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Issue 336 - 25th April 2016

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Lystable, the start-up founded by a 27 year-old Carrickfergus native and former Google staffer and entrepreneur Peter Johnston, plans to raise at least €3.5 million in new funding later this year.

BY ROISIN BURKE - Sunday Business Post - 17th April 2016

Tech legend Peter Thiel, a founder of Paypal and one of the early investors in Face-book, is among those set to reinvest in the firm, which makes software that helps companies manage their freelancers.

Johnston said the company was addingup to ten new clients a month

"I had no team members, no product, no business plan, while some start-ups already had 30 people. I was terrified to have light shone on an ex-Googler who had never done a company before," he said.

"We went so quickly from considering how to solve a problem to being a company."

Johnston expects freelance and flexible working to be very much the future. "One hundred per cent," he said

"If I got a CV in the early days, and if someone had jumped around a lot, it would be a deterrent, but now I actually expect someone to have spent no more than six to eight months at a company and to have jumped around," he said "Google and others are adopting that modeL

"I think and I hope that freelancing should in the next three to five years be much more mainstream rather than being a fallback because you couldn't get a full-time gig," he said "You can have a better lifestyle, make more money and see your kids more - it can be a much more viable career option"

Lystable has offices in King's Cross in London and in San Francisco and Johnston would like to set up in Dublin.

"A Dublin office will depend on whether our engineering is built out in Europe or San Francisco. Then there's the debate as to whether the entire company should be based in San Francisco, as 90 per cent of our clients are based there and all the money we are raising is Silicon Valley money."

The firm has been adding between five and ten client companies a month onto its software platform, Johnston said "The plan for the future is to go deeper with them as well as expand."

The company is revenue-generating and has been almost from pilot stage, he said and it is also recruiting 11 people to add to its current 20.

"We will definitely have a funding announcement this summer," Johnston said. "It will be significantly bigger than the €3.5 million we have raised so far Our current investors will all be involved"

Seeing the potential- EU Funded Project Launched to Aid Small Food Businesses

Banbridge District Enterprises and Canice Consulting are two of the partners behind a newly launched EU funded project, Food Incubators Transforming Regions (FITR), which has recently taken its first steps to aiding the small business owner in the food industry. This project seeks to harness the potential of emerging food entrepreneurs in order to help community revitalisation.

In order to do this the project will aim to spur on sustainable economic development by reducing the barriers and increasing the resources to start small productive food businesses and jobs. Not only does the project aim to help unemployment levels in the food industry but it has a community wide goal; Regeneration. The FITR projects hopes to catalyse community regeneration through expanding the understanding of the potential of food incubators and their role as a driver of economic growth.

The FITR project is now moving into the development stage where they will
  • Create ‘The Food Incubator Guide’
  • Develop and deliver course curriculum for educators
  • Publish an online toolkit
The FITR project will be carried out by the consortium of partners who have joined forces in order to develop and implement all aspects of the project. Banbridge District Enterprises is the leader in this project and they are joined by further partners in NI, Ireland, Netherlands and Slovakia.

This multinational partnership brings a wide array of expertise and understanding in food industry. This level of expertise will then be used through the project to develop regional alliances and produce guidance material for stakeholders that will ensure the potential of entrepreneurs in the food industry is fully recognised and utilized. 

For more information visit:
Belfast Metropolitan College  
The following job(s) are now recruiting on our web site
Job Reference:  2016/030A   Title:  Full Time Permanent Lecturer in Mathematics (Access/A-Level/GCSE)  
Job Reference:  2016/031A   Title:  Full Time Permanent Lecturer in Playwork
Job Reference:  2016/033A   Title:  Full-Time Permanent Lecturer in Chemistry
Job Reference:  2016/038A   Title:  Catering Technician
Job Reference:  2016/032A   Title:  Full Time Permanent Lecturer in Childcare and/or Education
Job Reference:  2016/037A   Title:  IT & Emerging Technology Assessor Advisor
Job Reference:  2016/035A   Title:  Centre Manager for Student Engagement and Retention (Temporary)
Job Reference:  2016/036A   Title:  Belfast Met Charitable Trust Project Manager (PT/Temp)
Job Reference:  2016/039A   Title:  Associate Trainers Register  
Job Reference:  2016/034A   Title:  Corporate Compliance Officer

Are the 50+ age group important to your business?

