The Business Bulletin

The Business Bulletin
Issue 188 - 18th Feb 2013

Mount Ararat and beyond
Today we drove south to the region where our pilot is to take place. We set off in the UNICEF Landcruiser, with the UNICEF driver and we were glad not to be driving because the first part of the journey was very foggy and the land all around was frozen white.

But after a while as we climbed higher we were in the mountains and then we saw Mount Ararat. It’s a spectacular mountain, with two peaks, covered in snow. It was amazing to think that this was the spot where the ark grounded. Certainly it is very high and many mountains hereabouts are over 3,500 metres above sea level. The road wound between the mountains through some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen, Switzerland on steroids! Mountains, frozen lakes, eagles and more.

Of course we passed many Iranian trucks bringing freight between the two countries.

En route we discussed why anyone would want to leave such a beautiful country and I was reminded of Kieron Goss’ well known song ‘Reasons to Leave’ which contrasts the reasons to leave: better work and pay abroad with the reasons to stay: the music and love.

We passed Areni the wine capital of Armenia and I was promised a stop for sampling on the way back.

We arrived at Goris to see the special school that is slated for transformation. You can probably guess that most people there are not keen on transformation at all because they think it will mean losing their jobs. This is a school for ‘special needs’ children but there are no children there with special needs, but plenty with social problems at home.

We then visited a day care centre and we met a lady working hard to provide care for 90 children with all kinds of disabilities, most of them going to ordinary schools but some out of school altogether. Our team all felt that we had entered a world where things are turned upside down and are not at all as they seem.

Finally we met the man in charge of social benefits who expressed all the cynicism of the man in the regions who has seen all these new fangled ideas from the capital come and go.

We then went for dinner in a restaurant where we were the only customers overlooking the most amazing rock formations, I have seen pictures of these rocks which I thought were from ancient Cappadocia, maybe this is the place. Rocks in cylinder chimney formations with many caves; fascinating.

We had a good meal with trout, chicken, cheese, bread and wine. Then back to the B&B which is rather special. We have been promised local yoghurt, bread, cheese and jams for breakfast, then its off to Kapan, the regional capital to get more information.

And finally we are here in the footsteps of the President who is seeking re-election next month.

Peter Gay  Goris January 2013
You can send your comments to Peter here - Peter Gay, Yerevan, February 2013

Belfast Billboard

You couldn't make this up!

WorldHost Customer Service Training helps businesses gain a competitive advantage

With Northern Ireland currently hosting an impressive series of events, celebrations and new visitor attraction launches, we need to provide worldclass customer service to our visitors. For just £20 per participant, this practical, activity-based, 2-day customer training course will help businesses gain a competitive edge and build repeat business through customer service excellence and providing a world class welcome to all visitors. It also includes a half-day trip to local tourist attractions.

Who is WorldHost Training for?
Private businesses in the retail, tourism, hospitality, leisure and passenger sectors with under 250 employees

How much does the course cost?
Only £20 per person - discounted from the full £190 cost as the Department of Employment and Learning (DEL) are paying 90% of the course cost (£170). The Northern Ireland Tourist Board, the sector skills council People 1st and the Department of Employment and Learning are working in partnership to provide this WorldHost customer service training.

Course Dates and Venues
Banbridge and Cookstown - 25 Feb & 4 March

To find out more, please call Lynda Willis on 07773 423675 or email

The last year has been littered with examples of brands failing on social media. In one of the notable incidents, clothing chain Urban Outfitters thought it would be a good idea to promote a series of rather tasteless offers relating to Hurricane Sandy via Twitter. Its tweets offered free shipping included the hashtag #ALLSOGGY during a storm what claimed the lives of over 50 people.

