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February 2014


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Komal Paladugu, National Student Secretary

 In honor of the Winter Olympics, we salute the men and women athletes who constantly push the envelope, strive for perfection, and at times surpass the wildest expectations. Regardless of being a sports fanatic, the Games never fail to inspire at the pure strength and willpower of ordinary humans, launching them to extraordinary heights. It is this ceaseless need to improve, be better, and persist in the face of daunting tasks that courses through all of us.  Sure, we might not all be able to do a perfect triple lutz or a triple cork, but the late nights, the coffee, and the stress offer us something just as sweet: helping someone in their critical moment.  Our uniform is surgical green scrubs and we do sprints when the pagers go off to be at the site of action, hoping that the one article from weeks ago or the conversation about the latest clinical trial will allow us to be better than our predecessors. We take our inspiration from those whose qualities we admire and I continue to be inspired by the truly wonderful team of women I have had the pleasure of working with this year.  Congratulations to you all for joining a great team and I hope to see you at Nationals.

Any ideas for improvement?  Feel free to contact me

AMWA February Advocacy Calendar

  • International Prenatal Infection Prevention Month
  • National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month
  • Feb 3: Happy Birthday Elizabeth Blackwell!--Blackwell was the first woman to receive a medical degree in the US in 1849 from Geneva Medical College.
  • Feb 24-Mar 2 National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

AMWA National Conference Next Month!

The American Medical Women's Association is holding the 99th Annual Meeting in Washington, DC on March 14-16th, 2014 at the Ritz-Carlton.

The weekend features a great line-up of speakers who are covering a wide range of issues such as the Affordable Care Act, use of technology in medicine, developments in women's health, strengthening mentorship, and nurturing career development. Don't miss notable speaker Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post at the Gala!  Find out more details on the weekend's jam packed program.

Don't miss out on this fantastic weekend, register now!
National Chair Update
by Carey Wickham, Awards Chair

Linda Brodksy MD Essay Award:  AMWA is presenting this award in honor of Dr. Linda Brodsky, who was a pediatric otolaryngologist in Buffalo, NY and a lifetime member of AMWA.  The award aims to honor the women who have mentored, inspired, and encouraged young students to become physicians.  Dr. Brodsky was a role model and mentor to many physicians throughout her career.  Since 2000, she become a writer and an activist for fair treatment of women physicians, after winning a lawsuit against her university and local hospital for Pay Discrimination. Through her business, WomenMDResources, she helped women physicians "get the jobs they want, the pay they deserve, and not become prisoners of their careers.”  She was co-chair with Dr. Gebhard of the AMWA Gender Equity Task Force, but after a tragic fall in September, she sustained a subdural hematoma and recently passed.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Brodsky and the award.  Essays will NOW be accepted until March 2, 2014.

Prompt:  Identify a female physician who has been a significant role model or mentor to you and discuss their impact on your decision to become a physician.

The winner of the contest will be presented with a $500 scholarship provided by Dr. Roberta Gebhard DO at the Annual Meeting and will have their essay published on the AMWA website.  It is not necessary to attend the annual meeting to receive the award, but it is certainly encouraged! 

Human Trafficking and Healthcare Seminar in Massachusetts

As the Human Trafficking Initiative is gaining momentum nationwide, Samia Osman, our AMWA National Student Treasurer and Dr. Laura McCann, the Massachusetts Branch President, organized the Human Trafficking and Healthcare Seminar at he Harvard Club of Boston on January 25th.

More than 50 physicians and students benefited from the seminar, which was led by two international human trafficking experts, Dr. Roy Ahn, the Deputy Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Division of Global Health and Human Rights in the Department of Emergency Medicine, and Dr. Wendy Macias-Konstantopoulos, a board-certified emergency physician and the Medical Director of the Human Trafficking Initiative at MGH. Rather than merely raising awareness, the speakers delivered an educational workshop on how to identify, screen, and treat human trafficking victims, and the broad range of associated physical and mental health issues.

Attendees demonstrated their eagerness in combating this social epidemic as the Q&A session carried well beyond the scheduled time. Dr. Macias-Konstantopoulos has generously offered to share the teaching material to the national AMWA community, which will be posted on the Human Trafficking Initiative page. To learn more about AMWA’s effort on Human Trafficking, please follow this link.

This luncheon seminar was made possible by the generous support from the AMWA Massachusetts Branch. 

If interested in becoming part of the Human Trafficking movement, please contact:
Samia Osman or Megan Reinders, Human Trafficking Initiative Student Co-Chairs

AWHS Global Health Award
by Kimberly Faldetta, AWHS Student Chair
Help teach your community about global health while raising money for a great cause! The American Women's Health Service (AWHS) is AMWA's global health branch and the main way the AMWA helps women worldwide. AWHS sponsors women's health services in Peru, Uganda, Haiti, Nepal, Tanzania, and several clinics in the United States.
AWHS is reaching out and asking branches to hold fundraisers that center around teaching young people (or each other) about global health and international women's rights. This could be a movie night, international potluck dinner, guest speaker--the list goes on!  In addition to raising awareness about a great cause, the branch that raises the most money will win the AWHS Global Health Education Award. Fill out the following form to enter your branch in the Education Award competition.  Deadline for entry is February 28, 2014, but don’t delay! For more information, feel free to email us!    

Region 1 Update
by Safiyah Hosein, Region 1 Director

Region 1 held a talk at Harvard Medical School featuring Dr. Laura Riley, a specialist in Maternal-Fetal medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).  Dr. Riley spoke to a group of students from Region 1 about advanced maternal age and career planning. As the Director of Labor and Delivery at MGH, she has seen professional women physicians putting off childbirth in search for the perfect moment, which quite honestly doesn’t exist. During her talk, she noted the change in medicine since her training and the new opportunities for women to include pregnancy and children into their career path, without repercussion from department heads. Her open discussion on career and family planning left us with some wisdom: if you want to parent, do it sooner rather than later. 
Kaplan Member Benefit

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Opportunities to Get Involved in AMWA
Looking for new and exciting ways to get involved in AMWA?  Keep up to date on the newest opportunities here:
  • Social Media Committee--Have a voice that needs to be heard?  AMWA is taking over social media via  Facebook, Twitter, and blogging! Use AMWA on Facebook to use your online social network to raise money for AMWA initiatives, expand your network and stay in touch with inspiring women in medicine via Twitter, or write for the AMWA blog on a topic of your choice and submit to the blog coordinator. Create waves not ripples and contact Amanda Xi / Carey Wickham (Facebook), Cecily Koppuzha (Twitter), or Cherilyn Checcini (AMWA Blog)!
  • Human Trafficking Initiative-- AMWA has identified human trafficking as a pressing issue to be addressed.  Interest in this prevalent issue has resulted in Dr. Kanani Titchen's IRB approved study to identify healthcare worker's knowledge of the topic, workshops on identifying and assisting trafficked victims, a discussion with Rachel Lloyd (author of Girls Like Us), and currently a position paper.  For more information on the initiative click here.  If you are interested in participating contact Marissa Orenstein.
  • Gun Violence Collaboration-- Working with Doctors for America, AMWA is supporting a petition to Washington D.C., in the wake of the tragedy in Newtown CT.  The petition AMWA is supporting reads, in part "We, the undersigned doctors, nurses, medical students, and nursing students urge you to pass gun safety legislation immediately and present the nation with a comprehensive plan to curtail gun-related violence".  Click here to learn more about the petition and to sign! If you would like to lead this effort, contact Marissa Orenstein for more information.
  • Don't see anything for you? Peruse our many committees and  contact us !



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