Current statistics show that 80% of the wealth in Northern Ireland is held by people aged 50 and over  ....which would make the over 50s a very important sector of the community to virtually every business.

Belfast 89FM is the only radio station in Northern Ireland which actively targets this affluent and growing audience within the Greater Belfast area.

Belfast 89FM, with its unique mixture of music from the 60s and 70s together with friendly and informative conversation, can help you reach and influence this important and high spending sector of our population.

If your business is targeting the over 50s within the Greater Belfast area, then Belfast 89FM is the perfect medium for your message.
I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss in detail how Belfast 89FM may help improve your business.

Find out for yourself just what you're missing out on.

Call me at Belfast 89FM on 028 9503 0389 or 077 1052 7063 and by email:

David Stewart

P.S. You can download further information on Belfast 89FM here.

Ulster University Business School Business Institute is delighted to invite you to a one day conference entitled ‘Perspectives on the creation and development of effective entrepreneurship ecosystems in Northern Ireland.’

Date: Thursday 16th June 2016
Venue: W5, SSE Arena
Time: 9:30am- 4:30pm
The Conference aim is to contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial capacity of Northern Ireland. It will seek to achieve this through the bringing together of key entrepreneurship stakeholders to examine ways in which the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Northern Ireland can be further developed.

Speakers include: Ulster University Business School, EY, Invest NI, LEDCOM plus International perspectives from Denmark and Sweden.

Workshops will focus on regional development, harnessing the power of the private sector, education and clusters development
Register for this free event here

In the UK alone, it is estimated that less than 2% of criminal proceeds are recovered. In an era of heightened criminal sophistication, perpetrators of fraud are increasingly exploiting legal nuances to hide their offshore assets and proceeds of crime.

PwC's 2016 Global Economic Crime Survey indicates that over half (55%) of UK organisations surveyed experienced economic crime in the past year. This represents an increase of 11% from the previous year and is significantly higher than the economic crime experienced in organisations globally (36%). More than ever, UK businesses are being forced to initiate civil recovery cases in an attempt to recuperate losses through fraud.

But what powers are extended to Investigators engaged in civil recovery cases? What legal options are available and how can we ensure that our tracing and recovery techniques are sufficiently sophisticated to match those of fraudsters operating across multiple jurisdictions?

To tackle these questions and more, we are delighted to be joined by Michael Neill, (Partner, A&L Goodbody) and Declan O'Reilly (Bureau Legal Officer, Criminal Assets Bureau). Our keynote speakers will explore the legal parameters of asset tracing and recovery in an easily digestible manner and discuss the most powerful methodologies and techniques they have used for uncovering proceeds of crime. PwC's Forensic Services asset tracing specialists will also discuss how they are making increased use of technology to trace clients' assets across the globe, through the exploration of recent client cases. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the panellists in a Q&A session.

This event is part of our 2015/2016 Fraud Academy Series of seminars and will be invaluable to anyone interested or involved in asset tracing and recovery.
Ian McConnell  Ian McConnell
PwC | Partner | Forensic Services

Tuesday 26 April 2016
PwC office, Waterfront Plaza,
8 Laganbank Road, Belfast,
The event is free of charge but places are strictly limited so early registration is advisable.

This Facebook for Business workshop will help you grow your audience and reach more people using the largest global social media network.
Lisa McGarry is a Digital Media Consultant with over 15 years experience in the industry.  She founded the popular entertainment news website Unreality TV, which attracts more than 1.5 million readers every month.  During the workshop Lisa will cover:
▪    What are the benefits of Facebook
▪    Creating an optimised Facebook Page
▪    Facebook Pages – key functions
▪    Developing Content – what works best?
▪    Growing your Facebook community
▪    Advertising and Promoted Posts
▪    Facebook PR:  Events, PR, Competitions & Offers on Facebook
▪    Facebook Insights & Metrics
▪    Managing risk on social media
▪    Integrating Facebook with your digital media strategy
▪    Case Studies:  Best practice use of Facebook from your sector
When:       Wednesday 18th May 2016
Where:      CIDO Innovation Centre, 73 Charlestown Road, Portadown. 
Time:        10.00am – 12.00pm  (Tea/Coffee  provided)
Cost:         FREE
Contact:    Kirsty Watson/Allyson Morrow  - By phone: +44 (0) 28 3839 6520
e-mail:  or


New international partnership opportunities

Brought to you by the Enterprise Europe Network, we can put you in touch with these businesses and help you promote your own partnering requirements in Europe too.