The incident is the latest in a line of mishaps by brands who have used social media poorly and suffered from negative PR as a result.  In 2012 US homeware brand KitchenAid rather foolishly decided to enter into the realm of political commentary by tweeting an insult about President Obama’s dead grandmother during one of the presidential debates. Nestle also encountered a backlash on social media when it responded unprofessionally to negative comments from members of the public on its own Facebook Page. Brands are also concerned about the reputational risks that can come from employees using social media in their personal lives. In response to social media risks, a number of public sector organisations including The Scottish Secondary Teachers Association, have issued warnings to employees that revealing too much personal information on sites such as Facebook and Twitter could put their careers at risk. Brands are also particularly concerned about the harm that can be caused by members of the public who can post comments on the brand’s Facebook Page.

However, it’s important to look at the bigger picture. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter are used very successfully by brands and organisations on a daily basis. The ones that are using social media well have taken time to learn how social media works and how they should communicate through it. The problem here isn’t the channels. Rather, the problem of poor social media practice nearly always lies with senior staff failing to understand how to use it properly and not working out a plan for communicating via social media. There’s also an issue with resourcing. In the case of KitchenAid and Nestle, the marketing teams had thought it prudent to hand over responsibility for using Twitter and Facebook to untrained interns and who went on to confirm that common sense isn’t actually that common!

Social Media Policy
One of the consequences of social media risks has been for some organisations to create a layer of bureaucracy around social media posts. Social media posts are then treated as corporate press releases with each Tweet and Facebook post having to be checked over and approved by senior staff. I’ve  witnessed some organisations even trying to lessen risks by disabling the ability of members of the public to post on their Facebook Pages – essentially taking the ‘social’ out of social media and turning them into one-way broadcast tools. Both approaches don’t work as they miss the point of how social media operate as fast, real-time channels for engaging feedback from people.

The solution to using social media effectively and safely depends on a combination of factors including staff training, monitoring and, most of all - developing an overall social media policy. Creating and implementing a social media policy that is robust, effective and workable is now a vitally important part of social media planning for large businesses and public sector organisations.
Broadly speaking, a social media policy defines what is acceptable and unacceptable from (a) employees who represent your organisation through social media channels, and (b) members of the public who post comments to your organisation’s social media channels.

Employees communicating on behalf of an organisation through the organisation’s social media channels need to adopt the right tone of voice when communicating with people, how to manage problem customers and understand the importance of timely responses. They also need to be aware of behaviour that is inappropriate such as insulting behaviour, or making offensive comments etc. The next major area you need to consider and address as part of your social media policy concerns guidelines for the general public on your own channels. Think of this section as ‘house rules’ for what is acceptable and unacceptable in terms of comments and behaviour on your social media channels. Finally, organisations need to address the control, management and resourcing of social media channels so that the right staff are using social media and have the right training and support to do it well.

Paul McGarrity is Director of Octave Online Communications, an internet marketing consultancy based in Belfast. The consultancy helps business and organisations to benefit from online marketing strategy and campaigns.

First Aid at Work Training Course

Duration: 3 days / 18 hours – 25th, 26th & 27th March 2013.

This course trains employees to the standards of first aid approved by the Health and Safety Executive for the purpose of the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations (NI) 1982.
The cost for the 3 day Basic First Aid Training Course is £145.00 + vat per person.

To reserve your place on the workshops or discuss your participation please call our offices on 028 92 661160 or email

Think Smart for Peak Performance - A Master-class with Valerie Pierce

Wednesday 13th March, 2013

Time - 08:30 - 09.00 - Registration;
09:00 - 11:00 Workshop & Networking

The masterclass is kindly sponsored by Invest NI

Venue - Invest Northern Ireland, Bedford Square, Bedford Street. BT2 7ES.

Price - £20.00 Members, £40.00 Non-Members

Places are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment. Bookings will close on Friday 8th March 2013.

To ensure smooth registration on the evening we would very much appreciate if you did not turn up ‘on spec’ as we may not be able to accommodate you.

To book, visit the ‘events’ section in our website, or through

For additional workshop queries, email or 00353 87 6452860

This workshop is eligible for CPD and a Certificate will be given at the event for those registered to attend. We look forward to seeing you there!


