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Hi Everyone, 

Today kicks of the new format — big thanks to Monica McCarthy and Melissa Joy Kong for their brainstorming prowess! I look forward to your feedback, as always :)

What's new on READING 
  • I have been winding down my days with a fascinating book, The Examined Life — true stories from a psychotherapist who has completed 50,000+ hours (who I had the pleasure of meeting at the McNally Jackson bookstore last week). "All change involves loss," he shared. The stories reflect many such struggles we all face.
  • On the music front, I am loving the angsty soul behind Hozier's lyrics and voice in Take Me to Church in which he prays at the altar of lust/love.
  • I was honored to be featured on Melissa Anzman's Launch Yourself podcast — a 30-minute behind-the-scenes look at my fears and successes of launching  
  • I also did a quickie 5-minute chat in one of Fizzle's recent podcasts: Pricing Hangups — First Product Series, in which I talk about the nerve-wracking roller-coaster of launching my first book and course, and why the opposite of failure isn't resilience, it's something called Anti-Fragile: a term coined by author Nassim Taleb on systems that benefit and grow stronger from chaos, change and adversity.
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Final thoughts
That's it for now . . . THANK YOU again for reading, for your support, and for being part of this new adventure with me.

And please feel free to reply and say hello any time! I would also love to hear what's on your mind and what questions you have so that I can address them in future newsletters :) 

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