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Hi Everyone, 

Happy Leap Week! Lots of updates to cover this time around...the most exciting of which is that Geek Yoga moved into a fancy new online home! Check it out at 

On that note, I'd love your help:
  • If you'd be willing to provide a testimonial for the website on what Geek Yoga means to you, please reply to this email with your two cents -- a little bit about you, why you come, what you get out of it. You can see an example of Nick's here
  • The fabulous Monqiue Johnson is also going to help me create a promo video (yay!!), which means she may come to class to film this week, or when we return on March 18. If you do not want to be filmed, please reply to this email and let me know. We'll make sure you have a spot in the room that she doesn't include in the video. 
More important updates:
  • NO CLASS MARCH 8 - I will be officially geeking out at SXSW Interactive :)
  • Thanks to WFJ for being our top recruiter -- and for writing a great post on his blog this week. Welcome to all of our new yogis! 
  • Yoga Jams! Here's a link to our Winter mix on Spotify:



To make the payment process a little easier, feel free to pay in advance on the website. You can buy a single class or a "buy three, get one free" series (4 classes total), otherwise you can definitely still pay with cash or credit card on site. 

All classes are held at  The Yoga Collective (on 29th between 6th and 7th). The schedule is listed in full on the website at If you use Google Calendar and would like to view the entire schedule alongside your own, click here, then click on the small Google Calendar logo in the lower right-hand corner to add this to your calendars. 


Blocks Schmocks? 

Blocks are for wusses. *I* don't need one. And even if I did, I wouldn't want to admit it. Must not show weakness!

Ever had these thoughts about the only-trying-to-help yoga block? I know I certinaly have. Today's Yoga 101 is a Public Service Announcement for the friendly multi-functional block!

Somehow, someway, a stigma started that if a teacher came around and handed you a block during class, you were weak or doing something wrong. It might even feel embarrasing to be singled out. Of course, deep down, we know the teacher is only trying to help you find the correct alignment in the pose. It's always better to be aligned and even in the pose than to "go far" just for the sake of matching others in the class. 

I often ask the whole class to grab a block so that you already have one handy if/when you need one during class. When I'm taking my own classes, I always have a block nearby. On some days, i don't use it, but on others I do.

One example for me is the extended side angle pose -- sometimes my hand reaches the floor and I can keep both sides of my waist extended with no problem. But on other days, a block really helps me lift out of the shoulders and extend evenly through both sides. You can even place your elbow on your thigh to come up even higher and find more length in the pose. Remember that extensional energy from back toes to crown! Here are three examples that illustrate what I've described: pose without a block, pose with a block (though I usually put it on the outside), and pose with elbow on thigh

So the next time you're in class, I *highly* encourage you to try a few poses with and without the block -- see what feels best, and what gives you the most bang for your yoga buck! 
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THURS March 1 8-9:15pm
 THURS March 15 8-9:15pm
 THURS March 22 8-9:15pm



Rest in the pause between breaths. 
Pause in the rest between thoughts. 

Bask in the space between words.
Stop in the stillness between time.

-Julie Rappaport, 365 Yoga

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