"Knowing how to think properly is an obvious and essential skill if you want to stay one step ahead of the pack. The mystery is that so few people invest in their thinking skills. Most of us assume that we do - until, that is, we meet someone like Valerie Pierce, creator of the Clear & Critical Thinking Programme. An afternoon with Pierce will leave you feeling that you have woken out of a coma "

Tina-Marie O'Neill, Journalist, Sunday Business Post

Social Media Risk Management Workshop

with Bill McCartney Net4WiseOwls

Social Media is a Boardroom issue.
This confidential, interactive and hands-on workshop is strictly limited to 12 participants.
The Workshop is facilitated by Bill McCartney, Net4WiseOwls. 
·         Thursday 21 February
·         9.00am Registration & Coffee
·         9.30am – 1:00pm Workshop with Bill McCartney, Net4WiseOwls
·         Midtown Business Center,  25 Talbot Street, Cathedral Quarter,Belfast BT1 2LD
·         Strictly limited to 12 participants
Full information and registration here
How to Get to Yes
A series of three outstanding Sales Workshops with Colly Graham, salesxcellence
How To Get In Front Of The Decision Maker. February 28
·         Who are your customers – who has the problems your offering can solve?
·         Mastering The Art Of Effective Cold Calling & Appointment Making
·         Effective Appointment Making
How to Win Sales. March 28
·         Understanding Solution Based Selling
·         Why people really buy
·         Find and identify potential clients
·         The Questioning Process
·         Value Added Consultative Selling
How to Write Winning Sales Proposals. May 2
·         Strategy Before the Proposal
·         Responding to Proposals
·         Develop a Winning Strategy
·         Style and Content
·         Preparing Fully for the Presentation
·         Closing the Deal
Full information and registration here


What the programme offers

Recognised Level 5 qualification in Leadership & Management from Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

Student membership of the Chartered Management Institute

Full learning support and all course materials

A blended learning experience allowing participants to continue to develop their skills in the workplace

Practical improvement projects designed to deliver “bottom line results” for participants’ organisations


 One to Three days workshops with 15 to 150 hours guided learning & individual follow – up coaching. 

Target Group

Middle Managers, potential middle managers and senior managers/business owners who want to consolidate their understanding of leadership and management good practice and gain formal recognition of their leadership and management abilities from the Chartered Management Institute – the only world-wide Chartered leadership and management professional body.


Level 5 Award, Certificate or Diploma in Leadership & Management through the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), depending on level of completion.


Business change in a digital age
19 February 2013, 12:00, Belfast, CPD 1 hour.
Múirne Laffan, managing director at RTÉ Digital, through innovative examples will show how RTÉ is placing content at the core of its development. Krishna De provides practical guidance on how to integrate social technologies into your marketing and PR communications. In association with CIPR Northern Ireland.

The Pitch NI
22 February 2013, 17:00, Belfast, CPD 1 hour.
The competition grand final in which the remaining three teams of marketing students present a potential marketing strategy for a brief provided by our sponsor, Subway. Will you agree with the judges' decision?

First Edition Publications specialises in the management, publication and production of books, booklets, company reports, calendars, feasibility studies, manuals and specialist handbooks.

The company has particular expertise in the area of short runs of publications – this can range from as few as twenty to a few thousand. This means that, as far as authors are concerned, the financial risk can largely be taken out of publishing, especially for those authors active in areas of specialist interest.

If you are a professional speaker with an archive of resource material, then First Edition Publications can help you maximise your earning potential. By simply converting these resources into a published work, your audience will have access to a permanent record of your session and what’s more, you will be in a position to command a higher fee by virtue of the fact that you are a published author.

Published speakers, with a published track record, command a premium fee. In many cases, speakers can also offer a copy of the published work at a preferential rate for each participant in the session thereby increasing their yield from a speaking engagement.  Published speakers also generate most of their business from referrals which means that their level of repeat business is also significantly higher than the nor.

