human rights for Israelis and Palestinians. U.S. policy must facilitate peace, not conflict. 

Demand ICE #FreePastorSteven and Stop His Deportation Immediately

Steven Tendo (or Pastor Steven) is an ordained minister, human rights activist, and detained asylum-seeker facing imminent deportation to Uganda, where government forces had tortured him, amputated two of his fingers, and killed several of his family members. He will likely be killed by security agencies if returned.

Pastor Steven must be allowed to remain in the U.S. while he pursues the right to seek asylum and freed from detention for his health and safety. Demand ICE to stop his deportation and release him now. 

You can also email these ICE officials directly:


Thank Rep. Barbara Lee for Her Work in Repealing the AUMF

While it is crucial that we sign petitions, call our members of Congress, and put the pressure on politicians to vote in the direction of peace, it's just as important to thank those who have been doing so all along. Rep. Barbara Lee has made strides in the effort to repeal the 2001 and 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force, a policy adopted the week after 9/11 which gives the president full reign to “use all necessary and appropriate force” against any nation, organization, or person he determines aided the 9/11 attacks. Rep. Lee's work has gotten us much closer to our ultimate goal of repealing the AUMF, so please join Win Without War in thanking her for her instrumental role. 

Tell Congress: We Need #RentReliefNow! 

Without action, 30 to 40 million people in the U.S. could be evicted this year, increasing homelessness and housing instability in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact your members of Congress today and demand that they include a comprehensive housing package in the next coronavirus relief bill.

Fundraiser and virtual event to benefit RE Sources!

Lhaq'temish Foundation of Lummi Nation, Community to Community Development and RE Sources, three backbone justice organizations in Bellingham, have teamed up for this exciting virtual event and fundraiser, happening September 30 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. See the event schedule below and learn more here!

5:30 – Welcome, land acknowledgement and blessing
5:40 – Moderated discussion: Leaders from RE Sources, Lhaq’temish Foundation of Lummi Nation, and Community to Community Development will look at the intertwined crises of 2020, what a “recovery” might mean and how we as individuals, organizations and peoples can collectively arrive there.
6:10 – Featured work & fundraising pledges made: your chance to support the work of these organizations!
6:25 – Audience Interaction (plus prizes!)
6:30 – Closing

Questions? Please contact Julia Spencer,

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