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Issue 335 - 18th April 2016

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This is a typical Armenian church, but it's in Nogorno Karabakh which is a disputed territory. It has been Armenian for as long as historical records go back but in 1928, Stalin decided to place it in the Azeri so called republic allegedly as part of a wider plan to build relations with Turkey. When the USSR ended conflict broke out between Armenia and Azerbaijan and over 30,000 died before a cease fire in 1990.

Since then an uneasy peace has prevailed with each country sitting on some of the other’s territory with regular skirmishes across the borders. What has changed is that on April 6th Azerbaijan launched an offensive which has resulted in loss of life and destruction of buildings including homes. So far it has not escalated into a full scale shooting war but the omens are not good.

What is interesting is that this offensive has not featured on our news programmes at all. Perhaps the news editors think this is a small scale dispute between two small insignificant countries.

However this does have the potential to grow into something very nasty. Russia has troops based in Armenia and controls some of the borders. Noises from Moscow have suggested that the Russian troops might take a more operational ‘peace keeping’ role. Its important to remember that relations between Russia and Turkey are at an all-time low following the shooting down of a Russian war plane by Turkey some months ago.

Turkey is Azerbaijan’s ally and Armenia is Russia’s ally. Its very unlikely that Russia will allow Turkey’s ally to get away with inflicting damage on its friend Armenia. So, this dispute does have the possibility of turning into a large scale conflict with seriously damaging potential for the region.

At present the disputed territory presents itself as an independent republic Artsakh. This republic is recognised by no country other than Armenia. When I worked for the UN in Armenia I was told that as a UN consultant I was not allowed to go to Artsakh. My driver told me that UN vehicles are not allowed there but he could take me in his private car at the weekend: I declined this bit of private enterprise!

The costs of the continuing dispute are high for both states. Azerbaijan has an enclave to the west of Armenia; the country as a whole is to the east of Armenia. Transport between the two parts of Azerbaijan is difficult and expensive because transit through Armenia is not allowed and neither is transit via Iran (Armenia’s ally) to the south.

The only route now open is north and through or over Georgia and south through Turkey. For Armenia the cost of maintaining large armed forces is a major drain on a small economy which does not have oil wealth to finance this.
Calmer voices are asking if there is a possibility of an inter-racial community solution in the disputed areas. Can parity of esteem for race and religion be the basis of communities working together to find mutually acceptable solutions for peaceful co-existence? There are certainly some that think so but they need support.

In order for this to happen there has to be an understanding of the current as well as historical drivers of conflict. The Armenians believe that for Azerbaijan it is partly about the collapse of oil prices and consequent economic hardship in an economy that has never developed beyond oil.

They would argue that a sound attempt to diversify and grow the Azeri and Artsakh economies and the region as a whole would help. Perhaps it would but the displacement of people from their homes with no ability to return is also a powerful driver. When the Christian / Islamic divide overlays this all it becomes a lot more challenging.

Its very much in the EU’s interest to see peaceful co-existence and I wonder of a comprehensive approach to economic, social and cross community development might be a good investment. This could be a case where another region can learn from us.

You can contact Peter here.

Peter has over 20 years’ experience of working with both the VCSE and government sectors; the views expressed are his alone and in no way represent those of organisations in which he is involved.

BelTech 2016 is just around the corner...

The third annual Belfast Technology Conference event will take place on Thursday and Friday April 21-22nd 2016 in Titanic Belfast.

The event promises to be the premier technology event for software practitioners and business leaders in Northern Ireland.
A full day of conference plenaries on Thursday 21 April will inform technology professionals and businesses of the emerging technologies and approaches that will allow them to innovate and compete effectively at a global level.

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Lisburn Enterprise Organisation has successfully been shortlisted in the latest round of RBS Skills & Opportunities funding.

