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Hello You Stunning Geek Yogis!!! 

I'm writing this newsletter from a guest house in Chiang Mai, about to go to my fifth day of Thai Massage Training. it's a blast and I can't wait to share everything I've learned with all of say I miss you is an understatement! 

Deepest thanks to the incredible Mike Hrostoski for subbing the past three weeks -- I know you've been in amazing hands! I hope you all gave him a great send-off in my honor tonight for his Summer To Serve adventures. 

Important Class Updates:
There will be no class for the next two weeks (the remainder of May) -- we will resume on Thursday, June 7 with yours truly leading the charge! I can't wait to see you all then :)



To make the payment process a little easier, feel free to pay in advance on the website. You can buy a single class or a "buy three, get one free" series (4 classes total), otherwise you can definitely still pay with cash or credit card on site. 

All classes are held at  The Yoga Collective (on 29th between 6th and 7th). The schedule is listed in full on the website at If you use Google Calendar and would like to view the entire schedule alongside your own, click here, then click on the small Google Calendar logo in the lower right-hand corner to add this to your calendars. 


Smile at a Stranger Tomorrow

Homework (yes, I can assign you all HW from the other side of the world!): smile at a stranger tomorrow and report back by replying to this email! (Side note: this picture is from a beautiful temple in Chiang Mai.)

Metta from First Touch
On the first day of massage school, my teacher set the stage for Thai Massage by saying that our work is to cultivate metta (a Buddhist term for loving-kindness) from first touch. The most important moment of the whole massage is the first time we put our hands on the person -- in that moment we transfer love and positive, healing energy (by first centering and grounding ourselves). 

What is Metta?
From Wikipedia: Mettā is loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence, amity, friendship, good will, kindness, close mental union (on same mental wavelength), and active interest in others. This is love without clinging (upādāna).

Metta in Your Own Life
I was having a conversation with amazing yogi and wise man Adam, who is my go-to guru on these matters, and when I told him about metta in massage he asked the question, "How can we cultivate metta with every first action, thought, gaze, and touch?" 

And so I turn it back to all of us:
How can we do the same? How can we look at each stranger on the street with loving kindness? How can we cultivate clear, loving energy so that we may pass it along to others with just one look, smile, hug, interaction? How can we make a habit of regularly clearing our own energy decks so that we can be a clean-burning fire in the world?

One of my favorite things about this trip so far has been interactions with complete strangers, where we can't share any language at all, but we can share a kind, loving, full-toothed-glory smile. I gave a watermelon smoothie that I decided not to drink to two street cobblers and we shared a giant beaming smile that made MY day. Smile at a stranger tomorrow, and you'll feel your own heart smile generously in return. 
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Upcoming Classes

THURS June 7 8-9:15pm
 THURS June 14 8-9:15pm
 THURS June 21 8-9:15pm


"And how does one abide with one's hearts imbued with loving-kindness extending outward in one direction? Just as one would feel friendliness on seeing a dearly beloved friend, so does one extend loving-kindness to all creatures."

-Appamannavibhanga of The Abhidharma Pitaka, The Buddha

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