Get involved in the fight for Liberty!
Dear *|FNAME|*,

Congratulations to all of the Dekalb County Ron Paul supporters. The Ron Paul r3VOLution has been felt statewide and certainly in Dekalb.

This is due solely to your hard work and dedication. You should all be extremely proud of what you are doing for the cause of Liberty.

Our goal of returning our nation to its founding principles is well on its way. Thank you.
As you know, our movement is very young and we must continue our momentum if we want to see a country where Freedom and Individual Liberty are its guiding principles rather than vague ideas from a foggy past.
Many of you may be asking yourselves how you can stay involved -- how can you have an impact on what happens nationally and locally.

There are definitely a number of options available. I'm very happy that I was asked to introduce you to some wonderful avenues which will allow you to continue your efforts and make a real difference in the direction of our country.

We will accomplish a great deal as we dedicate ourselves to remaining involved and active.

What's next?

If our champion of liberty, Dr. Ron Paul, is to be our guide, I am happy to share that there are already organizations, training, and plans in place for you to become the next champion of liberty in your precinct, city, state house district, county and/or congressional district, and which will allow you to see rewards from your time and dedication.

Most of you know Dr. Paul as a prolific author, a genuine candidate, and a steadfast statesman who has dedicated his life to fighting for Individual Liberty and Freedom. You may also be aware that Dr. Paul has spent much of his time either creating organizations or working with existing organizations that get ordinary citizens like us directly involved in the fight. The Campaign for Liberty and Young Americans for Liberty are two such organizations.

No matter what happens in the presidential race this year Dr. Paul literally wants us to take responsibility and become a champion of liberty in our community.

Please join us this coming Tuesday evening where you will be introduced to many of the organizations that Dr. Paul has created for you or that he has allied with to fight for liberty.

This will be a very informal meeting. Please wear your Ron Paul gear and try to sit with somebody that you don't know.

After everyone has had a chance to order food and find a seat we will have a couple of people speak about the various organizations that you can get involved with, and then we'll have an "open mic" for anyone who wants to address the crowd.

Famous Pub
Toco Hills Shopping Center

2947 N Druid Hills Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

Click HERE for directions

Tuesday, June 19

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

*|FNAME|*, please don't miss this opportunity to keep Ron Paul's r3VOLution alive!

I hope to see you there!

Your in Liberty,

Anthony Lewis,

P.S. Don't forget to mark your calendar for this important meeting Tuesday, June 19 at 7 PM at Famous Pub!

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