The Business Bulletin - Issue 324
25th Jan 2016

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This is the first of an occasional series of reflections by
Peter Gay on distant parts and what we have to learn from them.

The picture below is taken from a US / Armenian Facebook page. It shows a truthful picture of Mount Ararat, the mountain at 5137 metres above sea level that is said in the Bible to be the final resting place of Noah’s Ark in the flood. What is not truthful is the slogan: Ararat is in Turkey, just across the Armenian border.

However, Ararat dominates the capital city Yerevan and is probably the first thing the visitor sees on arrival at Yerevan airport.  It looks so close that one might think its possible to walk there; its not!

Following the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan that ‘ended’ in 1995 over the disputed territory of Nogorno- Karabakh, the borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan and Turkey are closed. No movement is allowed between them.

The above photo was sent to me as you see it by my Armenian counterpart in my UN project, Eduard. As time has passed I receive regular postings from him about grievances arising from the war and before.

When I was working in Armenia, on the dual carriageway back from the south of the country, my UN driver asked me if I saw a large berm or earthen wall to my left. I noticed it and he turned to me with a smile to say its there to protect motorists like us from gun fire from across the Azerbaijan border a few kilometres away.

How did it all come to this and how come whole web sites are devoted to the Armenian’s sense of injustice over the aftermath?

As usual one must look at the history. But how far do you want to go back? Armenians want to start with 1914, the time of the alleged genocide inflicted upon them, in their view, by the Turks. I remember being in a school in the country and seeing a map I did not recognise. It showed Armenia as a great state covering large parts of Anatolia (modern Turkey) as well as a lot of the Caucasus. I was told that the map shows the true extent of the Armenian nation before the genocide.

I saw other maps. There is the modern map showing the internationally recognised boundary. Then there is the de facto map showing the current border including Nogorno-Karabakh, a border disputed and not accepted by Turkey or Azerbaijan or indeed the UN.

Perhaps we could start our historical view in 1936 when Stalin drew the boundaries of the so called republics of the USSR when Nogorno-Karabakh was placed in Azerbaijan. When challenged (if one dared) the answer was; you are all Soviet citizens so why does it matter?

Perhaps you are asking why it matters to us here in Northern Ireland. A dispute in a far off country of which we know little?
What we have here is a festering sore fuelled by centuries of resentment overlain by the Christian /Muslim nexus. There are regular and unreported shootings across the borders. It potentially brings two major powers into conflict as Turkey is a supporter of Azerbaijan and Russia is a supporter of Armenia.

 It is noteworthy that when the Armenians held their centenary memorial of the genocide, Turkey declined to attend, still maintaining that there was no genocide and President Putin did attend. Any conflict between these two major powers would have a serious impact on the world economy with unpredictable results.

Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia all inhabit a small area of wild mountainous country between the Black and Caspian Seas in the Caucasus. A détente followed by some form of economic free trade area would certainly improve the wellbeing of all of their citizens.

Perceived historical disputes that used to be referred to here as ‘whatabouterry’ abound, compounded by religious differences. Mistrust and suspicion rule while closed borders inhibit trade and economic wellbeing. One wonders what Brexit might mean for us on the island of Ireland as we seek to move on from our own difficulties of the past.

Peter is a Management Consultant, with a broad range of experience in advising organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors and has a particular expertise in evaluating programmes that have been supported through various European Funding initiatives.

Peter has been a self employed consultant since 2006. He has been Chair of the Cedar Foundation since 2008 and UK Chair of Investing in Volunteers since 2010. Peter’s previous career includes periods in the manufacturing, academia and consultancy sectors.

You can contact Peter by email here


Each week Nick O' Shiel, Chief Executive, Omagh Enterprise Company, blogs on issues related to enterprise, technology and the economy. This week Nick asks if technology is good for you.

When technology works we take it for granted, as should be the case. The light bulb, the telephone, the car, and more recently the computer and the internet are all now commonplace. But their everyday use is changing the world beyond imagination.

The Smartphone
The smartphone is one of the most recent technologies to whiz from its inception in the last ten years to a point where there are now almost two billion devices.