You can read all about our inspiring shortlisted Directions & Connections project and other projects in each region and then have an opportunity to place your individual vote. Voting will only be live from 12 noon on Friday 8th April to 12 noon on Friday 22nd April, so early voting is recommended.
The results of the public vote are extremely important and will count alongside the views of the regional judging panel, deciding which good causes are ultimately successful in receiving funding.
Lisburn Enterprise Organisation would like to encourage you to vote for their Directions & Connections project which will make a positive difference to lots of lives in the local Lisburn area by clicking on this link

Are the 50+ age group important to your business?

Current statistics show that 80% of the wealth in Northern Ireland is held by people aged 50 and over  ....which would make the over 50s a very important sector of the community to virtually every business.

Belfast 89FM is the only radio station in Northern Ireland which actively targets this affluent and growing audience within the Greater Belfast area.

Belfast 89FM, with its unique mixture of music from the 60s and 70s together with friendly and informative conversation, can help you reach and influence this important and high spending sector of our population.

If your business is targeting the over 50s within the Greater Belfast area, then Belfast 89FM is the perfect medium for your message.
I welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss in detail how Belfast 89FM may help improve your business.

Find out for yourself just what you're missing out on.

Call me at Belfast 89FM on 028 9503 0389 or 077 1052 7063 and by email:

David Stewart

P.S. You can download further information on Belfast 89FM here.
Belfast Metropolitan College  
The following job(s) are now recruiting on our web site
Job Reference:  2016/030A   Title:  Full Time Permanent Lecturer in Mathematics (Access/A-Level/GCSE)  
Job Reference:  2016/031A   Title:  Full Time Permanent Lecturer in Playwork
Job Reference:  2016/033A   Title:  Full-Time Permanent Lecturer in Chemistry
Job Reference:  2016/038A   Title:  Catering Technician
Job Reference:  2016/032A   Title:  Full Time Permanent Lecturer in Childcare and/or Education
Job Reference:  2016/037A   Title:  IT & Emerging Technology Assessor Advisor
Job Reference:  2016/035A   Title:  Centre Manager for Student Engagement and Retention (Temporary)
Job Reference:  2016/036A   Title:  Belfast Met Charitable Trust Project Manager (PT/Temp)
Job Reference:  2016/039A   Title:  Associate Trainers Register  
Job Reference:  2016/034A   Title:  Corporate Compliance Officer

Ulster University Business School Business Institute is delighted to invite you to a one day conference entitled ‘Perspectives on the creation and development of effective entrepreneurship ecosystems in Northern Ireland.’

Date: Thursday 16th June 2016
Venue: W5, SSE Arena
Time: 9:30am- 4:30pm
The Conference aim is to contribute to the development of the entrepreneurial capacity of Northern Ireland. It will seek to achieve this through the bringing together of key entrepreneurship stakeholders to examine ways in which the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Northern Ireland can be further developed.

Speakers include: Ulster University Business School, EY, Invest NI, LEDCOM plus International perspectives from Denmark and Sweden.

Workshops will focus on regional development, harnessing the power of the private sector, education and clusters development
Register for this free event here

In the UK alone, it is estimated that less than 2% of criminal proceeds are recovered. In an era of heightened criminal sophistication, perpetrators of fraud are increasingly exploiting legal nuances to hide their offshore assets and proceeds of crime.

PwC's 2016 Global Economic Crime Survey indicates that over half (55%) of UK organisations surveyed experienced economic crime in the past year. This represents an increase of 11% from the previous year and is significantly higher than the economic crime experienced in organisations globally (36%). More than ever, UK businesses are being forced to initiate civil recovery cases in an attempt to recuperate losses through fraud.

But what powers are extended to Investigators engaged in civil recovery cases? What legal options are available and how can we ensure that our tracing and recovery techniques are sufficiently sophisticated to match those of fraudsters operating across multiple jurisdictions?

To tackle these questions and more, we are delighted to be joined by Michael Neill, (Partner, A&L Goodbody) and Declan O'Reilly (Bureau Legal Officer, Criminal Assets Bureau). Our keynote speakers will explore the legal parameters of asset tracing and recovery in an easily digestible manner and discuss the most powerful methodologies and techniques they have used for uncovering proceeds of crime. PwC's Forensic Services asset tracing specialists will also discuss how they are making increased use of technology to trace clients' assets across the globe, through the exploration of recent client cases. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the panellists in a Q&A session.