In this way, the speaker gains in two ways – the first is a premium rate as a published speaker and the second is an additional margin on the publications supplied as a support resource to the session concerned.

And this is where First Edition Publications can help the professional speaker, business trainer and business coach maximise each speaking and training opportunity.

After all, isn’t your published work the ultimate calling card

Contact Joe at - 0044 7970 430 155


For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments. You can find a list of current tender opportunities on the CPD website. Again, there is no email alert facility that we can find which makes the content difficult to adapt to the Bulletin format.

Please see for the current list of Northern Ireland opportunities.

Manchester: Holding Action Work for 32-34 George Leigh Street, Ancoats, 2013
Boiler Heat Metering Project
GB-Yeovilton: Techncial Support for Lynx Legacy Service Modifications MAA RA5308 compliance
GB-Stockton: T13-14 P1107 - Medical Records and pathology Store North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust
Multi Channel Potentiostat
GB-London: Creative Testing and Development Research on VEÂ’s RGF CampaignÂ’ RFQ
GB-London: VB 'International Travellers Behaviour and Attitudes to Destinations' Tender
Provision of CCTV & Network Installation & Maintenance Engineering Services Framework
GB-London: HL - Diversity Training
GB-Yeovilton: Techncial Support for Lynx Service modifications MAA RA5308 compliance
Multimode Plate Reader
Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of a Fuel Management System
Leaf Yard Extension - Minor Building Extension Works
Design of Overflow Car Parkn (upgrading) - Battle Abbey - East Sussex
Entrance Adaptations Irving Road
Kings Crescent New Modular Community Centre
GB-Exmouth Barnstaple: Out Of Hours GP Services
GB-Leeds & Bradford: Carriageway Repairs - Leeds and Bradford - Resurfacing Works
EBTF/CLARA ACCELERATOR (Waveguide W284 Components)
Design, print and distribution of Britian magazine 2014
Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance of a Fuel Management System
UK-Maidstone: Facilities management services
UK-Bootle: Theatre management system
UK-Nottingham: Building consultancy services
UK-Liverpool: Auditing services
GB-Liverpool: Liverpool Guild of Students Re-Branding
UK-Giffnock: Business analysis consultancy services
UK-Belfast: Computer equipment and supplies
UK-Coleraine: Software support services
UK-Belfast: Information technology services
UK-Liverpool: Construction project management services
Electronic revalidation management system for medical staff
UK-Newcastle upon Tyne: Disaster recovery services
UK-Dingwall: Storage and warehousing services
UK-Birmingham: System and support services
UK-London: Public relations services
UK-London: Software programming and consultancy services
UK-Swindon: Magnetic or optical readers
UK-Birmingham: Customer Relation Management software package
UK-Normanton: Ophthalmology equipment
GB-Stockton: T13-14 P1107 - Medical Records and pathology Store North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust
GE-Paderborn/Sennelager: Purchase of gravel
Manchester: Holding Action Work for 32-34 George Leigh Street, Ancoats, 2013
Boiler Heat Metering Project
Provision of CCTV & Network Installation & Maintenance Engineering Services Framework
UK-Haverfordwest: Road construction works
NO-Arendal: Pipelaying construction work
NO-Farsund: Construction work for sports facilities
NO-Oslo: Fire-alarm systems
NO-Mo i Rana: Construction work for water and sewage pipelines
NO-Oslo: Battery chargers
Entrance Adaptations Irving Road
Design of Overflow Car Parkn (upgrading) - Battle Abbey - East Sussex
Leaf Yard Extension - Minor Building Extension Works
Kings Crescent New Modular Community Centre
GB-Leeds & Bradford: Carriageway Repairs - Leeds and Bradford - Resurfacing Works
D-Hamburg: Offshore installation services
UK-County Durham: Language laboratory construction work
UK-Maidstone: Facilities management services
IRL-Killarney: Construction work