It is estimated that by 2020 six billion smartphones will be in use amongst a global population of over seven billion people as the number of devices grows exponentially.

Smartphones have increased in capability and complexity and we use them incessantly in a variety of ways to communicate at all times of the day and night.

In parallel with the development of the smartphone other technologies such as cloud computing and broadband are constructing an infrastructure that snakes into every corner of the planet.

People through the use of computers and smartphones and machines through the use of embedded chips and intelligent capabilities, are connecting everybody and everything on an unprecedented and mindboggling scale.

And the process is only beginning as manufactures embed chips to suck in data and provide feedback to inform and improve the next generation of products.

Such all-embracing information-gathering connectivity is referred to as the Internet of Things and it is forming a platform for people and machines to talk to each other on a nonstop basis.

The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is inventing and disrupting countless jobs and scores of industries, as it collects and connects billions of bits of information each day.

It represents a new era of technology and changing how businesses operate, government and public sector organisations work, and, for better or worse, how we live.

The internet is already affecting every conceivable aspect of the economy and increasing its influence as greater numbers of people get connected.

Technology’s effect is not always good as new types of crime are created and privacy suffers, as do people and businesses that fail to grasp the sweep of the revolution.

Smartphones are only one of many devices dictating our lives as homes, cars, workplaces, shopping habits, leisure time, hobbies, and even our health and fitness regimes are all digitally driven.

Connectedness and connectivity are changing how we behave too, as new patterns emerge with our use of digital devices.
It is difficult to predict how technology will advance but it is certain to play a greater role in monitoring and controlling what we do.

Its dominance will be greater than we can imagine, as new and far-reaching technologies are deployed on a daily basis to do their silent deeds.

SO, technology in all its forms and fetters is tightening its grasp on everything it touches and, more than ever before, we must stay alert to stay ahead.

Nick O'Shiel,
Omagh Enterprise
Great Northern Road, Omagh, Co. Tyrone, BT78 5LU
Tel: +44 (0) 28 8224 9494  Fax: +44 (0) 28 8224 9451
Grow your Business: Google PPC, SEO and Mobile Marketing
Friday January 22nd 10:30am-12:00

Jonathan Rogan, MXA Digital 
Rodney Doherty, Textpert media
Our Business Seminars are kicking off 2016 with a focus on how digital and text marketing can help your business grow! 
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You will get an insight into some of the common mistakes that are made when running a Google Pay Per Click campaign.

Also get an insight into how Text marketing can be utilized across various industries in many clever ways to promote your products and services.  
Next Level Impact has been exploring newly emerging standards and frameworks of good practice.  We will be running introductory overview sessions on 2 newly emerging standards in Belfast on 23 February, 2016:
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Pitch your business to win an investment share of £5000.
Show me the money!

The Prince’s Pitch – a ‘Dragons Den’ style event – cordially invites budding entrepreneurs to pitch to an expert business panel with Alison Campbell of ACA Models, in order to ‘win’ 10 X £500 grants.

The Pitch will take place on 12th February to a panel of Northern Ireland’s most successful business leaders at The Prince’s Trust Centre, Weavers Court, Belfast.

For your chance to win, please register your details via Facebook messenger,
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The Prince’s Pitch comes to you as part of the Enterprise programme which offers support and funding to help young people to start their own businesses.

Register by Friday 5th February 2016

• If you haven’t already set up a business with the Prince’s Trust you must be between 18 – 30 and unemployed.
• You are eligible to apply if you have an existing Prince’s Trust Supported Business.
• You will be sent a one page application form to complete and if invited to pitch you will have a 5 minute time slot to present your pitch.
• Partnerships are welcome but both partners must be eligible.

Support from HMRC with
free webinars

It’s important to get your tax return right and we are here to help.

We’re running free webinars on completing your online tax return as the 31 January deadline approaches.

The webinars will take you through tailoring your tax return, how to view a tax calculation, budgeting for your tax bill and much more.

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How to complete your online tax return

You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, and you don’t need a webcam or microphone to use this service.

We’ll help you get your tax return right and on time.

