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University/College Grad Sunday
Next Teaching Topic at Calvary
Church Picnic Date
Calvary Women's Retreat
God's Not Dead 2 Movie

University/College Grad Sunday
Sunday, April 10 @ Calvary
We invite all students who are graduating from post-secondary studies to come this Sunday, April 10th so that we can celebrate your accomplishments and pray for you. 

Next Teaching Topic at Calvary
Sunday, April 10 • 9:00 & 11:00 a.m. @ Calvary
Our teaching topic for this Sunday is “Reframed: Starting Off On the Right Foot." The ReFrame series is intended to help all of us to express our faith in everyday life, to encounter Jesus afresh, and allow His story to shape our own, at work and at home, between Sundays, and in all the places of our lives.

Church Picnic Date
Sunday, June 12 • 3:00-7:00 p.m. @ Emily Murphy Park
It’s just about time to start thinking about outdoor picnics and fun times at the park!  Our Church Picnic is on June 12th.  Please mark this date on your calendar! 

Calvary Women's Retreat
August 20-28 @ the Scott's home
All Calvary women are invited to this retreat for the purpose of coming together to ask God about his dreams for us as individuals, for our families, for our community, and for our church.  Study material will be Restless by Jennie Allen.  For more info, contact Melanie Salte or Wanda Thiessen.

God's Not Dead 2 Movie
Now in theatres
Focus on the Family writes, “This is a powerful film that reveals the depth and reality of the on-going attack on the Christian faith.  Drawing upon actual events, the story and characters present a highly dramatic portrayal of how a teacher refuses to give in to intimidation and stands by her faith and, in doing so, proves once again that God’s Not Dead.  A film well worth experiencing.”

Pray for Pastor Greg, who has been diagnosed with pneumonia.
Grad Sunday
Apr. 10
@ Calvary

"Spiritual Journey of Personal Healing" Course
Apr. 16, 30
@ Spruce Grove Community Church

Crucial Conversations
Apr. 8
@ Taylor Seminary

Alberta Band of Brothers
Men's Retreat

Apr. 8-10
@ Frontier Lodge

Church Picnic
Jun. 12
@ Emily Murphy Park

Calvary Women's Retreat
Aug. 20-28
@ the Scott's home

THIS WEEK: Friday, April 8
Up-Routed Cancelled

NEXT WEEK: Friday, April 15
Home Group Dessert Night
Drop off: 7pm - Matt & Erin Walker's
Pick up: 9pm - Matt & Erin Walker's

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