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Hi Everyone, 

February is upon us! A few of us just returned from an amazing trip to Mexico, where I had the incredible experience of finishing my yoga certification by teaching a class in a Mayan cave, with the sound of rushing water beneath us and the sight of stalactites and stalagmites above and below. 

One of the things I am most excited to come home to is Geek Yoga! I can't wait to continue the awesomeness. We will have all four classes this month, same day and time. I will be teaching this week, then....drumroll please....the fabulous Allie Mahler will be subbing for me on February 9!!!

I'll be taking a workshop with my yoga idol, Rodney Yee, whose DVD series was the first yoga I ever experienced. I'll show up late to Geek Yoga that night, and can't wait for all of you to experience Allie's amazing teaching skills! 



To make the payment process a little easier, feel free to pay in advance on the website. You can buy a single class or a "buy three, get one free" series (4 classes total), otherwise you can definitely still pay with cash or credit card on site. 

All classes are held at  The Yoga Collective (on 29th between 6th and 7th). The schedule is listed in full on the website at If
 you use Google Calendar and would like to view the entire schedule alongside your own, click here, then click on the small Google Calendar logo in the lower right-hand corner to add this to your calendars. 


Angles, Curves & Lines, Oh My!

It sounds so simple when I say it out loud: every yoga pose is about angles, curves or straight lines, and sometimes a combination of all three. Here's a handy tip-sheet for what to focus on in each. 

Angles: Many standing poses are about angles -- right angle bend in the front knee, feet pressed down parallel or at 45 degree angles, legs straight and folding over them. Seated postures when you have your legs crossed are also about angles -- as are laying postures where you extend your legs into the air or over head. In standing "angle" poses, focus on making sure your knees and toes are aligned, and that you are lengthening through your neck. 

Curves: Like the partner pose at the left (also referred to as Acro-yoga - super fun!), poses that involve curves are about stretching your side body, back bending or forward bending. Focus on breathing into the area that is exposed, and on bending/curving evenly through the entire spine. Breathe into the pose; the inhale creates space, and the exhale moves you further into it.

Lines: Yoga is all about extensional energy, and many poses involve sending your energy lines in two directions. For example, in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) you are sending your legs down into the earth, and your torso and crown up into the sky. Focus on holding strong lines, shooting laser beams out of your finger tips when your arms are extended, and rooting firmly through the feet (or the sits bones if you're on the ground). 
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Upcoming Classes

THURS February 2 8-9:15pm
 THURS February 9 8-9:15pm
 THURS February 16 8-9:15pm


"Yoga acts as a mirror. Each breath, each movement, reflects to us who we are and how we are moment to moment. We look into the mirror of yoga and see the places that need support and the places that need to open. The postures teach us about ourselves, markers on the map of the soul. They bless us with immediate feedback. As we move deeper into the physical and mystical teachings, we become intrepid explorers mining the terrain of body, mind and soul." 

-Julie Rappaport, 365 Yoga: Daily Meditations

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