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This is our first 'Insider View', where we reach out to share what we have been doing with our community.  It goes above and beyond what we post on the Sustainability Consult Facebook Page so we hope you like it.
As always, events are a major part of the Sustainability Consult calendar.  We go to meet old friends, make new ones and to support our clients.  

Zoe, Barbara and I were pleased to exhibit at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology (EFIB) in Champagne last week.  We were there with our lovely cardboard stand.  It was the stand's fourth time out (Montreal, Brussels, Philadelphia and now Reims) so it's a bit battered in places but is holding up and drawing the crowds.  

I was interviewed by Invest in Reims and decided to do it in French (I guess that college education finally paid off!).  As a communicator, I know that if you give usable soundbites in the right format, you're much more likely to be quoted.  Check out the video on our YouTube channel.

I moderated at the Bio-based Global Summit in Brussels (9-10 September).  This was a smaller conference but was great exposure for our client AVA Biochem who did a knockout presentation.  I presented on 'Credible Communications in the Bioeconomy' where I shared our mission to boost visibility and credibility in the bio-based industries.

We've joined forces again this year with Sustainable Brands London as a Media Partner.  If you want to attend (3-5 November 2014), you can benefit from our 20% code: NWscSB14L

As the leading bioeconomy communications and PR agency, we partnered with top venture capital firm Sofinnova Partners in a brand new Renewable Chemistry Start-Up Award to be awarded at Ecochem.  Since Ecochem has gone into liquidation and the conference is cancelled, the Award is postponed - for now.

One of our goals as a Brussels-based sustainability communications consultancy is to build capacity in the environment community.  

We held our regular Sustainability Communications Lunch, this time with Delphine Chalencon, Climate Campaigner from the Greens in the European Parliament.

The Welcome Back edition of Green Drinks Brussels was well-attended and we spent the evening outside, enjoying the last of summer.

Of everything we do, I am most proud of our partnership with 1% for the Planet.  I'm thrilled to be an Ambassador for 1%.  If you are a business and want to know more about donating 1% of your sales to an environmental non-profit and joining this family of amazing businesses, I would be happy to connect you.

On 28 September, we launched our latest 1% for the Planet project.  In partnership with Flemish NGO Natuurpunt for the second year, we provided signage in the Barebeekvallei nature reserve and an info screen for the visitors' centre in the neighbouring Mechels Broek nature reserve.  We were written up in the local paper.

We're so grateful to Natuurpunt for all their help on making these projects happen.  And to our friends for joining us on that sunny Sunday.

We don't only run around having fun in nature.  We get a major kick out of the work we do with our clients.  Our client Stora Enso Biomaterials announced a $43 million investment in Louisiana a few weeks back.  And Reverdia (the DSM-Roquette joint venture) announced business model innovation last week at EFIB as they are now offering licensing for Biosuccinium.  We've also started working with Solvay on their Epicerol brand.

We hope that October has started well and will check back with you soon.  If this is all TMI (too much information), click on the link to unsubscribe.  We won't be offended!


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