The Business Bulletin - Issue 265 - 22nd September 2014

New FREE Training Course
A new European Lifelong Learning Project, Foundations for Work aims to up skill young migrant workers with low qualifications who have been hit especially hard by the recent economic crisis. 

Foundations for Work aims to increase the integration of young immigrants into the labour market of their host countries and has produced a multilingual, multicultural training course which will allow them to acquire the basic competences and transferable work skills needed to open up progression opportunities either directly into employment and/or to further vocational qualifications.
The course is now available online in English, Spanish and Swedish. To access the course and find out more, check out You can also find out more about the project on their social media channels -,

Interested in up skilling in the area of

Clean Technologies?

C-TEST is a FREE online training programme which aims to educate both students and employees on new topics such as clean technologies and sustainability, teaching them how to integrate this knowledge into their working life.

There are 8 training modules available - Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Water Energy, Biomass Energy, Geothermal Energy, Waste Management & Recycling, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Awareness.

The course is available in 5 different languages – English, Slovak, Hungarian, Swedish and Dutch.

To find out more about this course, visit


Each week Nick O' Shiel, Chief Executive, Omagh Enterprise Company, blogs on issues related to enterprise, technology and the economy. This week Nick asks are women taking charge.
The economy is changing and present within the change is even greater change for women. The economic change has happened over decades but is now at a tipping point. Women outperform men in university entry and in entry to a variety of professions and careers.

Similarly, the portrayal of women as entrepreneurs, as politicians, as role models and in the media has changed, as women enjoy greater success.  

Women have made significant progress in the past but this time it is different, as the drivers represent fundamental, structural and irreversible shifts in jobs, in the economy, and within society.

The recession has caused the loss of jobs, as technology and the Internet influence the nature of work and the effectiveness of traditional business models. But men have been more adversely affected than women.

The changes have caused many traditional middle-level jobs to disappear and in their place are greater numbers of high-level, well-paid jobs and low-level, poorly-paid jobs.

One of the interesting things about the changes is that men and women react differently; men find it more difficult to adjust while women more easily move into both higher and lower-paid jobs.

The new economy demands a new type and range of skills and women, more than men, are ready to adapt, willing to change and able to succeed.

The old manufacturing economy valued physical strength and task repetition grounded in stable environments; the new economy values mental strength and task flexibility grounded in unstable environments.

Management too has shifted from old male dominated ‘command and control’ fixed and inflexible structures; to new female orientated ‘share and engage’ more fluid and flexible structures. 

Women will continue to go to college in greater numbers, play a more influential role at all levels in society, and succeed in greater numbers than men.
Men will continue to find the new environment difficult, play a less influential role in many traditionally male dominated areas, and struggle to compete with women.

The level of change will increase and the pace of change will quicken, as women and men make sense of what it means for them separately and together.
SO, it has taken a long time to reach this point but women are starting to take charge and will continue to do so.

Are women taking charge?

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Omagh Enterprise
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by Seamas McKenna, ASG Ireland

I’ve been involved in the marketing business for more years than I sometimes care to remember.

I recall that what first struck me when I tried to get my head around the subject was that, a) it was much misunderstood (and often still is) and that, b) marketing and business academics were obsessed with definitions and ‘boxes’- and thinking outside those aforementioned cubes.

The CIM definition was hammered in to me and I can still rhyme it off at the drop of a hat with its emphasis on ‘identifying’ and ‘satisfying’ and ‘anticipating’ and its ‘profit’ focus. It was good; it still is. And, indeed, it’s that ‘anticipating’ bit that still holds the biggest challenge for us all.

Many planners I’ve met talk up their being ‘ahead of the curve’ … but if they are so capable of being ahead of that ‘curve’ I wonder why they don’t shape it and make the ‘curve’ happen themselves. Only true entrepreneurs and risk takers get to see the ‘curve’ when it starts to take shape.

Of course, many marketeers and academics have defined their own interpretation of what is the essence of marketing. The one that pleases me most because it is so beautifully simple states that, “Marketing is about getting goods or services that don’t come back, to customers who do.” Clichéd, perhaps, but totally on it, in my view of commercial activity, no matter what sector we look at.

It’s about sales

I am regularly asked to guest lecture on marketing and very early on in any of these discussions I shine the spotlight firmly on sales. In front of me are 20 or 30 eager 20 somethings or, indeed, 30 & 40-year-olds on occasions, who are chomping at the bit to get into digital, or plan media, or develop marketing strategies or attend ‘glamorous’ PR events or make TV commercials.

And that’s all great and part and parcel of the Promotional P of our 4 Ps. But when I mention the ‘S’ word, the vast majority of them shrink in mock horror. Sales, sir? Who, sir? Me, sir? No, sir. Sales? “Don’t think so”, is the unvoiced look on most of their faces.

But for me, it is very much about sales. And it doesn’t matter if you are in FMCG, or services, or a charity or even the public sector. It’s about sales. Selling services. Selling products. Selling ideas. Selling a perspective or a point of view.