Alison Walsh

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R&D tax credits are very generous and relatively small claims can generate large corporation tax savings.

Corporation tax of £2,600 can be saved for every £10,000 of R&D expenditure incurred. Lossmaking or grant-funded companies can also benefit and it can be surprising what activities can qualify.

In Northern Ireland a lot of companies are not taking advantage of this valuable relief.

Is your company or client missing out on the lucrative savings that are available?

CIDO is delighted to host a FREE seminar to help small businesses and advisers understand R&D tax credits.

The seminar will be hosted by Ian Farley of IF Tax Consultancy Limited.

Ian previously specialised in this area at PwC and BDO in Belfast and he will cover the following areas:
  •  Highlight the· benefits that are available
  •  Provide practical examples·
  •  How a company· can make a claim
  •  Outline how loss-making or grant-funded companies can· benefit
  •  Patent Box - provide a quick overview·
When: Thursday 25th February 2016
Where: CIDO Innovation Centre
Time: 12.30pm - 2pm (light lunch included)

Cost: FREE

Please contact Kirsty Watson on 028 3839 6520 or at to reserve your place

Creative Connections
A Bridging Borders Event
03 March 2016
The Everglades Hotel, Derry

You are an ambitious business looking to develop new products and services. By using the technical or commercial knowledge and expertise of others your idea or product could be improved and get to market much sooner. This is what Enterprise Europe Network helps with. From 2008 – 2014 the network helped 2.8 million SMEs to innovate and grow internationally

Although this event is centred around the Creative Industries sector it is open to all business types. Every business that registers for this event will have the opportunity to promote itself. You might have experience and/or expertise in the Creative Industries sector, or perhaps not. However you could find, and collaboratively work with, a new business from a different sector. This event will offer a range of opportunities for businesses to collaborate, innovate and prosper. The Creative Industries sector covers a wide spectrum from digital software, through film and television to arts and crafts. Interested businesses from all sectors are welcome. 

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) brokerage events
An EEN brokerage event is an ideal opportunity to meet with over 100 international partners to discuss collaborative research, technology transfer and/or commercial opportunities in pre-arranged 20 minute meetings at one location. In advance of the event, you simply need to register, present your business and its offering, and select any potential partners of interest to meet with. For further details go to “How it Works”.
Main presentation topics
European Funding Opportunities (under Horizon 2020)
Collaborating with international suppliers and international customers to create new musical content/products  
Creating humane digital characters for movies, television and gaming
Business opportunities within the European Culture programme 
International clustering: The Film Cluster, Denmark
How the NI music sector collaborates internationally

Why you should attend and participate
Opportunity to promote your business
Find out about market trends and innovations
Find out about EU funding opportunities
Find new commercial and/or technology partners
Expand your sales reach to new territories
Learn from experienced practitioners
For full details on the event and to register click here.