A Portuguese company manufacturing traditional jams, is looking for distributors.


A small Portuguese company, based in the south of Portugal, in the Alentejo region, in the small village of Aljustrel, working in the field of processing and preserving of fruit is looking for commercial and distribution agreements for their products.

Genetic analysis of summer truffle (Tuber Aestium) in soils


A Spanish company offers a totally reliable analysis for the verification of summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) in soils. Services agreements are sought.

Crystallization process, solid-state analysis and analytical development for the chemical and (bio) pharmaceutical industries offered for commercial, licence, outsoucing, service and subcontracting agreements


A German SME dealing with particle design and analytical development offers its services in the areas of crystallization process development, solid-state analysis and analytical development. Seeking industrial and research partners in the (bio) pharmaceutical and chemical sector for commercial, licence, outsourcing, service and subcontracting agreements.

Russian producer of ingredients for cosmetics is looking for the distributors.


The Russian company from Novosibirsk is specializing in the production of ingredients (oil, extracts, dried berries, etc.) from natural raw materials for different industries, including cosmetics. The company is interested in finding partners for distribution services agreement.

A Polish bakery offering traditional bread and biscuits is looking for distributors and agents abroad


A company based in Poland, in Lublin voivodeship and specialized in production of bread and biscuits (traditional and organic) is looking for cooperation possibilities: distributors or agents abroad.

A group of fruit producers is looking for distributors or agents abroad


A company based in Poland specialized in production of berries is looking for distributors or agents abroad.

The ground buckwheat husk from Poland


A medium sized Polish company specialized in production of ground buckwheat husk in the form of powder is looking for distributors and agents of the product.

Cypriot frozen foods manufacturer seeks agents or distributors


A Cypriot company specialized in the production of frozen foods, particularly pies, pastas, pizzas and cakes is looking for agents and distributors from abroad in order to represent and sell its products in their countries.

Belgian healthy chocolate company is looking for distributors, retailers and commercial agents


This Belgian company offers chocolate which has big potential health benefits. Targeting the USA, the UK and Belgium, the company is looking for several types of partners: distributors, retailers or commercial agents active either on the pharmaceutical sector, the sport sector or the organic sector.

Brazilian producer of frozen tropical fruit pulp seeks commercial agents and distributors in Europe and other countries


A Brazilian company manufacturer of more than 16 flavors of pasteurized and frozen tropical fruit pulp is looking for commercial agents and distributors interested in representing and distributing its product in the EU market, but also worldwide. The pulps come in three different sizes: 400 grams / 1 Kilo / 190 kgs barrels

Italian producer of mixing and blending equipment is looking for trade partners


An Italian producer of mixing and blending equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, nutraceutical and cosmetics industry is looking for distributors.The company can also act as specialised subcontractor for big companies and is therefore looking for long term international cooperation in the form of distribution or subcontracting agreements.

Russian producer of honey and honey-based pastry seeks distributors or agents


A Russian company from Sverdlovsk region specialized in production of Russian honey and honey-based pastry is looking for partners to establish business cooperation in the framework of a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

A Turkish manufacturer of portable milking machines for cattle is looking for distributors


A Turkish company offer their powerful portable milking technologies for use in dairy farming. The company is looking for partners who may be able to utilize and/ or promote this technology and they offer distribution agreements with technical assistance across all network countries.

