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House Reps. Katherine Clark (D-MA), Susan Brooks (R-IN) and Patrick Meehan (R-PA) introduced the Online Safety Modernization Act of 2017 to ban sextortion, swatting, doxxing and nonconsensual pornography. The bill would also provide training and resources for federal, state and local law enforcement for these issues. The bill is supported by Facebook, CCRI, law enforcement, NCMEC, and anti-domestic violence groups. [1]
In New South Wales, Australia, Parliament has drafted the Crimes Amendment (Intimate Images) Bill, to ban nonconsensual pornography, regardless of who took it. This bill includes “morph porn” -- image-based sexual abuse where a the victim’s head is photoshopped on a nude body -- and editing a photo’s brightness / contrast to expose a private body part. The bill also includes people who have the intimate images without consent but haven’t shared it online, since they can physically share their screen. If found guilty of sextortion or sharing nonconsensual pornography, offenders face up to three years in prison and must remove the images. Nonconsensual pornography was criminalized in South Australia in 2013, and Victoria in 2014. [6]
A North Carolina law that prohibits posting nonconsensual pornography of an ex-lover without consent may soon be expanded. The House and Senate accepted changes for HB 399, sponsored by Republican Rep. Chris Malone of Wake County, which would close a loophole by not limiting it to people who were in a relationship and including those who have had their computers hacked and their images distributed without their permission. The bill now heads to the Governor. [10]
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  12. Diana Tourjee, Journalist Pleads Guilty to Framing Ex For Anti-Semitic Bomb Threats, VICE (June 15, 2017)
  13. Brian Maass, No New Trial For Lawyer Who Outed Prostitute, CBS News (June 15, 2017)
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