December 2016 Newsletter
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Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. Over the next two years, RESYNTEX will continue to develop a new circular economy concept for the textile and chemical industries. Post-consumer textile waste will be transformed into secondary raw materials using innovative recycling processes. 

In this newsletter you will find updates on:
  • Our New Technology and Processes
  • A New Paper on Hyperspectral Imaging for Textile Recycling
  • Workshops and Information Sessions
  • Upcoming RESYNTEX Events

New Technology and Processes

Using industrial symbiosis, RESYNTEX will create an innovative and circular process. It will utilise post-consumer materials such as wool, polyester, cotton and polyamides to produce chemicals. The feedstock can be further used to manufacture PET, bioethanol, value-added chemicals, resins and adhesives.

New Paper on Hyperspectral Imaging for Textile Recycling

In a recent paper, Imec evaluated how hyperspectral imaging can be used for textile sorting and recycling in industry. The paper was presented at the HSI 2016 Conference in Coventry during October and was authored by Carolina Blanch-Perez-del-Notario and Andy Lambrechts.

The feasibility study was performed over a variety of pure textile materials (cotton, viscose, polyester, wool, silk and polyamides) and blends (cotton and polyester, viscose and polyester). The results are promising and seem to indicate that material discrimination can be performed by means of hyperspectral imaging in the VIS-NIR range.

You can find the full paper and its relevance to RESYNTEX’s innovation research here.

Workshops and Information Sessions 

RESYNTEX hosted two stakeholder events in Brussels during September. On 14 September, textile waste scenarios were validated at RESYNTEX’s Experts Workshop where it was agreed the project shows great value for all sectors involved. External experts shared their experience on textile waste and recycling in their own countries:

  • Only 32.5% of used household linen and footwear is collected for reuse or recycling in France, stated Eco TLC
  • 90,000 tons of textile waste is collected in the Netherlands each year and it should increase 50% by 2020 according to Alcon Advies and Texperium
  • Over 120,000 tons of used textile were recycled in Belgium, showed a report from COBEREC
  • Only 3,000 tons of textile waste are separately collected in the Czech Republic and only 3% is recycled per year, stated INOTEX Ltd.

On 15 September, RESYNTEX held its first Information Session. A diverse range of experts met to discuss textile recycling and waste management across Europe. The project was introduced and participants had the opportunity to share their ideas on the challenges ahead.

Manchester Metropolitan University will host the Symposium on Innovation in Textile Recycling on
8  March 2017

Registration is now open
RESYNTEX hosted a Focus Group Workshop in Maribor, Slovenia on 30 November.  Regional stakeholders 
discussed local waste streams and new opportunities for waste collection
Representatives from the full RESYNTEX consortium met in Greece during June

Read more here 
A Waste-1 2014 projectMoving towards a circular economy through industrial symbiosis

Find out more about RESYNTEX and its work packages here
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Upcoming Events

If you would like to provide input and discuss ideas for RESYNTEX events or request a presentation at your event, please get in touch.
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