Montreal - July, 2016

Join the Press Briefing at ESOF2016 in Manchester

ESOF in Manchester attendees are invited to join the organizers of the 10th World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ2017) for a short press briefing between 14:15-14:30 on Monday 25 July

WCSJ2017 leaders will provide an update, invite program proposals and answer your questions. Stay and enjoy refreshments provided by AlphaGalileo, which will take place in the Cobden Suite foyer from 14:30-15:30.

Please RSVP your attendance to Rosalind Reid.

WFSJ Project in the Making

The WFSJ is working with the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) to develop a toolbox for journalists on Nuclear Safety.
The project has two components:

1) The development of a Nuclear Safety Education Program (website and webinar)
2) A journalist workshop that will be held in Munich in November 2016.

Both the website and the workshop will be designed for a broad contingent of journalists who are not specialized in science and/or nuclear.
The objectives of the digital series and the workshop are to provide the media and European journalists with the information and resources to develop engaging stories on Nuclear Safety. Topics will include the role of the media in Nuclear Safety, the challenges and issues around the concept, the key actors, transparency and ethics, etc.

New WFSJ Member

The Norwegian Organization for Science Journalists (NOSJ) is the 51st Member Association to join the World Federation of Science Journalists. 

This professional network of Norwegian science journalists has currently 56 members. Its purpose is to promote comprehensive, impartial and critical investigative research journalism, foster the sharing of knowledge among members, stimulate an ongoing debate regarding professional ethics and encourage pertinent international cooperation.

WFSJ Communications

The WFSJ is building a network of Ambassadors with the goal of constructing a worldwide community of spokespersons supporting the promotion of science journalism. The Ambassadors are asked to testify on the pertinence of science journalism and to valorize its importance to the general public. Their advocacy and commitment will help promote science (journalism) and allow for a governance of science that is transparent, accessible and responsible.

Who can become an Ambassador?
Researchers, professors, cultural and media personalities, etc. who are willing to contribute to the international promotion of science journalism during their personal and professional meetings at conferences, debates, seminars, workshops, etc. 

Launch date
The project will be launched at the end of September.

WFSJ will communicate on the Ambassadors’ commitments through its social media (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and website, as well as via its newsletter. Hashtag: #WeAreScience.  

Contact person
If you have any questions regarding the network of Ambassadors you can contact Sophie Turri via

Conference News
Montevideo 6-9 September, 2016

The CILAC 2016 Open Science Forum aims to build a regional agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean to strengthen science, technology and innovation policies aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The results of CILAC 2016 will contribute to the next World Science Forum “Science for Peace” to be held in Jordan in November 2017, positioning Latin American and the Caribbean on the global stage for science, technology and innovation for development.

Find out here how you can participate.
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