The Business Bulletin -
Issue No 166  31st Aug 2012

O’Kane Resourcing can now offer an extended range of services including the following:

Executive search & selection (includes technical positions)

Organisational executive outplacement and career support for individuals

Interim management solutions

HR support

Now seeking the following:

Technical Manager – Belfast Manufacturing (R&D)
Engineering Manager – Food sector excellent position and part of the SMT
Graduate Maintenance Engineer - Bristol
Regional Manager – Facilities and related support including contract Catering / Cleaning
Despatch Manager -Armagh
Hygiene Manager – Interim position - Food sector
Car sales Executive – Major multiple franchise
Business Unit Manager - Ballymena
Managing Director – Belfast
Operations Manager – Oxford GB based
Inventory Controller – Food Sector
R&D Manager - Engineering
Sales Manager with German – Engineering £40k base plus excellent commission
Senior and Middle level Software Developers – C#.NET
Company Accountant – Manufacturer based in Belfast
Senior Product NPD Technologist
Assistant Development Chef
Assistant Food NPD Technologist

Contact: Conor MacNamara
O’Kane Resourcing
M: 079 681 60122
T: 028 308 29707

Who loves Lovehearts?

Swizzels Matlow, the confectionery company, that makes the sweets claims that 122 of its 500 workers are in a relationship with each other and that this puts it in the running for "most romantic workplace in Britain."

The family firm, which is based in the North Derbyshire town of New Mills, released the data just a few days before St Valentine's Day, the key selling period for the little sweets.

But Swizzels Matlow suggested anyone who questioned the motives behind releasing the figures were hard-hearted cynics.

Jeremy Dee, director at the company, said: "I think it's a lovely story that so many people met here.

We knew anecdotally that many were either married to each other or going out with each other, but we just did a quick ask around to find out how many were together. It's a very close-knit place.”

What he failed to point out is that New Mills, on the edge of the Peak District, as well as being very beautiful, has a population of fewer than 10,000 and Swizzels Matlow is the area's largest employer – if you are going to meet anyone it'll be while making Parma violets, Refreshers or Mr Chews.

Steven House, 46, met his girlfriend Laura Garlik, 38, at the factory. Despite the fact that they have both been working there together for 22 years they only got together three years ago. Miss Garlik said: "We worked on different floors and used to pass each other and just say "hiya"."

But then she moved downstairs to work alongside Mr House and their eyes met across the production line of Double Dips. "It's a very relaxed atmosphere, you can have a laugh," she said.

Mr House insisted the factory uniform of white coats, hair nets and ear plugs were not a deterrent to romance. They will get married, he said, once they win the lottery.

The company makes 200m Love Hearts every year – each with a message such as "I Love you" or "All mine".

It is not the only company to boast of its ability to bring people together. Bill Gates, the world's second richest man, met his wife Melinda while working for Microsoft.

At Southwest Airlines 2,416 of the 37,000 employees are married to each other. Many of the couples met while working for the airline and Southwest was so pleased with its matchmaking role, it uses LUV as its stock market symbol. More than 100 MPs have family members on the payroll, with many employing their spouse as a secretary or assistant.

Sales Training

The process for converting suspects into prospects, prospects into leads, leads into customers is a process.

Can you perfect it?

See the video here

Are you.....

A Graduate entering the career/job market?
A School leaver entering the career/job market?
Are you a Job Changer?
Are you planning a Career change?
Are you aJob returner?
Are you affected by redundancy?

For us all, seeking employment and the opportunity to put newly, hard won qualifications in practice, is a serious business in a very competitive environment and while academic or vocational achievement is much sought after by employers, this is far from the whole story.

Increasingly, employers find it difficult to differentiate candidates on the grounds solely of academic achievement and this means that a well structured and appropriate CV is a must to get yourself into the frame and on the road to a career.Thereafter, performance at interview becomes the game changer.

