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Daylight Savings Time Begins this Sunday!
Pre-Marriage Mentorship Ministry
Baby Shower for Lindsey and Connor Schroeder
Annual General Meeting Postponed
Invitation to Baptism
Next Teaching Topic at Calvary
Alberta Band of Brothers Men's Retreat
Oskar's Wish Fundraiser

Young Messiah Movie

Daylight Savings Time Begins this Sunday!
Sunday, March 13 @ Calvary
Please be aware that the return of Daylight Savings Time means turning your clocks ahead 1 hour on Saturday evening before you go to bed. This way you won't arrive at church an hour late this Sunday morning!

Pre-Marriage Mentorship Ministry
This is a Calvary initiated ministry providing helpful guidance as well as enabling couples to discover more about themselves, each other and about God.  As you spend time in this mentorship ministry you will receive tools which will help your marriage to develop long-term health.  If you are planning on getting married in the next 6 to 8 months, please check out this opportunity.  For more info, connect with Pastor Matt (

Baby Shower for Lindsey and Connor Schroeder
Monday, March 21 • 7:00 p.m. @ Calvary
Join us as we celebrate with Lindsey the arrival of Connor James!  This event is open to all women at Calvary and will be a great evening of fellowship and blessing this new mom and family.  For more info, contact Sara McKay by phone (780-993-8014) or e-mail (

Annual General Meeting Postponed
Sunday, April 3 • 7:00 p.m. @ Calvary
The A.G.M. has been rescheduled to Sunday, April 3rd, as some additional time is needed in our preparations.  We apologize for any inconvenience this schedule change creates for you!  Please mark this new date on your calendars.

Invitation to Baptism
We are planning for an upcoming opportunity for baptism at Calvary, and we’re inviting anyone who has not been baptized as an acknowledgement of your faith in Jesus to participate!  If you would like to be baptized, please talk to Pastor Greg ( or Pastor Matt (

Next Teaching Topic at Calvary
Sunday, March 13 • 9:00 & 11:00 a.m. @ Calvary
Our teaching topic for this Sunday is “Jesus Our Revealer!”  We have begun a new teaching series over the 6 weeks of Lent called "Who Do You Say That I Am?”  We’ll be looking at the early ministry of Jesus, particularly as Jesus enters into the world of various people who encountered Him in ways they didn’t expect.  In many respects, as He did this,  He turned people’s ideas of God upside down.  Who is Jesus, and how does His entry into our world disrupt and change our view of God, and ourselves, and what we are doing with our lives?  And what is, ultimately, our response to His question, “Who do you say that I am?”

Alberta Band of Brothers Men's Retreat
Weekend of April 8 - 10 @ Frontier Lodge
This quality weekend retreat for men is coming back to Alberta for the second time!  In a refreshing mountain setting west of Rocky Mountain House, this weekend will include outdoor activities, such as cliff rappelling and hiking, as well as inspiring and challenging sessions designed to move men into a deeper relationship with God.  Cost is $199.  For more retreat info or to register, go to:

Oskar's Wish Fundraiser
Saturday, March 19 • 6:00 p.m. @ Calvary
Rachael John-West invites everyone to come for a semi-formal fundraising event to raise money for the post-secondary education of Oskar and Ange, a Rwandan refugee brother and sister that she came to know while living in South Africa.

“We are excited to get Ange through Nursing school and for Oskar to accomplish his dream of someday completing a degree in Commerce or Journalism.  Hope you can be a part of the success!  Join us for a silent auction, delicious African food, performances by local musicians (some from our Calvary family), and stories from young people who have experienced first-hand the life of a refugee in South Africa.  Reception by Rwanda's very own DJ Thunderstorm.  It will be awesome!!”

Tickets are available at the door or by texting Rachael (587-599-0965); $20 per adult, $15 for students and only $5 for children under 12.  Everyone is welcome!

Young Messiah Movie
Friday, March 11 • Opening in Theatres
This is the fictionalized story of seven-year-old Jesus and the time leading up to the biblical story of his family finding him in the temple of Jerusalem with the teachers of the law.

Pray for Monique Wielemaker and Matt Walker, as they continue to coordinate our volunteers and give leadership to our Children’s, Youth, and Young Adult Ministries!
Young Messiah Opens
Mar. 11

Promise Keepers Conference
Mar. 11 & 12
@ West Ed. Christian Assembly

Single Parent Retreat
March 16-19
in Keats Island, B.C.

Sabbath Rest Seminar
Mar. 18
@ Taylor Seminary

Oskar's Wish Fundraiser
March 19
@ Calvary

Baby Shower for Lindsey and Connor
Mar. 21
@ Calvary

Annual General Meeting
**NEW DATE** Apr. 3
@ Calvary

Alberta Band of Brothers
Men's Retreat

Apr. 8-10
@ Frontier Lodge

THIS WEEK: Friday, March 11
Service Night
Drop off: 7 pm - Calvary
Pick up: 10 pm - Calvary
Cost: $10
As many of you know, Calvary has taken on the responsibility of sponsoring a refugee family and our Youth Group has been asked if we could put together a gift for one of the young men in their family. On this event night we will be picking up useful and fun gifts for our new friend! We will also have a time of prayer for this young guy and his family as well. (The $10 that would normally go towards paying for the event will go towards buying the gifts!)

NEXT WEEK: Friday, March 18
Home Group Dessert Night
Drop off: 7 pm - Matt and Erin Walker's
Pick up: 9 pm - Matt and Erin Walker's
On this Friday evening we will be gathering at the Walker’s to enjoy some quality time together as a Youth Group! The evening will kick off with a tasty snack, followed by a time studying the Bible and discussing how it applies to our lives. Following our study we will hang out and play some games together! Come on out!

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