PHA Canada eNewsletter: Vol 4 #9 Sept 2014
Menchies Frozen Yogurt Fundraiser in Waterloo!
On August 7th, Serena Lawrence held an incredible fundraiser in conjunction with Menchies’ Frozen Yogurt in Waterloo. Menchies agreed to issue all proceeds from August 7th sales to PHA Canada. We were thrilled to learn that they raised $2000 in a single day. We are thankful to every person and family who came out to support this perfect summer fundraiser. A huge thank you goes out to Serena as the organizer of this event!
Ambassador Training in Montreal
PHA Canada is thrilled to announce that we will be training our first team of Ambassadors in Montreal, QC at the end of this month. The Ambassador Training will take place over an afternoon in conjunction with PHA Canada’s Board of Directors Meeting. After this session, our Ambassadors will be prepared to represent PHA Canada in front of the media and press and at events across Canada! If you feel that your future event or meeting would benefit from the support of an Ambassador, please contact Angie at We are grateful for our volunteer Ambassadors and look forward to seeing what they will bring to our organization.

Welcome, Susan! 
PHA Canada is sad to bid goodbye to our Community Relations and Volunteer Coordinator Tarya Laviolette. However, we are very pleased to welcome Susan Lowe to our team. Susan comes to PHA Canada with a broad range of experience in community engagement, social research, health education, and bilingual communications. In her earlier position as Manager of Health Promotion with the Canadian Institute for Relief of Pain and Disability (CIRPD), she implemented health education initiatives for BC communities. Susan also worked in healthcare fund development for Medicine Hat and District Hospital, Foothills Hospital, the United Way and Vancouver General Hospital. We are excited to have Susan’s skill set to contribute to PHA Canada. 

November Awareness Month in the Fall issue of Connections

The Fall 2014 issue of Connections magazine will be arriving in your mailboxes in two weeks. This edition is loaded with beautiful and heart-wrenching personal stories from our members. It also presents the various ways that our community can get involved for November, PH Awareness Month. Did you know that you can now fundraise for PH research? Or seek for your town to proclaim November as PH Awareness Month? Make sure to check out this article in Connections and begin planning for November! Whatever you will be doing to honour November Awareness Month, PHA Canada is there to help. Write to Bronwyn and for any support you need.

Seed Grants for fundraisers!

Did you know that there are seed grants of up to $1000 available for those organizing a special event? PHA Canada offers small seed grants to help our incredible community member fundraisers cope with upfront costs. If you’re planning an event and need some help with upfront costs, contact Angie at to see how we can help.

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New Pediatric PAH Goals For Treatment Could Improve Patient Outcomes
A team of researchers from the University Medical Center Groningen in Holland, has identified three baseline variables that can become treatment goals in children suffering with PAH. PAH is rare in infants, however, it is a severe condition that rapidly deteriorates if left untreated.

Novel Nitric Oxide Delivery System May Someday Improve PH Treatments
GeNo LLC, a pharmaceutical company, is currently testing inhaled nitric oxide (NO) drug delivery systems for use in both hospital and outpatient settings. These could come to impact treatments for those with pulmonary hypertension. Nitric oxide has been shown to be a potent vasodilator, since it causes blood vessels to relax and widen, reducing blood pressure and increasing blood flow through the lungs, this way increasing the amount of oxygen captured by red blood cells.

New Report Identifies Key Features in Systemic Sclerosis
Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a disease that affects multiple organs. Different heart structures can be affected, leading to pericardial disease, arrhythmias, and direct myocardial disease such as pulmonary arterial hypertension. According to the researchers, it is increasingly important to be able to identify patients who are at high risk for cardiac arrhythmias.

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Scalloped potatoes by Kate McGoey-Smith
With a low sodium diet, it is possible to eat familiar favourites! This is a low fat version that is lung/heart healthy. Check out to get “fork smart”.
Ingredients: White Sauce

  • Unsweetened Almond Milk– 1 ½ C.
  • Flour – 2 tBp
  • Smoked  Paprika – ½ tSp
  • Garlic Powder – ¼ tSp
  • Cayenne Pepper – ¼ tSp
Place above ingredients in a small saucepan – Cook at med. heat until sauce thickens, then add:
  • Onion (white) – ½ C. Chopped
  • Thinly sliced potatoes – 4 potatoes total

In a rectangular dish, cover bottom of dish with thin layer  of sauce, then place a layer of peeled, thinly sliced potatoes, layer with sauce and then  potatoes, then sauce , continue until all potatoes are used. Top surface – sprinkle with paprika and nutritional yeast.
Bake at 350 F for ~65 minutes or until golden brown.

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The Pulse 

Share your story 
We love your stories and events! PHA Canada exists for our members: our goal is to share resources and connect our community. Submit your stories for Connections & the Pulse at:
Community Events: click to read more!
Sep 06: Toronto PH Support Group Meeting - Sept 2014
Condo Party Room, 1:30-3:30pm
The Toronto PH support group provide a place where patients, family members and caregivers can share their experiences, learn about PH, treatments and how others have adjusted their lifestyles around PH; and learn from others about how to get involved in the fight against PH.

Sep 07: Vancouver PH Support Group Meeting - Advocacy focus!
The Laughing Bean Coffee Company, 4:30-6pm
This month we'll be talking about using new PHA Canada resources to reach out to our government representatives. Let's make sure our voices are heard!

Sep 13: London PH support group meeting
Westmount Branch of the London Public Library, 1:30-3:30pm
Anne VanDurmen, Yoga instructor will be coming to talk to us about Yoga and how it can be beneficial for our bodies and minds. She will be telling her own story regarding her childhood breathing challenges along with demonstrating some breathing exercises that we can easily follow once we are back home.
Hosting a PH event that you’d like us to publicize? Submit your event for our events calendar and we'll include it in The Pulse!

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