Thank you for attending demodays 2012!

A Look Back: Demodays 2012

Nuance Headquarters @ demodaysHello and welcome, dear demoscene friends, to the concluding newsletter about Demodays 2012. We would like to thank everybody who has been at the party, contributed, watched demos and had a good time. Greetings to our stream watchers - didn't we make you want to come to the party next year? Looking back to Demodays 2012, we are happy to be able to speak of a great success. There were plenty of people at the party place (with a peak of about 150 persons on Saturday night), we had a whopping 150 remote watchers on the stream, we had a total of 52 releases and we have been drinking 220 litres of beer while eating about 100 pizzas and 50 steaks at the barbecue.
Kenobit&ArottenbitAs always, we have collected links to photos from the party, to all the releases, results and reports and we will soon add captures of the live gigs by Ultrasyd and Kenobit&Arottenbit. You can find all the links on our "After the Party"-page, which is being updated whenever something new appears. If you have something to contribute to that page, please let us know!
We would like to specially mention the winners of our "Smoke & Liquid" jury prize. The guys from the Swiss newcomer group "Horology" have, according to the jury, created the best smoke effect within their 4k intro "Blaurauch". It's great to see action like this coming from Switzerland - and we're even more stunned about their winning 64k intro "Wheels within wheels". Beside of these two intros, a lot of great productions on a variety of platforms (Windows, C64, GP2X, Nintendo Wii, Amiga OCS and NEC TurboGrafx, just to name a few) were released in our competitions. You find all of them here.
The OHP competition is a long-term tradition at Buenzli and at Demodays. We are very happy to have again three unique releases in this competition and we really hope there will be at least three entries next year, too! You can watch all three winners on YouTube (or download high quality movie files from
  • 1st place: Oh Ha Ppeeh by T$ (YouTube)
  • 2nd place: Water + Ink II by bones#0 (YouTube)
  • 3rd place: Kloidt ze Die by Douba/Temp (YouTube)
Coding & Demos: Perfect MatchDemodays 2013?

Yes, there will be a Demodays 2013 - same location, end of August. Keep these weekends free, while we are negotiating the exact date with the guys at the Schützi (our location in Olten). Stay tuned!

Personal words of the main organizer: This has been my 10th demoparty (be it Buenzli or Demodays) as a main organizer in a row - and there's no end in sight as long as this awesome team of hard working co-organizers supports me. I would like to thank them for their continuous support throughout all these years. And of course, a party like this would be nothing without our visitors - you! It's just awesome to see so many people contributing, spreading a great mood at the party place, and having a good time! Thank you all for these 10 years - and let's go for more. Plain vanilla…
Signed, Andry "Unlock" Joos
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