The hepatitis C website is a toolbox built by journalists for journalists to expose the complex issues thwarting prevention and treatment of this disease. It also features a database of hepatitis C experts from around the world that can be consulted on a range of issues. The many resources on the website are organized by theme and are specifically designed to help journalists provide strong and accurate coverage of this infectious disease. Each module also includes video interviews with leading experts on hepatitis C.
THE DISEASE I A Silent Killer Worldwide
In the opening section of the toolbox, award-winning health reporter and columnist André Picard (The Globe and Mail) outlines the main elements of the hepatitis C story, "one of the most common and deadly infections on the planet”It is the ideal introduction to the different topics and specialized information featured on the hepatitis C website. It is also an excellent resource for journalists who want to identify potential stories. Explore this section.
BIOLOGY BASICS The Medical Facts 

This section in the online toolbox is a must read for journalists and the wider public who want to understand the functioning of the largest solid organ in the human body. Dr. Roberta Villa takes on 14 fundamental questions on hepatitis: What are the causes of a hepatitis infection? Why is the liver such an important organ and what are the symptoms of this debilitating liver disease?, etc. The responses are interlaced with short video interviews with renowned hepatitis experts like Dr. Jean-Michel Pawlotsky and Dr. Karine Lacombe. Explore this section.
PUBLIC POLICY I Economic, Political & Social Implications 
In clear and accessible language Danish journalist Poul Birch Erikson explains the political and public global health challenges of hepatitis C, its history and the role of public health in handling this unseen epidemic. He clarifies the importance of the 5 P’s for a better Public Health: Protection - Prevention - Promotion - Prognosis – Provision. Explore this section.
THE TREATMENT Effectiveness & Pricing  

In the span of just a couple years, approval of new treatments for hepatitis C has given real hope to patients, particularly those who have experienced the severe side effects of older regimens without achieving treatment success. But at what price to public health systems? And how effective are the new hepatitis C drugs? Dr. Robert Villa explains in 12 questions the main issues behind the treatment as well as its complexities. Explore this section.
ASK AN EXPERT I Consult the Database
The online toolbox is designed to provide journalists with detailed answers to the majority of their research questions. However, sometimes more specialized information is needed. We have therefore established
a team of hepatitis experts from all over the globe that can be consulted through the online database. A simple search engine allows you to choose from four entries, such as the language you want to communicate in with the expert, your world region and country of residence. And depending on the angle of the information you are looking for you can select from the menu the expert’s specific background. Search the database 

Hepatitis in general is a silent worldwide killer and a large number of sufferers – up to 40 per cent by some estimates – are simply unaware of their infection. Expand the knowledge on this viral disease by communicating on the Toolbox on your website and/or via social media. Hashtag: #PreventHepatitis

Your feedback and suggestions on the hepatitis C Toolbox for journalists are precious to us. Send an email to with your ideas and propositions, so that we can take them into consideration for future improvements to the website and database. 


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