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Plants for Inside Too - We open for 2021 on Mon, Jan 11th.

We at Ashland Greenhouses are looking forward to a new season of gardening.  The bulk of our planting in preparation for spring happens in the next few months.  Beginning the first week of January we start transplanting thousands of little plants each week, with each week getting busier and busier.  January can be a tricky month determining what to plant because of cold weather. We have some fun plants that can stay inside for now, and go outside once the weather warms up a bit.

A colorful favorite is cyclamen.  We’ve been growing a mini version of cyclamen for years.  It’s prolific flowering and hardiness contribute to its popularity.  It should stay inside in a sunny window until April or May.  At that point it can be planted outside in a fairly shaded area.  We’ve had a number of customers say they’ve been able to winter over their cyclamen in their gardens.  The key to that is likely due to planting the cyclamen in not only a fairly shady spot, but also a protected spot from harsh winter winds.  Cyclamen can be a little picky when it comes to watering.  Treat them like a succulent and water only when needed.  They prefer to dry out between watering.  Also be careful not to fertilize them too much.  They only need fertilizer once a month or less.

Late last fall we decided to trial over 3000 succulents.  We received boxes and boxes of tiny succulent cuttings of various sizes and colors. They are tender, so they cannot be planted outside until the threat of frost is over.  I would recommend planting them into pots you can put inside during the colder months to over-winter.  Like cyclamen they prefer to dry out between watering. There are many different shapes and styles to add to your indoor collection. Echeverias, Senecios, Kalanchoes, and many more.
Blooming perennial violas are putting on a show now with Primroses, Pansies, Violas, and more early blooming perennials budding up and starting to show some color.

Happy Gardening,


Kelly Brainard

Head Grower and Owner
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