Belfast City Council Tenders are available at

First Edition Publications


First Edition Publications, The Technology Centre, Townsend Enterprise Park, Townsend St., BELFAST BT13 2ES 

T 028 90435778 | M 07970430155 | | | SKYPE id: gi4cso

The contents of this email and any attachments are the property of the organisation named above and are intended for the confidential use of the named recipients only. If you are not the intended recipient please notify us immediately. Any disclosure, copying or distribution is prohibited. We accept no responsibility or liability in respect of the email other than to the addressee. Any files attached to this email will have been checked with virus detection software before transmission. However, you should carry out your own virus check before opening any attachment. We accept no liability for any loss or damage, which may be caused by software viruses.



One of our readers, Anthony McDowell, who is a Client Executive for InvestNI, has a client who is looking to make contact with someone with practical knowledge of working on oil drilling platforms as a consultant or engineer etc.

If anyone can help can you contact Anthony directly –

O’Kane Resourcing can now offer an extended range of services including the following:

Executive search & selection (includes technical positions)

Organisational executive outplacement and career support for individuals

Interim management solutions
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer (Team Lead) – Tyrone
Maintenance Supervisor x 2 - Armagh
Sales Executive – Life Sciences Graduate
Senior Electronics Engineer – Belfast
Managing Director – Mid-Ulster Manufacturing and export focused business
Logistics Manager with HMRC Import / Export experience, Co. Down
Travel Co-Ordinator – Handle all in-house travel and related logistical requirements
Senior Product NPD Technologist – based in GB
Business Unit (Production) Manager – Craigavon
Category Technical Manager (Food) – Based NI up to £70k pus car and benefits
Technical Manager (Food) – Based NI up to £60k pus car and benefits
Human Resources Manager – GB manufacturing plant with circa 2000 employees
Mechanical Design Engineer – Antrim
NPD / Operations Technical Manager – Food Sector Co. Louth
Senior Supply Chain Manager Food Sector – Monaghan
Transport Manager – FMCG Ulster

Contact: Conor MacNamara

O’Kane Resourcing
M: 079 681 60122
T: 028 308 29707

An Iron Bus for the Iron Lady

An armour-plated "battle bus", believed to have been used by former prime minister Margaret Thatcher in Northern Ireland, is to go under the hammer.

The 28-tonne bus was thought to have been built in the 1980s for a visit by Mrs Thatcher, before being used to transport troops, auctioneers said.

It has a blast-proof floor, armour-plated glass and was thought to be chemical, biological and nuclear-proof.

It is expected to fetch £10,000 in Towcester, Northamptonshire, next week.

Auctioneer Jonathan Humbert said the bus, which can hold 35 passengers, has just 28,000km (17,398 miles) on the clock and it has its own auxiliary generator and air supply in case anyone attacked it.

It also has a Foden chassis, a body by Glover and Webb and is powered by a 12-litre Rolls-Royce engine, Mr Humbert of JP Humbert Auctioneers said.

The sale comes from a private vendor who bought it from a research and development company, which in turn had bought it from the government.

"This isn't a good-looking vehicle by any stretch of the imagination - but is of social and historical interest," said Mr Humbert.

"It is an irreplaceable one-off, an iron bus for the Iron Lady."


The Lord Mayor of Belfast, Alderman Gavin Robinson, invites you to celebrate the launch of 'Achieve', the Belfast Bursary Fund, a new scheme helping young people take part in further education, training and employment.

Come along and be the first to find out about our plans to invest £300,000 in bursaries and how young people can apply to the scheme.

Date: Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Time: 9am – 10am

Venue: Reception Room, Belfast City Hall.

Please RSVP by 22 February

If you wish to bring a guest, just let us know when you RSVP.

Sign up quickly as spaces are limited.

Telephone: 028 9027 0736


Retail Workplacements

Are you a retail company in the Craigavon area?