This event is part of our 2015/2016 Fraud Academy Series of seminars and will be invaluable to anyone interested or involved in asset tracing and recovery.
Ian McConnell  Ian McConnell
PwC | Partner | Forensic Services

Tuesday 26 April 2016
PwC office, Waterfront Plaza,
8 Laganbank Road, Belfast,
The event is free of charge but places are strictly limited so early registration is advisable.

I just thought you should know that our next event - an E-commerce Masterclass with Richard Mcknight - is coming up on Thursday 21st April, 10-1pm at W5.

Richard helped bring success for Chain Reaction Cycles and now heads up e-commerce at local success story - The Rug House.

There are still a few days left to grab the early bird ticket price of £110 plus VAT. After the 15th of April it goes up to £150 plus VAT.

Please reply now if you’d like to book or you can also register online - just click here.

Hope to see you there, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this workshop.

Happy to work out a special rate if you'd like to bring some of the team along.

All the best in the mean time,


Dean Langasco
Digital Training Manager
Studio 4, Potters Quay, 5 Ravenhill Road
Belfast, BT6 8DN

T 028 9073 1190 | M 079526 60556


New international partnership opportunities

Turkish company specialized in plastic packaging goods and calcium carbonate filled linear low-density polyethylene compounds is looking for distributors
A Turkish company specialized in plastic packaging goods, shopping bags, garbage bags and calcium carbonate filled linear low-density polyethylene compound is looking for distributors in Europe.

Producer of tasty snacks from natural raw materials is looking for trade intermediaryCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / LITHUANIA / BOLT20150122001
Lithuanian company, specialized in snack production, is looking for distributors and agents. The company can offer various products that are well appreciated by customers in other countries.

A Russian distributer is looking for suppliers of grocery and confectionery under the distribution services agreement.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / RUSSIA / BRRU20160126001
A Russian company engaged in food distribution (mainly confectionery and grocery) is looking for food producers within the distribution services agreement.

A Spanish fresh and processed meat company looks for distributors.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / SPAIN / BOES20151102001
This Spanish fresh meat Company based in Catalonia and Extremadura, with high experience in high quality products and with more than 50 years of butchery and retail experience is looking for distributors in EU markets. They produce a wide range of Spanish fresh meat products such as Iberian Ham, “tapas and pinchos”, beef carpaccio, stuffed meat, burgers, etc. Their current market in mainly Spain, Germany and Austria but they would like to expand to other EU markets by means of distributors.

Portuguese manufacturer of artisanal charcuterie is looking for distributorsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / PORTUGAL / BOPT20160222001
Portuguese company located in Viseu manufactures charcuterie and is active in the production of smokehouses, wine, cheese and jams. The company uses extra quality pork meat and other selected ingredients. The charcuterie is very tasty and traditionally smoked. The company is looking for trading partners in Europe, able to distribute and commercialize his charcuterie products, by establishing commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreement.

Slovak company dealing with production of exclusive jams and sauces with alcohol is looking for foreign market distributorsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / SLOVAKIA / BOSK20160311002
Slovak producer of exclusive jams and sauces with alcohol is interested in making an agreement with distributors. The company is looking for product distribution with exclusive shops with delicacies, liquor stores, catering companies, hotels and restaurants. Attractive design makes this product suitable for fashion and design shops, or as gifts for loyal partners, clients and employees.

Lithuanian family run winery is looking for importers and distributors for its wines.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / LITHUANIA / BOLT20160310001
Lithuanian company specialized in the production of high quality wines from berries and fruits is looking for reliable importers or distributors in order to expand it's distribution network abroad.

French company offering private label production of healthy cookies under distribution or manufacturing agreement.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / FRANCE / BOFR20160304003
A French producer of healthy, dietary and organic cookies is offering production of private label products to companies (retail food chains, organic food leaders). The company is also looking for partners to distribute own brand products (distribution companies). The company would like to access new international markets. The company is interested in distribution services agreements and in manufacturing agreements.