Distributors sought for Swedish gluten free premium liquorice in Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and the UK


A small Swedish company offering unique gluten free premium liquorice are looking for new distributors around the world. The products come in beautiful gift boxes and are suitable in portfolios consisting of gourmet food. Distributors working towards deli and gift shops, coffee houses, small food shops restaurants and corporate gifting are sought in Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

This Armenian producer of different sorts of cheeses is looking for distributors and joint venture activities


The Armenian company is a producer of quality cheese products. Currently the company produces “Gouda” (Dutch cheese), “Hella” (frying and grilling cheese) and Telak (string cheese). The company is looking for distributors services agreement and/or joint venture agreement.

Spanish manufacturer of packing machinery and equipment seeks distributors in Europe and Latin American (Chile and Peru).


This Spanish manufacturer makes a wide range of cost efficient machinery used in the packing industry. The company is looking for distributors particularly those who sell to companies involved in large scale exports and the export of fruits and vegetables.

Supplier of paprika, dried citrus peels and various kinds of flours is looking for distributors.


The Israeli SME produce high quality products for the food and beverage industry and adopts the highest food safety standards; FSSC, ISO 22,000, HACCP, ISO9001. Thier main products are: Paprika, dried citrus peels, all kind of whole flours, gluten free flours. The company is looking to expant it's international penetration and is looking to sign distribution services agreements with distributors from the food sector.

Turkish company specialized in plastic packaging goods and calcium carbonate filled linear low-density polyethylene compounds is looking for distributors


A Turkish company specialized in plastic packaging goods, shopping bags, garbage bags and calcium carbonate filled linear low-density polyethylene compound is looking for distributors in Europe.

Producer of tasty snacks from natural raw materials is looking for trade intermediary


Lithuanian company, specialized in snack production, is looking for distributors and agents. The company can offer various products that are well appreciated by customers in other countries.


Each week Nick O' Shiel, Chief Executive, Omagh Enterprise Company, blogs on issues related to enterprise, technology and the economy. This week Nick asks if you can survive in the new economy.

The global economy has entered a new phase where the old rules don’t apply and the new rules are still unclear. Economic growth, inflation, and financial markets are all behaving oddly and badly. But what is causing such disruption?

What is happening?
Economic growth in many countries around the world is less than expected and looks set to remain at historically low levels for the next few years.

An ageing population, on-going levels of debt in the private and public sectors and a sense of insecurity that makes businesses more likely to save than spend are causing concern.

Technology too is playing its role, as media headlines laud the latest breakthroughs even though they don’t lift the economy or increase productivity.

High debt levels are also causing companies to focus on reducing their financial exposure and prioritising debt reduction over investment and expansion.

Unprecedented initiatives such as historically low interest rates and quantitative easing demonstrate the extent to which governments are trying to jump-start activity.

Even with such unusual attempts to stimulate action there is little response as the economy refuses to react in the way it has done in the past.

Such interventions would have been criticised in previous years for being dangerous and foolhardy and leading to high inflation and high interest rates.

But today’s economic environment seems immune to such perils as the problems lie at the other end of the spectrum in the form of deflation and low or negative interest rates.

Why is it happening?
There are a number of reasons why traditional policy approaches to the economy aren’t working and may not work in the future.

First, even though governments and central banks are putting money into the market banks are using it to increase reserves rather than lend to customers.

The unintended consequence of what governments and central banks are doing is to support banks rather than the entrepreneurs and businesses that need help.

Second, given the excessive amount of capital investment made by businesses in previous years there is now too much capacity chasing too little demand.

As a result commodity prices and wage rates are low while unemployment and particularly youth unemployment is excessively high in many areas.

New technology is playing its role too by keeping commodity prices down, as it allows energy companies to find and extract raw materials at lower costs.

Third, the digital revolution is having an effect, as it generates enormous wealth for an elite few without creating the expected numbers of jobs.

Digital technology is causing a profound rewriting of the rules and   governments struggle to understand whether it represents a fundamental or a temporary change.

SO, in order to break the cycle of static or falling growth rates a new set of rules is needed to make sure the current malaise doesn’t become the norm.

Why not join the conversation and leave a comment
Nick O'Shiel,
Omagh Enterprise
Great Northern Road, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, BT78 5LU
Tel: +44 (0) 28 8224 9494  Fax: +44 (0) 28 8224 9451


The over 50s are now a very valuable target market for any business and Belfast 89FM is the only radio station in Northern Ireland which actively targets this affluent and growing audience within the Greater Belfast area.

