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Hi Everyone, 

I rolled out of bed yesterday, rubbed my eyes, and mumbled "bird by bird." That was what I could muster for my 5 a.m. pep talk. It pulled me out of bed and away from the fire-pit book-editing-dip that looms close by, threatening to suck me in.

I have spent six weeks on the road for a calendar that rivals a rom-com (sans wildly handsome man sweeping me off my feet): two weddings, a bat-mitzvah, a family reunion, and an upcoming bachelorette party.

But I did manage to scrap together a post today with a a quick video hello from Edinburgh, Scotland! And here's my first awkward stab at Periscope (an app from Twitter that's like video for Snapchat) . . . join me there @jennyblake for short Morning Coffee Talk book summaries. Each replay is only live for 24 hours.

I'm not very productive while traveling, and now have one more week to turn around a mountain of book edits. This is the part of the process I am not great at. I love new ideas, and the hope of helping people with them, but clarifying details of the text—figuring out what to remove and what I'm forgetting—is stressful. If I screw up this sentence/paragraph/chapter/book, I'll get skewered! 

I am succeeding at three things: quality time with family, making my book a top priority, and tending to my coaching clients and the Momentum community (okay maybe that's four). 

I am failing at most everything else:
  • Responding to email in a timely way (if at all) 
  • Seeing, calling, and catching up with friends
  • Bringing in new business; working on strategic projects to bring in consulting and speaking over the next year.
  • Submitting a panel for SXSW, where I hope to launch my book.
  • Exercising as much as I know I need to (overdoing sugar and carbs as crutches)
  • Dealing with a $63,000 (!!) fraud charge on my AWS account that has stopped my credit card and blocked many of my business services.
  • Life After College has been glitchy for weeks; Marisol and I are having a hell-of-a-time figuring it out, and I don't have the time or energy to invest what it needs. However, whatever shreds of sanity I do have are thanks to Marisol, who has been instrumental in keeping everything afloat! 
  • I have hardly blogged at LAC or the last few months, the newsletters have been sporadic, and when given the choice, I dedicate every spare writing minute to the book instead.
I don't mean to complain; writing a book and running my business is a privilege, and I give thanks for both every day. I am choosing to suck at the items on this list right now. Not even my systems-ninjary can save me from the fact that my book just needs a lot of TLC at the moment!  

Taking on a legacy project, as my book is for me, has been all-consuming. And I don't know if it's going to work out, or have the impact I am envisioning. 

I share this all to say . . . these big projects aren't without tradeoffs. What I am reminding myself: Drop everything else, know you will come back to it. Hope people understand. Realize none of it is urgent. Address what is. Do the work. Slogging through the toughest phases, not getting sloppy or giving up, is what takes projects from good to great. 

Here's to (aiming for) greatness! 

  • City Silence (from Stacy Sims): pop-up mindfulness in city parks all over the country. Host one near you! 
  • Allows you to add a lead to any link you'd like to share. (See it in action with some of the links above!)
  • Pablo by Buffer: Design engaging images for social media posts in under 30 seconds

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That's it for now . . . THANK YOU again for reading, for your support, and for being part of this new adventure with me.

And please feel free to reply and say hello any time! I would also love to hear what's on your mind and what questions you have so that I can address them in future newsletters :) 

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