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August 2015 Student Newsletter
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*Student Membership rates only $50 (originally $75) between August and September.
*Each new and existing nationally registered AMWA member will receive a FREE Kaplan eBook of their choosing through Kaplan. (Pssst, plus 15% off Kaplan materials!) More info here.
*We are offering $10 back to your chapter for every national STUDENT member recruited and $100 back for every five PHYSICIAN members recruited from August 1st to September 30th, 2015. To redeem this offer, branch presidents can fill out this form at the end of the recruitment season.
*Branch Programming Webinar for the Mentorship Committee on Monday, August 24th, 2015 at 9:00pm EST.  Please sign up for the webinar here.
*Access the Recruitment Powerpoint, Flyers, Poster Template and Branch Programming Handbook as well as the Branch Award & Grants  information for more amazing ideas on recruitment and funding opportunities

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AMWA continues to recognize and encourage promising young medical professionals of tomorrow by providing a number of awards, grants, and scholarship programs.  Our Fall Application Cycle is now open and ends September 30, 2015.
For a list of awards available during the upcoming cycle click
All AMWA Student Members are invited to apply for the Student Division awards and grants. Please contact our 
Awards Chair with any questions.


Lexi is starting her third year at Oakland University William Beaumont (OUWB) School of Medicine in Rochester, MI.  She is excited to be involved with AMWA on a national level.  This year, her goals are to seek new fundraising opportunities in the hopes of increasing educational and travel scholarships available to AMWA student members.  

Lexi is interested in pursing a career in women’s healthcare and medical education. Her current research involves a medical education program regarding ovarian cancer. She is also an active volunteer for the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance.
Read more about Lexi here.

PATH Student Leadership invites all medical students to attend our first quarterly NATIONAL WEBINAR:

Sex Trafficking Screening Tools
Saturday, August 29th at 6PM EST.

Sign up for the webinar here to receive an email with attendance details.

Physicians Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH) is a division of AMWA focused on the role of medical students and physicians in ending sex trafficking. The newly elected PATH student leaders are dedicated to raising awareness and training for this important humans rights topic. The PATH student division will be hosting four national webinars throughout the year open to all medical students featuring leading experts.

For more information about the webinars or how to become involved, email and visit
Recently, the World Health Assembly passed a resolution to strengthen essential surgical care globally. Traditionally, global public health efforts have focused on communicable diseases and health campaigns such as immunization programs and infectious disease prevention. Surgery has been an often neglected medical issue in these campaigns despite a large global burden of disease that could be greatly reduced by simple surgical operations. We believe that surgery holds an important place in addressing global health needs, and we advocate for increased funding and health systems strengthening to expand access to essential surgical care throughout the world. Read more.
SOAR to Health and Wellness Act of 2015: S1446
Aims to address human trafficking via a pilot program that teaches healthcare providers to SOAR - which means to Stop, Observe, Ask, and Respond in order to recognize and assist patients who may be victims of human trafficking. Introduced on May 21, 2015; 2% predicted chance of being enacted.

A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to equal rights for men and women: Senate Joint Resolution 16
States the equality of rights under law should not be denied or abridged by the US or any states based on sex. Written and sponsored by Democratic New Jersey Senator Bob Menéndez; introduced and referred to a Congressional Committee on May 7, 2015. 

Paycheck Fairness Act of 2015: S862/HR1619
Amends the Equal Pay Act of 1963: allow wages rate differentials only based on bona fide factors such as education, training, and experience that are not sex-based; makes employers who violate sex discrimination prohibitions liable in civil action. First introduced in 2009; blocked by a Republican filibuster in the Senate in 2014. Currently under consideration in both House and Senate committees; 1% chance of being enacted.

See the
AMWA Advocacy Website for more information.

AMWA's 2015 Interim Meeting
September 19-20, 2015
Washington, DC
AMWA's 101st Annual Meeting
March 11-13, 2016
Miami, Florida

Learn about fascinating women physicians who were pioneers in their day by writing/researching biographies of past presidents for AMWA's on-line exhibition,
Faces of AMWA. This work requires no more than 2 hours of your time and you will be acknowledged on the AMWA website.  Please e-mail for more information.

Co-hosted by AMWA and the first of its kind, this national collaboration is dedicated to engaging educational thought leaders in creating a roadmap to
integrate sex- and gender-based evidence into medical and inter professional education. Find out if your school participates here. Grants are available to cover lodging and registration!
Make sure your branch is active this month!
It's National Breastfeeding Month, Immunization Awareness Month, and Children's Eye Health and Safety Month
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