If your business is targeting the over 50s within the Greater Belfast area, then Belfast 89FM is the perfect medium to influence this high spending demographic.

Contact David Stewart at Belfast 89FM – you can reach David on 077 1052 7063 or 028 9503 0389 and by email at
Throughout the week, Belfast 89FM broadcasts a stimulating mix of good music, conversation and information on current and future events across the city.

Belfast 89FM daytime presenters already have a great reputation for the quality, variety and the entertainment value of their guests - not to mention the lively music mix on each show.

Gerry Faloona - Thursdays 1pm to 4pm


New Business Community Kickstarts a New Funding Campaign

Belfast business community WabiSabi is opening a new coworking space in September 2016.

It will be a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, microbusiness and SME owners can work, meet with each other and clients in a professional, productive environment.

They will launch a crowdfunding campaign very soon on Kickstarter.

Read more about it here:

Are you ready to capitalise on 2016’s public procurement changes? Taking place at the Royal Dublin Society on Wednesday 27 April, Procurex Ireland Live 2016 is a special one-day event that connects the island’s key public sector buyers with suppliers just like you.

In a marketplace worth over €11 billion a year, by exhibiting at or attending Procurex Ireland Live you increase your chances of winning public sector contracts through showcasing your solutions to these influential buyers.

Following on from the implementation of the new UK Procurement Regulations in Northern Ireland in 2015, an with the new Procurement Regulations coming into force in the Republic of Ireland on 18 April, transparency in public sector spend across the island is now a key requisite.

However, this will only benefit you if these public sector buyers are aware of your company.

To secure one of the remaining exhibition stands, call us now on 01686 9420 or email

To attend as a delegate, please click here.
Gary Anderson in conversation with Professor Paul Moore

Ulster University is delighted to present a Life Stories event with renowned Formula One car designer and commentator, Gary Anderson.  A Coleraine native and Honorary Graduate of the University, Gary has spent his life working in motorsports.

In 1990, Gary was asked by Eddie Jordan to join Jordan Grand Prix car helping it achieve its first podium position in the 1994 Pacific Grand Prix.  Gary subsequently joined the Stewart team, designing the winning car for the 1999 European Grand Prix.

Since 2003 Gary has been in semi-retirement, working as a consultant to Dallara and as a commentator on motorsports.

Life Stories is a series of interviews with prominent Ulster University graduates and honorary graduates who have excelled in their chosen career.

Life Stories with Gary Anderson is supported by the Development and Alumni Relations Office and the Riverside Theatre. Please note reservations are required for this free event.

To reserve a seat:

Monday May 9 at 7pm
Room U123, U Block
Ulster University
Coleraine campus

Guerilla Marketing at its best!

The Cambridge Barbers on Belfast's Lisburn Road seldom miss a trick and with the Assembly election not far away, they get their message across and put a smile of the face of the Lisburn Road.

Cambridge Barbers also have a shop on the Stranmillis Road.
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments. You can find a list of current tender opportunities on the CPD website. Again, there is no email alert facility that we can find which makes the content difficult to adapt to the Bulletin format.

104706 - New Frontiers DkIT Phase 2 2016 - Training Provision for New Frontiers Programme DkIT Phase 2 2016-2018
Publication date:  22-04-2016
Response deadline:  20-05-2016 16:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Regional Development Centre at Dundalk Institute of Technology is seeking to appoint a suitable organsiation to deliver the training workshops for the Phase 2 of the New Frontiers Programme 2016-2018. Phase 2 of the programme supports entrepreneurs with a viable business concept, is intensive and requires full time commitment by the promoter. As well as comprehensive training and mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and business experts the successful participants will also receive desk space for the duration of this phase. The output of this phase is an investor ready business plan, with implementation plan and milestones. The duration of Phase 2 is between 5 months and 6 months.
Buyer: Dundalk Institute of Technology

104712 - - Photography and videography services abroad
Publication date:  22-04-2016
Response deadline:  06-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Provision of photography and videography services abroad for the Office of the Secretary General to the President, Áras an Uachtaráin
Buyer: Office of the President