Dutch food and non-food trading company is looking for trade representation in several European countriesCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / NETHERLANDS / BONL20160315001
Dutch family owned trading company with expertise in preserved food products, confectionary products, beverages, household goods and toiletries, is looking for distributors or commercial agents in several European countries.

Dutch company of organic and health food products in Benelux seeks distributors or agentsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / NETHERLANDS / BONL20160318001
Netherlands based company, trading in organic health food products is one of the largest in Benelux countries. It has its own brands and also represents a large number of (brand) suppliers for the Dutch and Belgian markets. The company is looking for new export partners in organic and health food products. This can be distributors or commercial agents.

Slovenian company seeks distributors and retailers for its innovative jar for home-made healthy food production.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / SLOVENIA / BOSI20150302001
Slovenian company manufacturing a patent pending jar for home-made healthy food production (kefir-maker) is looking for distributors and retailers worldwide. This particular product is designed in Slovenia and manufactured in the EU. It is intended for the preparation of home-made kefir. The company offers cooperation in the form of Distribution Services and/or Commercial Agency Agreement.

Producer of Danish butter cookies is looking for trade intermediariesCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / DENMARK / BODK20150210001
A Danish bakery goods manufacturer is looking for trade intermediaries, i.e. commercial agents or distrubutors, who can market and sell its Danish butter cookies in their respective countries.

Packaging design service seeks agentsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / DENMARK / BODK20150211003
A Danish company offering a 24/7 online service for the packaging industry, is looking for agents who are already established in the packaging industry and have an interest in and the capability of selling the concept to companies within the sector.

French creamery is searching for distributors and commercial agents for its Norman cheesesCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / FRANCE / BOFR20150108001
A French cheese manufacturer which keeps alive the real tradition of Norman cheese is searching for distribution services agreements and commercial agency agreements for its Camembert, Pont Leveque, Coulommiers, Brie, Butter roll, etc. made with different kinds of milk (unpasteurized, micro-filtrated, pasteurized).

French producer of high quality chocolates is looking for distributors/commercial agents.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / FRANCE / BOFR20150818002
French producer of high quality chocolates is looking for importers ( distributors/commercial agents) in Europe. Since 2008 the company exports its handmade chocolates to different countries such as Belgium, England, Canada, the United States. The firm has a strong presence on the regional, national and international retail markets, but despite its growth the company has maintained the skilled traditions of the chocolatier’s craft.

French manufacturer of a Normandy pure apple juice cider sold in individual bottles (33cl) is looking for importers worldwide.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / FRANCE / BOFR20151013002
Located in Normandy, a French SME is offering a pure apple juice cider at 4.5% alc/vol, produced and bottled (33cl) in Normandy from a selection of French cider apples. This company is available in the USA, Europe (Switzerland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) and Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan) and is positioned as a high-end cider. It is looking for importers-distributors in Europe, Asia, Americas and Africa.

Spanish company dedicated to the production of fish preserves and semi-preserves is looking for distributors in European countries.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / SPAIN / BOES20160303002
Spanish company, producer of fish preserves and semi-preserves (anchovies, sardines, salted anchovies, pickled skewers and white anchovies) is looking for distributors with experience in this field in the European Union and other countries. They would like to have access to major wholesalers of fish products, which in turn will sell to the retail market: supermarkets, hypermarkets, retail shop chains. They are also interested in targeting the HORECA channel with their special formats.

Small UK producer of organic, healthy, convenient meals for children seeks distribution partners and commercial agentsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / UNITED KINGDOM / BOUK20160331003
Small UK south west company dedicated to producing wholesome meals for children from 12 months to 8 years seeks distributors and commercial agents for its healthy, convenient, soil assocaition certified organic whole meal range to increase international sales.