Would you be willing to offer a student from France a 4 week work placement?

For further information contact Karen Adamson at

From Mairtin O'Muilleoir, Publisher, Irish Echo

I'm on the search for go-ahead companies to grace the Irish Echo's Irish American Small Business 50 Listing which will be unveiled in NYC at a celebration dinner on Friday 12 April. The third annual Small Business 50 will honor the entrepreneurs and business leaders who form the backbone of the American economy.

We are delighted that Texan oil engineering entrepreneur Patrick Keenan will be our chief honoree and that the New York Commissioner of Small Business Services Rob Walsh will join us.

To nominate, go to

All those recognized on the Irish Small Business 50 will be invited to the gala dinner event as our guests and will be profiled in a special supplement of the Irish Echo.
I look forward to hearing from you and receiving some great nominations. Best, Gach beannacht


Twice a year New Yorkers get a chance to see “Manhattanhenge” where the setting sun aligns perfectly with the streets

Social Media Risk Management Workshop
with Bill McCartney Net4WiseOwlsSocial Media is a Boardroom issue.

This confidential, interactive and hands-on workshop is strictly limited to 12 participants.
The Workshop is facilitated by Bill McCartney, Net4WiseOwls. 
·         Thursday 21 February
·         9.00am Registration & Coffee
·         9.30am – 1:00pm Workshop with Bill McCartney, 
·         Midtown Business Center,  25 Talbot Street, Cathedral Quarter,Belfast BT1 2LD
·         Strictly limited to 12 participants
Full information and registration here
How to Get to Yes
A series of three outstanding Sales Workshops with Colly Graham, salesxcellence
How To Get In Front Of The Decision Maker. February 28
·         Who are your customers – who has the problems your offering can solve?
·         Mastering The Art Of Effective Cold Calling & Appointment Making
·         Effective Appointment Making
How to Win Sales. March 28
·         Understanding Solution Based Selling
·         Why people really buy
·         Find and identify potential clients
·         The Questioning Process
·         Value Added Consultative Selling
How to Write Winning Sales Proposals. May 2
·         Strategy Before the Proposal
·         Responding to Proposals
·         Develop a Winning Strategy
·         Style and Content
·         Preparing Fully for the Presentation
·         Closing the Deal
Full information and registration here

Belfast Metropolitan College
The following job(s) are now recruiting on our web site
Job Reference: 2013/007A Title: Procurement Manager
Job Reference: 2013/008A Title: Full Time Permanent Lecturer in Multimedia & Digital Animation

The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme supports young people who:

→      Are aged 18-30
→      Are unemployed or working less than 16 hours a week

Support options on offer:

→      Business skills training and business planning support
→      Potential start-up loan funding, up to £4,000 for a sole trader and up to £5,000 for a partnership.
→      In special circumstances grants up to £1,500
→      Up to 2 years support from a volunteer business mentor
→      Access to specialist support, including our free legal helpline
→      For those who start a business, access to a wide range of free and discounted products/services.

18th-21st February 2013        
4 day Explore Enterprise Course
The Prince’s Trust – Belfast Office 10am-4pm
Block 5 Jennymount Court, North Derby Street, Belfast,BT15 3HN
To find out more please call 028 90745454 or contact Bronagh McCulla on 02890 758109

Have you frustrations with sales?

You know you have a service or product that would be of real benefit to a client - but you just can’t get to the decision-maker.
The door’s closed before you or your sales team have had the opportunity to explain what’s on offer and it’s difficult to get past the gate-keepers.
But there are techniques that work. Small changes to our approach that make the difference. Some of the world’s best sales people know the secrets - and I’ve asked one of them to share them with you.
Colly Graham has literally travelled the world teaching sales techniques from California to Asia and sales teams from HSBC to Toyota.
• Thursday 28 February
• 9.00am Registration & Coffee
• 9.30am – 1:00pm Workshop with Colly Graham, salesxcellence
• Corr’s Corner Hotel, 315 Ballyclare Road Newtownabbey, Antrim BT36 4TQ
• Strictly limited to 15 participants
Sales Training

The process for converting suspects into prospects, prospects into leads, leads into customers is a process.

