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The Key to A Good Cellar 

Yarra Trip

We all like to tell a story or two. You can read some of ours on our blog Locked In The Cellar, a collection of ramblings about wine tastings, wine tours and misguided thoughts.
One of the newest entries is a recount of my trip to the Yarra Valley, an interesting and enlightening experience made all the more enjoyable by my French colleague's outlook on wine. 
As with anything we do, feel free to interact, comment, suggest improvements or if you are feeling particularly brave, I am happy to take on contributors.

Happy New Year To All

Hi <<What can I call you?>>
I hope that you all had an excellent festive season and a happy and safe time at that. I also hope that most of you are away and enjoying yourself rather than stuck at a work desk reading this email as a form of procrastination. But if you are doing that we have some awesome deals this month, so it is well worth your while to read on!

One bit of house keeping. In the excitement of the Xmas season we forgot to update you about the Wine Rules tournament. Unfortunately we lost all of our three pool matches, but we did play some extremely talented people including state level players. I am proud of and extremely thankful for everyone who played on the team and also everyone who turned up to cheer us on despite the results. It was a great event for a great cause and hopefully we can make a better showing in 2012! You can see some pics of our team in action here.

All The Best,
Phil Smith and The Wine Depository Team.

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Your Cellar

Did you make a new years resolution to build your cellar? If you did, you are reading the right column. If you didn't it might be worth taking advantage of our sale this month to see what you are missing out on. Here is our recommended dozen wines to tuck away this month (sporting a 20% discount for the month of Jan too).   
If you already have a cellar that is getting a bit unruly we can help you catalogue it, put it into order and suggest drinking times. Then help you continue to shape it and grow it in a sensible manner. Email us for more info and help.
Is your cellar getting too big to have at home? Do you need it out of easy reach so it lasts? Or is it not in ideal conditions? The Wine depository has temperature controlled cellars that we store all our wine at and can also store yours too. Email us for details.


Everyone loves a sale. And because you are on the email list I assume you love wine too. We've put together a range of (what we believe to be) interesting and great quality older wines and some younger stuff too. We only stock quality wine and wines we believe in (almost always wines we have tasted too). So to encourage you to try some and see how good it can get we are offering a sale for January. We are offering 10% off the regular price for purchases of six bottles, and 20% off the regular price for purchases dozens. This is for wines we currently have in stock only.
Cellar List
Stock On Hand List
Special Bottle Club
Email Us if you want some more ideas of what is worth trying
This is a great way to delve into our cellar and see what's good and why having a cellar is worth the effort.

Glasswhere, when, what

Does glassware make a difference? The answer is yes, no and maybe. The hardest part about glassware is a lot of it comes down to personal preference, although it is quite a fascinating topic once you delve into it. A lot of factors affect how a glass can change the way you perceive a wine, the size and shape of the bowl, the size of the aperture, the lip - is it a cut or rolled rim and how it is shaped to deliver the wine onto your palate. And not to be overlooked is aesthetics. If it looks good before you've taken a sip, you will receive the wine more favourably. Thankfully there is no right or wrong on this topic as stated before, a lot of it comes down to your preference. Next month we will get into good shapes for common wines.
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