And unfortunately, that’s where many excellent job applicants have difficulties – Our colleges and Universities excel at the academic side and while they do their best to embed the importance of a strong CV and an understanding of the interview process on their students, the effort fails in the face of more pressing priorities.

If you need help in this area, then contact Bernadette Hendron right away - she can help with personal coaching on how to present your CV and improve your interview skills. She can provide coaching on a one to one basis either office based or on-line via SKYPE.

Bernadette Hendron
- Managing Director
Breakthrough Recruitment Ltd
02838 396 544
07970 875 039


East Belfast Arts Festival

As Northern Ireland continues to change, one more step in the right direction is East Belfast finally having it’s own Arts Festival.

While many people are commenting on the Belfast Renascence in visual art and support its development on a weekly basis, many people do not realise that since the founding of Creative Change NI over 980 Visual arts exhibition have run in the Belfast area.

In order for you to catch up with this growing trend I have selected 30 exciting artists, some established some emerging who have exhibited over the last 18 months and brought them together for one exhibition @ City East Business Centre.

Opening Launch reception: night Thursday 6th September

Time: 6-9pm

Location: City East Business Centre, 58-72 Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT4 1GW

We look forward to so seeing you there. RSVP

Exhibition runs until 29th September and is open Monday – Friday 9-5pm

Artists include Anna Donovan, Andres Meneses de Melo, Alice Burns, Bronagh Lawson, Billy Green, Catherine Davison, Caroline McClusker, Colin Davis, Christoff Gillen, Dollybirdart, Emma Majury, Gary Shaw, Helen Pailsey ,Ivan Frew, Jayne Cherry, Jim Mercer, Josephine McCormick, James Millar, Katrina Sheena Smyth, Keith Ayton, Laura McGuire, Michael Hart, Margaret Woods, Paul Moore, Ray Duncan, Susan McKeever, Stuart Calvin, Stephen Millar, Zoe Murdoch and others.
twitter @Creativchangeni

Now, where's my glasses?

Golfera’s tips for improving memory

The EMBASI method:

Use the power of imagination. To recall, say, the number two in a list, visualise a swan (the shape of a two).

Use Exaggeration – make it a giant swan.

Use Movement – visualise it swimming.

Use Bizarre Association – visualise the swan talking.

Use Sentimental Involvement – it’s your grandma’s pet swan.

How to remember foreign vocabulary:

Associate a word with an image that sounds similar and corresponds to the English meaning. For example, the Italian word macchina, which means car, can be remembered by visualising a car in the driveway wearing a mac to protect it from the rain. “Macintosh” sounds similar to macchina and the image will be the trigger that helps you to remember the word.

The word scarpa, Italian for shoe, can be recalled by imagining a shoe jumping up and down on the carpet. Carpet sounds similar to scarpa.

The word porta, “door”, can be recalled by visualising a porter holding your front door open for you.

How to remember a long list:

Imagine a room you know well, a sitting room, bedroom or office. Visualise items on your list at certain points in your room – on the bed, table, etc.

Later, to remember your list, take a “mental tour”. This can be expanded by opening doors into other rooms, to store other groups of information.

Survey of Irish

Consultancy Market

The annual FEACO[1] Survey of European Consultancy is now being completed with responses being collected from Irish practices on the local market as an input to this.  Practices who have not responded yet may do so by downloading a questionnaire.

Participation provides practices and IMCA with useful information on the market size, trends and mix, and comparative data for use in benchmarking and external representations.  Key points of note are:

  • Confidentiality is assured;
  • Precision is not required, particularly in service line / sector estimates;
  • We welcome responses across the range of practice sizes;
  • A higher response rate will improve the validity of the survey;
  • Respondents get a copy of the detailed report which provides useful positioning data.

RED C Research & Marketing, the independent marketing research company, assemble responses on behalf of IMCA in strictest confidence under ESOMAR guidelines, ensuring responses are not attributable to individual practices.