New international partnership opportunities

Brought to you by the Enterprise Europe Network

A Bulgarian company produces nuts and dried fruits and needs distributors
A Bulgarian company is specialised in variety of nuts and dried fruits production. The company needs distribution services to offer its production abroad.
Italian company specialised in the production of cheeses is looking for partners.
The Italian company was born in 1948. the cheeses produced are born by the exclusive use of the cow milk coming from its land, the so called “Murgia Barese”. The production could be divided into several product categories: cream cheeses, ripe cheeses, smoked cheeses and specialities as “mozzarella”, “caciotta fior di bontà”, “burrata”, “giuncata” “fagottini alla ricotta”, “stracciatella”. They are looking for distribution partners and for joint ventures.
Italian company specialised in the production and trade of wine is looking for trade intermediaries
This Italian cooperative society has produced and traded wines since 1961 when it was founded with the support of 111 members. One of the first examples of short chain, awarded in 1989 with the recognition of the Denomination of Origin (DOC), the cooperative is today among the largest and most modern of South Italy, with over 400 members winemakers and 500 hectares of vineyards. The company is looking for agents and/or distributors to broaden its activity in Europe.
Distribution of stone fruit grown under integrated production
A Spanish company from the agro-industrial sector is specialized in the production, processing and packing of stone fruit grown under integrated production. The implementation of traceability as well as the GLOBALG.A.P. (the Global Partnership for Good Agricultural Practices) certification ensures the high quality of the company’s products. They are looking for distribution companies of fresh fruit to commercialise its products in Europe and the associated countries.
Italian company specialized in the production of frozen bakery products is looking for distributors in the United Kingdom
Italian company, specialized in the production of frozen bakery products, offers a wide range of products: croissants, cakes, desserts and snacks. The company produces according the old traditional Italian confectionery production. It constantly monitors the entire production process, according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and ISO certifications. The company is looking for distributors in the United Kingdom.
Brazilian Cashew Tree Wood Chip producer seeks commercial partner to distribute the product in the EU market
A genuine Brazilian company nationally well known as a Cashew Tree Wood Chip producer and also as a fresh fruit juice manufacturer that exports for more than ten countries is looking for experienced distributors and companies that are environmentally conscious and therefore use Cashew Tree Wood Chip as a renewable energy resource. The company wants to sell Cashew tree Wood Chip to worldwide.
Portuguese company is looking for trade intermediary services for its pastry and confectionery products (sugarcane syrup cake, sugarcane syrup breads, candies and personalized candies).
Portuguese company from Madeira Island specialized in the manufacture of pastry and confectionery of traditional Madeiran products, such sugarcane syrup cake and sugarcane syrup breads, candies (made with fennel, eucalyptus, passionfruit, banana, cherry and chestnut) and personalized candies (hand-crafted with various types of drawings on the interior of the candy) is looking for distributors for its products, through commercial agency agreements or distribution services agreements.
Italian company specialized in the production of different kinds of artisan pasta is looking for distributors and/or agents
The Italian company is specialized in the production of more than 50 different kinds of craft pasta (traditional and special formats) realized with high quality durum wheat. The company combines the old traditional production techniques with the new and modern technologies. The company is looking for distributors and/or agents.
Italian company, specialized in the production of preserved tomatoes and canned food is looking for agents and/or distributors in foreign countries.
The Italian company, operating in an area highly specialized in the cultivation and processing of tomatoes, produces preserved tomatoes and different kinds of canned food in order to satisfy every customer’s necessity and preference. The company is looking for serious agents and/or distributors. Thanks to the great experience in the sector and its high quality products the company has been, during the years, very successful.
European agents or distributors of roasted coffee beans sought
An Italian artisan producer of roasted coffee beans is looking for agents or distributors interested in the product. The company selects carefully coffee suppliers from Brazil and manufactures blends caring the preparation and roasting in order to reach the market with the final package.
A Turkish company from Antalya specialized in producing 19 types of dried fruits is offering agency, distributorship, subcontracting or acquisition agreements to companies wholesaling/ producing dried fruits or to companies willing to break into the sector