French artisanal biscuit-factory offers originals biscuits under distribution services and commercial agency agreements.COMMERCIAL PROFILE / FRANCE / BOFR20160216004
A French artisanal biscuit-factory has created a unique biscuit coming from a traditional recipe from Alsace. This biscuit exists in 57 differents flavours and can be served with coffee, tea, ice, fruit salad, champagne and cocktails but also be used in decoration (homemade desserts, on party tables, in showcases animations, etc.). The company is looking for commercial agents and importers in Europe.

UK producer of specialist nutritional supplements for the over fifty year olds seeks distributors in new marketsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / UNITED KINGDOM / BOUK20160223003
A UK SME has developed a range of nutritional supplements specifically designed for the over fifty year olds that focuses on musculoskeletal health. The company is becoming well established in the UK and now seeks distributors to introduce the products to new markets. The distributors should be companies already selling into pharmacies, supermarkets and other health outlets.

A Croatian producer of hemp seed products is looking for distributorsCOMMERCIAL PROFILE / CROATIA / BOHR20140925002
A Croatian producer of healthy food products made from hemp seed (hemp oil, hemp protein powder and hemp flour) is offering their products to potential partners in form of a distribution agreement. The company is looking for a possibility to place their products on other markets.

Banbridge District Enterprises and Canice Consulting LTD are jointly partnering in a new EU funded project aimed at tacking unemployment in the creative industries. The project is designed to establish stronger entrepreneurial opportunities for people in creative industries and act as a stepping stone to self employment.

The project which has now been launched has received much attention as it takes a new approach to the unemployment levels in NI.

Aimed at helping young unemployed, school-leavers and other socially excluded groups in the creative industries the project CCIC (Creative Communities Igniting Change) will help those above mentioned get a job or set up a private or socially economy business.

The project itself will cover areas such as new sources of finance, crowd funding, self employment supports, collaborations and other local creatives as well as the potential of co-working and working smart.

These project areas have been selected in order to provide participants with inspiration, ideas and new business models for self-employment, helping them to realise their talents and make their creativity commercially successful.
The blended learning ‘creative business as a source of employment’ toolkit will help potential entrepreneurs set up a business in 90 days. Training will also be provided to help develop or enhance physical creative hubs in local communities.

This Creative Communities Igniting Change project brings together partners from Ireland (Roscommon Leader Partnership and Momentum Marketing), NI (Banbridge District Enterprises and Canice Consulting), Sweden (Folkuniversitetiin Skanelan) and Poland (Northern Commerce of Chamber, Szczecin and University of Humanities and Economics Lodz).

Each of these partners provide a unique expertise which has filtered into the CCIC project resulting in the high level of understanding issues facing employment in the creative sector and how to best tackle these issues.

Most recently partners from NI and Poland have attended a meeting for the project resulting in the completion of the regional alliance for the project now leading the project one step closer to piloting their CCIC toolkit.

CEO from the Leading partner of the Project Roscommon Leader Enterprises Martina Earley talks enthusiastically about the possibilities which the collaborative project would offer people in the country. She states that “The creative sector is already well established in Europe, so we are all linking in with the universities in Poland and Sweden for their expertise in this area. Social media and IT skills are two areas we have identified.

There are many great website designers or out of work programmers or early school leavers who may have an interest in this area and developing a creative Hub will nurture these skills.”

For more information visit

Each week Nick O' Shiel, Chief Executive, Omagh Enterprise Company, blogs on issues related to enterprise, technology and the economy. This week Nick asks if it is time for a new model of how the economy works.

Economists and other experts present figures and charts and reams of statistics to explain how they think the economy works. Some of what they say makes sense and some warrants closer examination. What makes the difference?

Traditional models
One explanation is that some commentators are too closely wedded to traditional economic models that have lost claim to any meaningful relationship with real markets.

Digital technology, for instance, is going through a revolution even though some experts are asking if a slowdown in the effects of technology is leading to lower levels of growth.

The evidence for such a point of view stems from historic models of growth and productivity that take little account of developments in the recent past or what may happen in the future.
Theories, statistics and economic models tend to trump the reality of what is happening in the economy or what may be causing low levels of growth.

Economic models sometimes favour theory over fact and predict the future by reviewing the past; in times of stability and predictability this may work but in times of instability and unpredictability it is less effective.

