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August 2013


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Komal Paladugu, National Student Secretary

Hello everyone!  As the new year begins and we run into those naive and innocent MS1s who have that constant Bambi-eyed look, lets take a bit of pride in how much we've grown and all that we've learned since that very first day of medical school.  No longer dazed and confused, (okay, maybe less dazed and confused), we make our way forward with incredible courage and tenacity, constantly throwing ourselves in situations we have never been faced with.  These situations are what will shape us into the future physicians we will someday become.  So, take those chances and leaps of faith, and don't fear falling on your face. Even if you do: get up, dust yourself off, remember to look out for cracks in the sidewalk next time, and keep going.  In that spirit, the NewsFlash has a new monthly addition:  Opportunities to Get Involved.  Start the year off right and check in with our monthly NewsFlashes to see how you can take that leap of faith and participate in National AMWA.  Good luck and congratulations on making it another year!  Any ideas for improvement?  Feel free to contact me

AMWA August Advocacy Calendar

  • National Immunization Awareness Month 
  • National Breastfeeding Month 
  • August 1, 2012: The "Contraceptive Mandate" of the Affordable Care Act came into effect.  This mandates that all new health insurance plans cover access to preventative health care services including mammograms, FDA approved contraceptives, STI testing and counseling, breastfeeding support, domestic violence screening and counseling without deductible, co-pay or cost-sharing.  
  • Aug, 1-7: World Breastfeeding Week 
  • Aug. 15, 1896: Happy Birthday Gerty Cori.  Cori was the first American woman to win a Nobel Prize in science (1947) for discovering the enzymes that convert glycogen into sugar and back again to glycogen. 

AMWA Pin Back By Popular Demand!

The sterling silver pin design features a beautiful caduceus along with the AMWA logo and is the perfect size to wear on the lapel of your white coat! If interested in purchasing pins for your local branch, please fill out this formPlease submit your order no later than August 21, 2013. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

AMWA Awards
By Carey Wickham, Awards Chair 

The fall application cycle is now open for many of the wonderful scholarships offered by AMWA to support our members during the challenging years of their medical education.  Applications will be accepted from August 1st - September 30th, so visit the AMWA website and apply today!
  • Membership Fee Waivers -- Let us help cover the cost of a four-year national student membership in AMWA, valued at $75 value per person. Available to prospective members and those who have joined within the calendar year. Dues must be paid prior to award disbursement.
  • Medical Education Scholarships -- The cost of a medical education can be overwhelming, which is why AMWA wants to help ease some of the financial burden. Worth $1,000 each, the scholarships are to support our members’ dedication to promoting to mission of AMWA during medical school. 
  • Medical Student Kaplan Scholarships -- Preparing for exams can cause significant mental and financial stress, which is why AMWA has partnered with Kaplan to offer scholarships valued at $1,000 each, to be used towards USMLE or COMLEX exam preparation. 
  • Undergraduate Kaplan MCAT Course Scholarship -- AMWA understands that gaining admission to medical school is a long and challenging process, which is why we have partnered with Kaplan to offer a scholarship valued up to $2,099, for MCAT exam preparation.
Contact me with any questions or concerns on the application process or for more information. 

Now Accepting Anne C. Carter Global Health  Fellowship Applications!

Are you interested in making a global impact in health care disparities? The Anne C. Carter Fellowship is a 2-year fellowship that provides a unique and enriching experience for students passionate about global health.  Four AMWA student members will be chosen as fellows and provided support to complete local and/or international global health projects.  For more information about how you can apply please visit our webpage and visit the Carter Fellows blog for more information. Please contact Global Health Chairs, Judy Gbadebo and Toni Aluko, with questions on the Carter Fellowship application process or for more details!

Membership Benefits
By Kathryn Anderson, External Relations Chair

Here is a quick reminder of the wonderful perks we have as AMWA members:
Don't forget: when new members join AMWA this fall, they will receive the beautiful AMWA caduceus pin and a surgical scrub hat from Blue Sky Scrubs.  In addition to these great discounts, we also have partnerships with other student organizations including AMSA, APSA, and MWIA! Stay tuned throughout the year for new perks and partnerships by checking out our membership benefits.  Have any suggestions on future partnerships?  Feel free to contact me!

Residency Division: Survey on Sex Trafficking

Help our Resident President in her research on human trafficking, its impact on health, and the knowledge physicians possess about this topic by participating in this brief 2-minute questionnaire here. To learn more about Kanani’s research, please feel free to contact her!

Opportunities to Get Involved in AMWA

Looking for new and exciting ways to get involved in AMWA?  Keep up to date on the newest opportunities here: 
  • Faces of AMWA Initiative--Faces of AMWA is an online exhibition to chronicle notable AMWA members past and present.  We are still looking for student writers!  If you are interested in writing a one page biographical document for this initiative please click for information on submission and credit for article authorship.  Contact Lauren Nicholls for more information!
  • Social Media--The AMWA Social Media Committee is looking for  several Blog Contributors to manage the AMWA Blog. These positions are flexible and can be tailored to fit within your busy schedule. If you have a burning passion for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any social media sites, this is a perfect chance to put those skills to good use! For more information, please contact Amanda Xi or Cecily Koppuzha.
  • Women’s Health Co-Chairs - Goal: collect data in the Fall on what every institution is doing with regards to Gender Specific Medicine and try to publish it. At the same time, the students involved can provide their school with resources from the SGWHC (Sex & Gender Women’s Health Collaborative), and we can follow up to see which schools start implementing it into their curriculum.
  • Web Committee- will work with Dr. Florence Haseltine on improving the AMWA website and updating other technological aspects of AMWA 
  • Undergraduate Expansion - As AMWA endeavors to expand to undergraduate schools, we can use the help of each and every one of our branches to help mentor undergraduate leaders and help create/sustain an AMWA branch. Please contact Parin Patel for more information.
Check back next month for more information on how to participate in National Student AMWA!




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