The Turkish company from Antalya in dried fruit sector is specialized in production of processed dried fruits. It has 18 types of dried fruit products (sunflower seeds, peanut, pistachio, etc.) Processing is automation-based and the products are packaged by the company’s state-of-art-the-art packaging facility. The company offers commercial agency, distribution and subcontracting or acquisition agreements to companies wholesaling/ producing dried fruits or willing to break into such sector.
A Turkish company based in Antalya producing whey and milk powder is offering trade intermediary, reciprocal production and subcontracting/outsourcing activities to companies from all partner countries
The Turkish company based in Antalya from dairy sector is specialized in demineralized whey powder and skimmed milk powder production and has 45 tons of production capacity per day. It offers trade intermediary agreements (agent, representative distributor) to the companies working as wholesalers with a good knowledge of dairy sector or reciprocal production, subcontracting and outsourcing agreements to companies manufacturing dairy products from all partner countries.
A Turkish company from Antalya producing butter and wide range of cheese is offering trade intermediary (agent, representative, and distributor), outsourcing and subcontracting agreements to companies from all partner countries
The Turkish company based in Antalya from dairy sector is specialized in butter and especially cheese production. It produces 20 types of cheese and processes 400 tons of milk per day. It offers trade intermediary agreements (agent, representative distributor) to the experienced companies having technological infrastructure for dairy products storage or subcontracting and outsourcing agreements to companies manufacturing dairy products from all partner countries.
Brazilian dairy producer and distributor of dairy and food products is looking for spices suppliers
Brazilian dairy company and distributor of food products in looking for suppliers of spices and condiments such as olive oils, canned palm hearts, sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, olives, tuna, all kinds of cheeses, dairy products and hams and smoked hams to distribute in the state of Bahia, Brazil.
Greek organic winery requests trade intermediary
Greek manufacturer of wine made from organic vineyards is interested in expanding their international sales through trade representation agreements. They produce a full variety of wines and liqueurs.
Greek appetizer producer looking for trade intermediary partners and other forms of cooperation
Greek company with three generations of experience in the appetizers producing field, which is already engaged in international cooperation and has developed a wide distribution network, covering all the continents, is looking for trade intermediary partners (agents, distributors and representatives) and providers of transport and Logistics services abroad. The company also offers subcontracting outsourcing activities. Its products are appetizers, such as: olives, vegetables in brine e.t.c.
One of the biggest juice suppliers from the Netherlands, is looking for distributors all over Europe
A Dutch company is one of the biggest juice suppliers of the Netherlands. The company processes approximately 20 different fruit varieties into juice on a daily basis and this makes them one of the largest fruit juice producers in the Netherlands.The juices contain freshly squeezed fruits and without any treatment or additives like for example sugars or preservatives. The company is looking for distributors all over Europe.
UK manufacturer of soya and potato chip snack products is looking for agents and distributors
Experienced UK food company that produces a range of soya and potato chip snack products for mass retail consumption is looking for agents and distributors in Europe.
Romanian producer of canned fruits and vegetables offers its products to distributors on the EU market.
Romanian company active in the food industry sector offers to EU distributors various types of canned fruits and vegetables and other related product
A German regional brewery is looking for distributors and commercial agents for the different kinds of beer it produces
The German middle-sized brewery has been well-known in its region for centuries. It has been exporting beer abroad (Europe and Asia) for years. It produces traditional styles like pale, dark and wheat beer as well as export beer, special creations and lighter to non-alcoholic kinds. It is looking for distributors and commercial agents with experience in the beer sector in order to expand its international market.
Polish manufacturer of sweets is looking for distributors in the EU
Polish company produces sweets, it specialises in the production of lollipops with different flavors and shapes as well as hard candy, caramels and Christmas tree icicles. It offers delivery of products by its own transport. The company is looking for distributors and offers cooperation under a distribution services agreement.
For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments. You can find a list of current tender opportunities on the CPD website. Again, there is no email alert facility that we can find which makes the content difficult to adapt to the Bulletin format.