I was at a conference a few years back where a ‘Marketeer’ was on the platform and part of his address was the contention that marketing was about pricing, promotion and distribution.

That is was not about sales. And there was a delegate beside me (a very successful and very experienced business owner) who had said nothing for about an hour, but at that point, he leaned over to me and whispered in genuine bewilderment: “ What good is marketing if it isn’t about facilitating a sale at some point?!” And I’m with him on that one.

And service too

And if you want to get those customers to keep coming back then forget about service at your peril. It is a common mistake, in my view, to assume that service is only important in services marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you accept that your brand and your ‘service’ is consumed at every touch point, then service is another key discipline that must be addressed and kept front of mind throughout the customer journey.

It’s not just about common courtesy or good manners or attention to detail. These are taken as a given. If you don’t have these on offer then all other marketing activity is just camouflage. How do we answer the phone? How do our e-mails or letters look or read? How do our accounts departments deal with enquiries? How easy to buy from are we? The list of activities and disciplines that help position us from a service perspective is endless. These are the factors that set the core of our own brand.

At ASG we like to keep it simple. It’s about Joined Up Thinking. We concentrate on trying to understand what we can do to help organisations get more sales to more people who then come back for more. And we keep firmly in focus the two key management tools of Sales and Service all presented with creative distinction. “Simples!”

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For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments. You can find a list of current tender opportunities on the CPD website. Again, there is no email alert facility that we can find which makes the content difficult to adapt to the Bulletin format.

Please see for the current list of Northern Ireland opportunities.

SCC IC Residual and Street Cleaning Residue Waste RFI
GB-Watford: Air Quality Analyser Service and Maintenance
GB-LIVERPOOL: Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) System
House Conversion Project Works - 43 Harry Perry Close, Norwich
Whole house improvement project - 1 Britannia Court, Norwich NR1 4HP
Grants4Growth Evaluation Contractor
GB-London: VB Research Brief - Social Media
Public Health Weight Management
Alternative provider of maternity services - case loading model - notification of a provider engagement event to discuss the proposed new service specification and the re-procurement of the current service for a three year period.
GB-Telford: LSBU7/0198
Improvement to Room 7207 UKSCB
NL427 Merseyside Sites Term Landscape Maintenance and Cleansing Contract, 2014 - 2017
Transition Funding and Start up Grants research and case studies
GB-Braintree: Treasury Management Advisors
GB-Boscombe Down: ACT/04351 The Provision of Handling Squadron Air Experience Flying
GB-Braintree: Landscape Character Assessment Consultancy
Management Asbestos Survey
Enabling Works at the UK ATC, Edinburgh
UK SBS RE140159BIS ?Costs of Energy Policy A Case Study
SCC RN Regulatory Services Database
United Kingdom-London: Data services
United Kingdom-London: Custom software development services
United Kingdom-Glasgow: Recruitment services
United Kingdom-London: Financial consultancy services
United Kingdom-London: Television production services
United Kingdom-Cardiff: Software package and information systems
United Kingdom-Hull: Benefit services
United Kingdom-London: Computer-related services
RM4477  SB2907 - Provision of JAWS Accessibility Testing Services
Request for Quotation for Licensing Reform Pathfinder Project
GB-London: 593-886 Digital Transformation - CMS
Derbyshire Integrated Wellbeing Service Website
GB-London: 594-886 VB Digital Transformation - DAM
United Kingdom-London: Postal services related to letters
United Kingdom-London: Clinical information system
United Kingdom-London: Analysis services
United Kingdom-Milton Keynes: Air-traffic control systems
United Kingdom-Dundee: Hardware installation services
United Kingdom-Lincoln: Financial analysis and accounting software package
House Conversion Project Works - 43 Harry Perry Close, Norwich
Whole house improvement project - 1 Britannia Court, Norwich NR1 4HP
Norway-Stavanger: Silos
Norway-lesund: Harbour construction works
United Kingdom-Scunthorpe: Grounds maintenance services
United Kingdom-Paisley: Miscellaneous medical devices and products
United Kingdom-London: Building installation work
United Kingdom-Rotherham: Building installation work
United Kingdom-Edinburgh: Construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses
United Kingdom-Northampton: Landscaping work
Belgium-Geel: Upgrade cooling/refrigerating installation in the storage building at the JRC-IRMM
Germany-Karlsruhe: Installation and modification of electrical installations in gloveboxes, hot cells, laboratories and in the building
Norway-Oslo: Tree-cutting services
Improvement to Room 7207 UKSCB
Norway-Nesodden: Construction work
United Kingdom-Dudley: Construction work for buildings of further education
United Kingdom-Telford: Paints, varnishes and mastics
Ireland-Dublin: Modular and portable buildings
Norway-Oslo: Fire suppression system
Norway-Oslo: Repair and maintenance of plant

88742 - - Tender for Supply of Irish Language Translation Services to IT Sligo
Publication date:  18-09-2014
Response deadline:  10-10-2014 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The Institute invites tenders for the supply of Irish Language Translation Services. The contract is for the period from October 2014 - December 2015.
Belfast City Council Tenders are available at

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