We would welcome a response as soon as possible - emailed to consultants@redcresearch.ieor posted to Ciara Regan, RED C Research & Marketing Ltd, 7 The Seapoint Building, 44-45 Clontarf Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3.

If you have queries regarding return of the survey Ciara (01 8186316) will be happy to help and if you’d like to discuss any general matters please contact Tom Moriarty (086 2423778) or

The most recent 2010 11 report and a commentary on the issues of relevance to the Irish market are included under Member Resources in the Members Area

The main points of note are:

  • The Irish market is estimated at €438m in turnover with approx 3,000 consultants;
  • Consultancy has a low share of the economy relative to other countries as seen in previous surveys;
  • The market is primarily domestic with the lowest exports % of the countries surveyed;
  • Business Consulting is the largest service line followed by IT Consulting; Outsourcing continues to be under-reported;
  • Public Sector and Banking & Insurance are the largest sectors with almost half of the market between them;
  • Public sector consultancy in Ireland has a similar share to that in the UK with both higher than the FEACO average.


The current economic downturn has affected us all to a greater or lesser extent. No one has been left untouched and while those involved in the construction sector have been probably the most affected, the impact has rippled far beyond that.

Many others have felt the cold breeze of recession recently  and there is clear evidence that there are many who previously provided professional services to this sector, such as lawyers, architects, surveyors who have also been profoundly affected.

Cuts in the public sector are also contributing to an ever increasing group of professionals from all sorts of backgrounds who are competing for employment in a rapidly contracting economic environment.

Many are competing for jobs that they would never have considered previously and at a much reduced wage or salary.  Many are also young people who do not have the buffer of an occupational pension but the common denominator across gender and age is that they all have a choice of five options:

Walk away and smell the coffee
Move elsewhere
Retrain for another skill
Complete for employment in another area at a reduced rate of reward
Consider self employment

The Professionals into Business Programme has been specifically developed to assist those former professionals who wish to pursue self employment as an option. 

The Professionals into Business Programme will meet the needs of the needs of this particular group of “ex professionals” through an intensive programme of workshops, one to one mentoring and at the end of the programme, participants should be ready to “turn the key” and get the business running.

The programme will also include free business premises at Townsend Enterprise Park for a limited period.While the previous InvestNI “Go for It” programme was very successful, its main weakness was the one size fits all approach.

The five session basic training model does not fit all by any means and the Professionals into Business Programme recognises and addresses this important shortfall. It is very difficult for even the most motivated aspirant to self employment to produce a detailed business plan after five short training sessions of three hours duration.

The real emphasis in this new programme will be on establishing a successful business. Our approach will be determined by the fact that the rules of business will apply irrespective of the business activity.

Our emphasis will be on the five pillars of business planning – the product/service offered, finance, marketing, business operations and the people involved in the business (skills, resources, commitment, motivation and determination) and while “Start a Business” training programmes already on offer through InvestNI, already address these pillars, they do not, in most cases, do so to the level of detail required to bring a business to life.

The Professionals into Business Programme addresses this gap most effectively in terms of the time and one to one support given to each participant over the 13 week duration of the programme.

Moreover, the programme content (based around the five pillar concept), tutors, mentors, specialist speakers and site visits will all focus on the need to establish the viability and sustainability of the business.

Townsend Enterprise Park Ltd has always fully supported business development initiatives which have the potential to create employment and prosperity.


You could write a song about this....
A DECISION on whether or not to try to salvage a lorry, loaded with building supplies, which slipped into the sea at Owey Island West Donegal recently, will be made by the vehicle's insurers.

The lorry, from the Cope in Dungloe, which was bringing some materials onto the island for Daniel and Majella O'Donnell who are renovating an old cottage there, slid into the sea as it began to unload its cargo.

The lorry had just disembarked from the Arranmore Fast Ferry which had brought it to the island's tiny slipway from Burtonport.