Not least because many models of how the economy works often fail to capture the effects of new activities created by new technologies.

Today’s markets need to be better understood not least because the digital technology revolution is happening in parallel with a period of slow growth.

Another view not embraced by traditional economic models is that the effects of digital technology may actually increase the scale and scope of growth to exceed traditional levels.
The rationale for such a belief stems from the potential of the transforming effects of current and future technologies in so many different disciplines and areas of activity.

The spread of entrepreneurs
The spread of entrepreneurs in countries all around the world is another new factor and one likely to have an enormous impact on global growth.

When people in countries, previously centrally managed and controlled, start their own businesses they will naturally do what millions of others have done and create wealth where none previously existed.

Technology and the energy of countless entrepreneurs spread across the borders of every country have the potential to create millions of jobs and drive economic growth.

Economic models were originally developed to explain how the economy works but like thinking in many other disciplines they need to capture and reflect a more entrepreneurial and technology driven world.

SO, economic models were developed to make sense of a predictable world and as a result make less sense in today’s less predictable environment.

Why not join the conversation and leave a comment
Nick O'Shiel,
Omagh Enterprise
Great Northern Road, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, BT78 5LU
Tel: +44 (0) 28 8224 9494  Fax: +44 (0) 28 8224 9451


The over 50s are now a very valuable target market for any business and Belfast 89FM is the only radio station in Northern Ireland which actively targets this affluent and growing audience within the Greater Belfast area.

If your business is targeting the over 50s within the Greater Belfast area, then Belfast 89FM is the perfect medium to influence this high spending demographic.

Contact David Stewart at Belfast 89FM – you can reach David on 077 1052 7063 or 028 9503 0389 and by email at
Throughout the week, Belfast 89FM broadcasts a stimulating mix of good music, conversation and information on current and future events across the city.

Belfast 89FM daytime presenters already have a great reputation for the quality, variety and the entertainment value of their guests - not to mention the lively music mix on each show.

Gerry Faloona - Thursdays 1pm to 4pm


New Business Community Kickstarts a New Funding Campaign

Belfast business community WabiSabi is opening a new coworking space in September 2016.

It will be a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, microbusiness and SME owners can work, meet with each other and clients in a professional, productive environment.

They will launch a crowdfunding campaign very soon on Kickstarter.

Read more about it here:

Are you ready to capitalise on 2016’s public procurement changes? Taking place at the Royal Dublin Society on Wednesday 27 April, Procurex Ireland Live 2016 is a special one-day event that connects the island’s key public sector buyers with suppliers just like you.

In a marketplace worth over €11 billion a year, by exhibiting at or attending Procurex Ireland Live you increase your chances of winning public sector contracts through showcasing your solutions to these influential buyers.

Following on from the implementation of the new UK Procurement Regulations in Northern Ireland in 2015, an with the new Procurement Regulations coming into force in the Republic of Ireland on 18 April, transparency in public sector spend across the island is now a key requisite.

However, this will only benefit you if these public sector buyers are aware of your company.

To secure one of the remaining exhibition stands, call us now on 01686 9420 or email

To attend as a delegate, please click here.
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments. You can find a list of current tender opportunities on the CPD website. Again, there is no email alert facility that we can find which makes the content difficult to adapt to the Bulletin format.

