Tuesday, January 24
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Good morning, Penn.

There ain't no mountain high enough for Ryan Torres, a Wharton sophomore who scaled the highest volcano in the world on a bike, and Saint Joseph's University announced a merger with another college. But first, groups across Penn's campus are celebrating Lunar New Year amid calls for more acknowledgment from the University.

Today's top story

Photo by Rachel Zhang

Penn celebrates Lunar New Year

Celebrations include a Penn Museum event, an event organized by the Chinese Student Association, and dinners held in college houses. Several students also shared their hopes for Penn to acknowledge Lunar New Year in a more unified way.

Four more big stories

  1. Wharton sophomore Ryan Torres reached an altitude of 6,286 meters on a bike on Ojos del Salado, the tallest volcano in the world.
  2. Philadelphia physicians formally apologized for their affiliation with a former Penn doctor who conducted medical experiments on incarcerated individuals without informed consent from 1951 to 1974.
  3. Penn Medicine and La Salle University launched the ASPIRE Program, a program designed for high school juniors interested in a nursing career.
  4. St. Joe's announced a merger with the Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences in Lancaster, Pa., which will take effect in January 2024.


Columnist Sam Zou argues that the decision by Penn Carey Law and several other top law schools to withdraw from U.S. News rankings will not limit the ranking's influence.


Today in DP history

In 2022, the DP reported that then-Wharton first year Ryan Torres ran and power walked over 100 miles from Locust Walk to New York City's Penn Club in 44 hours. Now, he's scaled the tallest volcano in the world.

From 34th Street Magazine

  • While some elements of the show "Emily in Paris" seem over the top, one major plot point is undeniably realistic. This week, Film & TV writer Emma Marks explores the "going viral" culture behind the series and its real-world implications in today's social media environment.
  • Despite having been painted more than 150 years ago, Édouard Manet’s "Olympia" continues to resonate throughout the art world. Arts writer Jessa Glassman discusses how the work subversively approached the reclining female nude with its daring technical, stylistic, and thematic choices.
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