As the lorry slipped closer to the water the ferry skipper manoeuvred the ferry in closer to try and prevent the lorry going into the tide. However the weight of the lorry tipped the bow of the ferry out of the water and the lorry continued its slid into the sea.

The Arranmore lifeboat were alerted to the incident, but could only standby at the scene. The driver managed to escape from the lorry uninjured.

"There was no one in danger and there was little we could do when we arrived. The lorry was already in the tide," RNLI spokesperson Nora Flanagan said.

One eyewitness to the incident described how the lorry driver had begun to use his on board hoist to unload his cargo when the lorry started to slip down towards the water. There was nothing he could do to prevent it sliding.

A spokesperson for the 'Cope' store in Dungloe declined to comment on who the building supplies were for after a local man, Dan Gallagher, told Highland Radio earlier this week, the goods were for him. The only comment the Cope would make is that all of the supplies were for one person.

The cost of bringing a floating crane out to the island to lift the lorry would be considerable, however for navigation purposes and access to the island, it would need to be moved.

The Marine Casualty Investigations Board are to carry out an inquiry into the incident. Daniel O'Donnell's mother, Julia, is a native of Owey Island and the family renovated her former home there about two years ago.

One local source said Majella O'Donnell, had recently purchased a derelict cottage on the island and is renovating it as a summer retreat.

In recent years, Owey Island has been enjoying a renewed lease of life with many of its cottages being restored as holiday homes.


....and before some of our more sophisticated readers start sighing "Oooh that Daniel O'Donnell - I just can't stand him!" remember that this guy is one marketing genius. Not alone does he invite his fans to have a wee cup of tea in his mammy's - he made £5m for his management company doing just this over the past year or two.... read this for the full story.

WorldHost Customer Service Courses in September 2012

After taking a break over the summer, the WorldHost Customer Service Courses are starting up in September.

The two day courses are still only £20 per person for employees of private companies (under 250 employees) working in the tourism, hospitality, travel or passenger transport sectors.

The course dates are:

10th and 11th September 2012
Venue: Prince's Trust, Jennymount Business Park, York Road, Belfast
Familiarisation Trip: Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

18th and 19th September 2012
Venue: Prestige Employment Services, Monaghan Street, Newry
Familiarisation Trip: Tayto Castle, Tandragee

24th and 25th September 2012
Venue: Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, Oxford Island, Lurgan
Familiarisation Trip: Tayto Castle, Tandragee

If you would like to find out more or book a place, please email

Antrim Enterprise Agency, in conjunction with IP Genie, are pleased to bring you information on our next exciting event, aimed at helping you to become more efficient as a small business owner and saving you money at the same time. How? Through our Nurture Business Support.
Can you answer YES to any of the following ……..
  • Missing important business calls
  • Incurring expensive communication bills
  • Getting incorrect messages
  • Forgetting to divert your calls
  • Not switching your answering machine on
  • Forgetting to answer your mobile or home phone with your business name
  • Not receiving your post
  • Need to employ a secretary, but cannot afford it
Would you like to have …….

FREE business calls using your current broadband service
  • Lower standard calls to mobile and landline
  • A professional telephone answering and messaging service
  • A dedicated business number,
  • A business mailing address
  • A more professional business image
  • Peace of mind that you are not missing any calls from potential customers
 Antrim Enterprise Agency’s Nurture Business Support service can offer you cheaper alternative phone and business communications through the use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) at work, allowing you to access new features you may not have enjoyed before such as conference calling, call forwarding and monitoring. 
This seminar will inform you to the benefits of signing up to avail of one of our 3 packages of support. 
If you are interesting in saving money and potentially WINNING a FREE IP handset then register your attendance now by emailing or telephoning 9446 7774
Light refreshments will be served.
We look forward to seeing you there

Develop a Strategic Plan for your Practice

This workshop being held on September 12th at IPA, Lansdowne Road, Dublin aims to help consultants develop strategic plans for their practice and to develop their skills in helping clients through the process.