102452 - RS/2016/01 - Sports Event Market Research and Economic Evaluation Research
Publication date:  22-01-2016
Response deadline:  05-02-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Market Research to establish the amount of revenue generated by a number of sporting events
Buyer: Fáilte Ireland-National Tourism Development Authority

102461 - - The Supply of a High Quality Digital Colour Print Production Press - including Maintenance and Support.
Publication date:  22-01-2016
Response deadline:  08-02-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Office of the Revenue Commissioners (Revenue) is looking to award a contract for the supply, installation, and commissioning (including staff training) of a high quality, Digital Colour Print Production Press - including maintenance and support. As part of the Contract that may be awarded from this tender, Revenue would require to trade in a Xerox 700i Digital Printing Press
Buyer: Office of the Revenue Commissioners

102455 - LAB2016001 - Request for Tenders for the Provision of Support, Maintenance and development of Legal Case Management System
Publication date:  22-01-2016
Response deadline:  19-02-2016 17:30   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Legal Aid Board was established under the Civil Legal Aid Act, 1995. The Act makes provision for the granting by the State of legal aid and advice to persons of insufficient means in civil cases. The Family Mediation Service (FMS) is a state run service to help couples who have decided to separate or divorce, or who have already separated, to negotiate their own terms of agreement. It has been in operation since 1986 and has been part of the Legal Aid Board since 2011. Following a market exercise in 2010, the Board developed a new Legal Case Management system which is used to track and support the full life cycle of the Board’s legal cases from the application stage through service delivery to case closure and archival functions. Please note that the Legal Aid Board has charitable status and as such is entitled to any charitable discounts (or pricing structures) which are applicable. This public procurement competition relates to the following Lots: 1: Support and Maintenance Contract: Technical on-site and/or telephone support of the Legal Case Management System software components. See Parts 4 and 5. (Please note that remote access is not permitted). 2: Software Development Contract: Further development/enhancement of the Legal Case Management System, development of new applications and services as required. 3. Development of a Mediation Case Management System for the Family Mediation Service
Buyer: Legal Aid Board
102415 - MU/2016/VPI/02 - Multi vendor framework for software testing services
Publication date:  21-01-2016
Response deadline:  10-02-2016 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Maynooth University is Ireland’s fastest growing university with 11,000 students. It anticipates continued growth and may reach 15,000 students by the end of the decade. Maynooth University (MU) has committed to a more flexible curriculum for students to have more freedom to pursue academic content that interest them. This is expected to lead to higher success and throughput rates. These changes will come in for the next academic year with student registration taking place in September 2016. Other preparatory work is setting up the new course/curriculum structures will need to be in place by March/April 2016. A programme of software upgrades will in train and will be delivered in phases starting immediately and continuing over the next 6-12 months. MU is now seeking support for the testing programme for the range of system upgrades in the student administration area. The methods and tools adopted may in due course be applied more widely in the university. A 3-4 year framework with a maximum of three service suppliers is sought at this time.
Buyer: National University of Ireland, Maynooth (NUI Maynooth-NUIM)

102423 - - Feasibility Study for the future development of Leisureland Premises and Grounds at Salthill, Galway
Publication date:  21-01-2016
Response deadline:  19-02-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: Galway Salthill Failte Ltd and Galway City Council wish to engage suitable economic operators to conduct a feasibility study to identify potential opportunities for development of Leisureland Premises and grounds at Salthill, Galway.
Buyer: Galway City Council

93 - MH- ED-MKT-2016 - A Marketing and Communication Plan and Related Services for Meath Economic Development Strategy
Publication date:  20-01-2016
Response deadline:  21-03-2016 16:30   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Meath County Council now seeks suitably qualified service providers for the provision of a strategic marketing and communications plan to further the promotion of Meath’s ED Strategy 2014-2022 and to promote Meath as an investment location for both indigenous and foreign direct investment. The plan will cover the lifespan of the ED Strategy up to 2022 with the winning tenderer required to implement this plan over a three year period up to 2019. After this time the project will be re-evaluated.
Buyer: Meath County Council

102402 - - RFT for the Provision of Market Research Services for Shannon Airport Authority Ltd.
Publication date:  20-01-2016
Response deadline:  09-02-2016 15:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: This procurement competition relates to the provision of Market Research Services for SAA. Any contract that may result from this procurement competition will be issued for a term of 3 years.
Buyer: Shannon Airport Authority plc

102332 - THRO26C - Request for Tender for the Provision of Pre-Retirement Planning Services
Publication date:  18-01-2016
Response deadline:  26-02-2016 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: This RFT relates to the provision of pre-retirement Planning Programme for Civil Service employees who are within 12-18 months of retirement. The programme’s objective is to provide instruction as to personal retirement planning. Tenderers should be aware that the services sought under this procurement competition fall under Annex IIB.
Buyer: The Office of Government Procurement

102326 - - RFT for Advertising Sales Concession at Shannon Airport
Publication date:  18-01-2016
Response deadline:  09-02-2016 15:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: SAA seeks business partners to submit Request for Tenders (RFT) to manage and operate the Advertising Sales Concession at Shannon Airport. The Licence to operate at Shannon Airport will be for 3 years with the option of extending for 2 further 1 year contracts at the same terms and conditions, subject to the Contracting Authority’s obligations at law. This contract is due to commence in February 2016.
Buyer: Shannon Airport Authority plc

Please see for the current list of Northern Ireland opportunities.

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