104557 - 2016P020 - Multiple Supplier Framework for Coaching Services
Publication date:  16-04-2016
Response deadline:  27-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Central Bank of Ireland (CBI) is seeking submissions from coaching providers to establish a framework of expert coaches to deliver coaching interventions at a number of levels within CBI. Providers will be required to have experience in the use of demonstrable coaching approaches/models, be flexible in style and have sufficient experience in corporate coaching. Coaching Areas: • Leadership Roles • Emerging Leaders • Leaders returning to work after an extended period away from the current workplace
Buyer: Central Bank of Ireland
104563 - BT15042016 - Development of a Mobile Application, Audio Guide(s) and Brochures for the Butler Trail
Publication date:  15-04-2016
Response deadline:  13-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Tipperary County Council wishes to appoint a consultant (or team of consultants) for the design, development and implementation of a creative mobile application, audio guide(s) and brochures for The Butler Trail. The work should constitute new digital products. This is a tourism project. The aim is to raise the profile of The Butler Trail and increase visitor numbers whilst enhancing the visitor experience by providing them with an enjoyable, interactive and innovative way to experience The Butler Trail. Using the product should result in greater enjoyment of the sites on the trail by a wider range of people and create a better understanding of the key periods and activities through the ages. The purpose of the new mobile application and audio guides is to promote The Butler Trail as part of Ireland’s Ancient East and enhance the visitors experience by creating (a) audio guide(s) to the visitor accessible via their personal mobile device, (b) allowing the visitor to easily follow the Butler Trail from their mobile device (c) access further information about the Butlers and the general tourism offerings of each town along the trail, including hidden gems from their mobile device, and (d) develop and design three individual print ready brochures based on the data on the audio guides for each of the three towns. The final product should celebrate the Butler Trail as a headline attraction and key visitor asset in Irelands Ancient East and County Tipperary.
Buyer: Tipperary County Council

104320 - 2015P084 - Multiple Supplier Framework for Recruitment Services
Publication date:  15-04-2016
Response deadline:  26-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: The CBI is seeking to establish a multiple supplier framework agreement for the provision of Recruitment Services under the following 2 lots: 1. General Recruitment 2. IT Recruitment It is anticipated that the top 5 ranking tenderers for each lot will be admitted to the Framework.
Buyer: Central Bank of Ireland

104580 - THR018F - Request for Tenders to establish a Multi-Supplier Framework Agreement for the Provision of Executive Search Services to the Public Sector
Publication date:  15-04-2016
Response deadline:  06-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: Open Procedure (OJEU) post PIN
Description: The OGP is seeking Executive Search Services provider(s) to deliver executive search services for key appointments in the public service. The objective of this Framework Agreement is to ensure public service bodies have access to a strong and diverse pool of candidates for executive recruitment campaigns as and when required. The Competition is divided into two Framework Lots as follows: Lot 1 – Executive Search Services for candidates to fill a range of senior executive positions in the public sector (excluding positions on State Boards) Lot 2 – Executive Search Services for candidates to fill positions on State Boards
Buyer: The Office of Government Procurement
104499 - Bord Iascaigh Mhara 2016 - Developing a Strategic Innovation Plan for the Irish Seafood Sector 2016 – 2019
Publication date:  14-04-2016
Response deadline:  13-05-2016 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: BIM invites tenders for Developing a Strategic Innovation Plan for the Irish Seafood Sector 2016 – 2019. The plan will be delivered in two phases: Phase 1 – Innovation strategy development and plan submission to BIM by the end of September 2016. Phase 2 – Plan implementation: provide training and mentoring support to embed the innovation plan within BIM and through BIM with the industry over a two year period. The contract will have a maximum duration of three years from award of contract covering both phases. Full specification and scope of requirements are included in section 2 of this document.
Buyer: Bord Iascaigh Mhara - Irish Sea Fisheries Board ( BIM )

104447 - - Tender for the Provision of Public Relations Services for Limerick City and County Council
Publication date:  13-04-2016
Response deadline:  17-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The establishment of a Single Party Framework Agreement for the Provision of Public Relations Services for Limerick City and County Council
Buyer: Limerick City and County Council

104365 - - Strategic Review of Heritage Properties
Publication date:  11-04-2016
Response deadline:  03-05-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Fingal County Council requires consultancy services to perform a strategic review of how eight heritage properties are/could be operated and promoted.
Buyer: Fingal County Council

104383 - ITT/MRFFFD/04/16 - ITT for Market Research on 'Free From' Foods/Diets
Publication date:  11-04-2016
Response deadline:  25-04-2016 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Invitation to Tender for the provision of Market Research on 'Free From' Foods/Diets
Buyer: Bord Bia (Irish Food Board)

Please see for the current list of Northern Ireland opportunities.

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