104744 - SICAP - Biz Kidz - Biz Kidz Young Entrepreneur Training Programme
Publication date:  22-04-2016
Response deadline:  04-05-2016 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: County Sligo LEADER Partnership Company seeks tenders from suitability qualified trainers to deliver Biz Kidz Programme to 5th and 6th class students in four separate national schools. The purpose of this programme is to engage with and encourage entrepreneurship in young people attending DEIS schools. Biz Kidz –Young Entrepreneurs with Big Ideas “It’s never too early!” Even children can be introduced to basic business principles and the rewards of entrepreneurship. Our aim with the Biz Kidz programme is to outline some easy-to-understand basic principles and a creative, fun and interactive approach to introduce key techniques that will have a powerful and positive impact on the child’s ability to understand entrepreneurship. 1. Allow kids the space to interact and get a better understanding of what is entrepreneurship - Some of the best products came from wild ideas, let them dream big. 2. Coach them on their business ideas, setting goals, costing and pricing - So they have big dreams and ideas. 3. Support their success, but more importantly redirect their failures into seeing new opportunities - Entrepreneurs think different. 4. Business Games – fun and interactive. 5. Communication and Marketing tools and techniques This will be the same Training provided to four different schools. Each group will receive four x 1 hour sessions in school, totalling 4 contact hours per group. The programme delivery is expected to be fun, creative and interactive for the children. We anticipate that these courses will run over May and June 2016. Please respond using ATTACHED DOCUMENTS.
Buyer: Sligo LEADER Partnership Co. Ltd.

104693 - - Invitation to Tender for Citrix Upgrade
Publication date:  21-04-2016
Response deadline:  18-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Teagasc is seeking tenders to design and build a new Citrix XenApp 7.6 environment to replace an existing Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 environment.
Buyer: Teagasc

104722 - CETB Translation Services - Request for Tenders for the Provision of Translation Services for Cork ETB
Publication date:  21-04-2016
Response deadline:  13-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Cork Education and Training Board invites tenders for the provision of Translation Services for the various Departments at our Head Office at 21 Lavitt’s Quay, Cork. The majority of documents to be translated will be required from the English language to Irish Language and be approximately two A4 pages in length. For documents with approximately 1,000 word content, we would expect the turnaround time to be two days. All documents should be returned in Word Format. In the event that a longer report requires translation and proof reading, we will discuss the required time frame with the successful tenderer in advance. You are required to translate the attached sample script and return as part of your tender submission. Tenders must be submitted/posted in hard copy marked “Confidential” “Tender for the Provision of Translation Services to Cork ETB” to the following address: Cork Education and Training Board, 21 Lavitt’s Quay, Cork. not later than 12.00 noon on, Friday 13th May, 2016. Responses received after this time will not be accepted.
Buyer: Cork Education and Training Board

104569 - RFTEA - RFT for Provision of Enterprise Architecture implementation services
Publication date:  21-04-2016
Response deadline:  13-05-2016 14:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: RFT for Provision of Enterprise Architecture implementation services to support the development of an Enterprise Architecture approach in the EPA
Buyer: Environmental Protection Agency

104721 - ICT Advisory Services - Department of Education and Skills - Provision of ICT Advisory Services
Publication date:  21-04-2016
Response deadline:  27-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Open Procedure (OJEU) post PIN
Description: This public procurement competition relates to a Request for Tenders to select a company to provide ICT advisory and related services on an ad-hoc ‘drawdown’ basis to the IT Unit of the Department. The contract period is for 12 months with an option to renew, subject to satisfactory performance, on an annual basis to maximum of 3 years in duration. There is an immediate requirement for advice on the Department's eGovernment technical architecture. There is an ongoing requirement for Advisory Services based on a holistic integrated Enterprise Architecture approach to the Department’s IT systems and infrastructure Tenderers must specify a fixed price for the immediate requirement job lot. Companies should be aware that if they are chosen to provide advice to the Department, they will be excluded from tendering for any services arising on foot of that advice.
Buyer: Department of Education and Skills
104662 - Arts in Education Project - RFT for Project Management and Content Development Services
Publication date:  20-04-2016
Response deadline:  05-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Request for tenders for the provision of Project Management and Content Development Services for the Arts in Education Website in consultation with an Arts in Education Advisory Committee
Buyer: Dublin West Education Centre (DWEC)