Can you perfect it?

See the video here

Are you.....

A Graduate entering the career/job market?
A School leaver entering the career/job market?
Are you a Job Changer?
Are you planning a Career change?
Are you aJob returner?
Are you affected by redundancy?

For us all, seeking employment and the opportunity to put newly, hard won qualifications in practice, is a serious business in a very competitive environment and while academic or vocational achievement is much sought after by employers, this is far from the whole story.

Increasingly, employers find it difficult to differentiate candidates on the grounds solely of academic achievement and this means that a well structured and appropriate CV is a must to get yourself into the frame and on the road to a career.Thereafter, performance at interview becomes the game changer.

And unfortunately, that’s where many excellent job applicants have difficulties – Our colleges and Universities excel at the academic side and while they do their best to embed the importance of a strong CV and an understanding of the interview process on their students, the effort fails in the face of more pressing priorities.

If you need help in this area, then contact Bernadette Hendron right away - she can help with personal coaching on how to present your CV and improve your interview skills. She can provide coaching on a one to one basis either office based or on-line via SKYPE.

Bernadette Hendron
 - Managing Director
Breakthrough Recruitment Ltd
02838 396 544
07970 875 039

Interested in Selling Online?

Free eCommerce Conference
Monaghan IT Forum, Monaghan CEB, Monaghan County Council and Irish Internet Association have joined together to host a major conference with an impressive line up of speakers, including Mick’s Garage, Paypal, Screenpages as well as local business owner Paul Bond from Brix Workwear. Master of Ceremonies is renowned Business Jourmalist and TV Presenter, Richard Curran.
This exciting eCommerce Conference entitled, ‘Retail is e-Tail - Making Every Business an Online Business’ will be held in the Nuremore Hotel on the 27th February 2013. Free Admission but Prior Booking ESSENTIAL at or

The current economic downturn has affected us all to a greater or lesser extent. No one has been left untouched and while those involved in the construction sector have been probably the most affected, the impact has rippled far beyond that.

Many others have felt the cold breeze of recession recently and there is clear evidence that there are many who previously provided professional services to this sector, such as lawyers, architects, surveyors who have also been profoundly affected.

Cuts in the public sector are also contributing to an ever increasing group of professionals from all sorts of backgrounds who are competing for employment in a rapidly contracting economic environment.

Many are competing for jobs that they would never have considered previously and at a much reduced wage or salary. Many are also young people who do not have the buffer of an occupational pension but the common denominator across gender and age is that they all have a choice of five options:

Walk away and smell the coffee
Move elsewhere
Retrain for another skill
Complete for employment in another area at a reduced rate of reward
Consider self employment

The Professionals into Business Programme has been specifically developed to assist those former professionals who wish to pursue self employment as an option.

The programme will also include free business premises at Townsend Enterprise Park for a limited period.While the previous InvestNI “Go for It” programme was very successful, its main weakness was the one size fits all approach.

The five session basic training model does not fit all by any means and theProfessionals into Business Programme recognises and addresses this important shortfall. It is very difficult for even the most motivated aspirant to self employment to produce a detailed business plan after five short training sessions of three hours duration.

Townsend Enterprise Park Ltd has always fully supported business development initiatives which have the potential to create employment and prosperity.

Succession Planning Masterclass

A Business Breakfast with A&L Goodbody
       Date: Thursday 21st February 2013
Time: 8.00am - 9.45am
Key Speaker: Alastair Keith, Partner, A&L Goodbody
Venue: A&L Goodbody, 5th Floor, 42/46 Fountain Street, Belfast
Cost: Free to attend
More info and booking:
Click here

Read the current

You can contact
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