104683 - MH-BH-MS-002 - the moving of files and equipment from exisitng offices to the new corporate headquarters at Buvinda House Navan, Co. Meath
Publication date:  20-04-2016
Response deadline:  25-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Buvinda House, IDA Business Park, Dublin Road, Navan is the new corporate Headquarters for Meath County Council and the offices will accommodate in excess of 400 staff with public access to various parts of the building. The building is a single structure with a large car park on site. As part of this relocation project, Meath County Council is now seeking tenders for the relocation of the files and equipment. The items are to be removed from the following locations: 1) County Hall, Railway Street, Navan 2) Innovation House, Railway Street, Navan 3) Enterprise Centre, Trim Road, Navan 4) Town Hall, Navan, 5) Kells Civic Office 6) Farganstown, Navan 7) Trim Civic, Office 8) Duleek Civic Office 9) Dunshaughlin Civic Office
Buyer: Meath County Council

104695 - 11-2016 - Recruitment Agency to supply Fixed Term and Temporary Agency Staff & Recruitment Services
Publication date:  20-04-2016
Response deadline:  13-06-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: The services of a Recruitment Agency to supply Fixed Term and Temporary Agency staff on a temporary basis to support the core staff of Cavan and Monaghan Education and Training Board as and when required. Tenderers should be aware that the services sought herein are Annex IIB services Tenderers should note that there is no guarantee of any volume, value or frequency of services under this contract
Buyer: Cavan and Monaghan Education & Training Board

104661 - CfT 306730 - InterTradeIreland - Tender for Provision of Creative Design, Marketing, Advertising, Print and Related Services
Publication date:  19-04-2016
Response deadline:  24-05-2016 15:00   Irish time
Procedure: PIN
Description: The documentation can be found on the eTendersNI website. To respond to a tender, you will first need to register on this site using the Register button. You will be sent a password via email, giving you secure access to the site. You can then login with your username and password. I have attached the link to the website below.
Buyer: Central Procurement Directorate

104601 - - Review of RD&I supports available to businesses in Ireland to maximize business expenditure on research and development
Publication date:  19-04-2016
Response deadline:  10-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Fostering innovation, including spending on research and development is one of the key policies in sustaining economic growth. While business expenditure on research and development (BERD) within firms in Ireland is increasing, R&D intensity still lags behind that of other small advanced economies. Ireland’s recent strategy for research and development, science and technology “Innovation 2020” sets a target for public and private investment in R&D to reach 2.5% of GNP by 2020. Against this backdrop, Tenderers are being invited to carry out a study to identify how best to increase RD&I activity in firms that leads to the development of new products, processes and services that will deliver greatest economic impact, focussing on increasing the RD&I spend in a cohort of firms already doing R&D as well as increasing overall number of firms doing RD&I by reviewing the RD&I supports that are available to businesses in Ireland.
Buyer: Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

104615 - - Provision of a National Household Travel Survey
Publication date:  18-04-2016
Response deadline:  17-10-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: PIN
Description: The National Transport Authority wishes to undertake household travel surveys throughout the Republic of Ireland in the second half of 2016 and early 2017. It is intended that the surveys will be undertaken between September 2016 and June 2017, but this survey period may be extended or reduced following discussions with the successful Tenderer. The purpose of the surveys is to gather essential travel information for its on-going transportation planning role and to provide essential travel data both for the update Regional Transport Modelling System. The main aim of the national household travel survey will be to obtain factual data on travel behavior throughout the country on a typical day. This data will include the number of trips being made daily, the mode and time of travel, the distance traveled and the journey purpose. It is intended that this factual travel data will be obtained through the completion of travel diaries. In order to obtain a good sample of people’s travel behavior on different days of the week, it is intended that (as a minimum), each travel diary will record trips for at least one weekday (Monday to Friday) and one weekend day (Saturday or Sunday).
Buyer: National Transport Authority

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