The workshop will help each participant prepare a draft 2 - 3 page high-level strategic plan for their practice based on a methodology developed by Brian Flanagan, CMC. Brian will steer participants through each element of the plan including mission statement, strategies, goals and actions based on PlanWare's online planner software which has been used many thousands of times and has attracted substantial
favourable feedback from users.

The workshop is targeted towards individual practitioners and heads of smaller practices.

Brian Flanagan trades though
PlanWare which is engaged in the development and sale of software tools for business, financial and strategic planning. These tools are used by startups, SMEs and consultants in over 110 countries.

The workshop will run from 4:30 to 7:00 pm. All our events have a strong networking dimension so you are welcome to come along at 4:00 to meet other attendees over a cup of coffee.

The event will cost €25 for members and €60 for non-members. Members are entitled to bring guests at the member rate.

You can register for the event
here (you will need to log in to avail of the member rate) or email us at or call us at 01 6349636.

We recommend that you register early to make sure of a place.

The Right To Be Me – Taster Workshops in September.

8th September, Croydon, London.
10th September, WIN Conference Centre, Newry.
26th September, Wellington Park Hotel, Belfast.
27th September, Grand Canal Hotel, Dublin.


Your chance to find out about living as a whole person … all parts of your life!  The Right To Be Me is the acclaimed training programme with practical steps for you to build genuine CONFIDENCE to get going on your plans…….. whatever they may be - for life, for work.

This taster workshop is delivered with energy by Personal Development Professional – Marie McStay, who is committed to helping individuals and teams find the best they have to offer. 

Come along to the 2hour taster event and get hints and tips on:
-          building life affirming confidence;
-          creating resilience and strength to keep going;
-          5 fundamental building blocks to fulfilling potential……
…..and walk away with Action Steps to get you started!

CONTACT DETAILS: - Ireland's first licensed Trainer delivering Springboard and Spring Forward - The Voice@Ambitrance
t: +44 (0)28 4173 8624
m: 07833 393 491 - UK
      0861787 886   - RoI
A note to you: Unsure if this is for you…….?

What others have said about ‘The Right To Be Me’:

“Doing The Right To be Me is the best thing I’ve done in years. It’s not that my confidence as particularly low – but I had become a little tired of the routine and I was getting into a rut. I’m well out of it now.” 
“For the first time in my life – and I work as a professional in the medical field – I can say that I am aware of others. Thank you.”

“I have decided that it is perfectly okay to be as I am and not as they (family) want me to be.  I have a right to be myself….in fact ….as I now know, it is my responsibility to be the best that I can be”.
“I have better communication with colleagues –I have a better, clearer way of thinking."

Leadership is a personal matter and it begins with YOU. Building Emotional Intelligence begins in earnest in adulthood as IQ growth peaks at 17. The Right To Be Me supplies those tools, sharpens them and brings them up to date.

Do join us!

First Edition Publications specialises in the management, publication and production of books, booklets, company reports, calendars, feasibility studies, manuals and specialist handbooks.

The company has particular expertise in the area of short runs of publications – this can range from as few as twenty to a few thousand. This means that, as far as authors are concerned, the financial risk can largely be taken out of publishing, especially for those authors active in areas of specialist interest.

If you are a professional speaker with an archive of resource material, then First Edition Publications can help you maximise your earning potential. By simply converting these resources into a published work, your audience will have access to a permanent record of your session and what’s more, you will be in a position to command a higher fee by virtue of the fact that you are a published author.

Published speakers, with a published track record, command a premium fee. In many cases, speakers can also offer a copy of the published work at a preferential rate for each participant in the session thereby increasing their yield from a speaking engagement.  Published speakers also generate most of their business from referrals which means that their level of repeat business is also significantly higher than the nor.

In this way, the speaker gains in two ways – the first is a premium rate as a published speaker and the second is an additional margin on the publications supplied as a support resource to the session concerned.

And this is where First Edition Publications can help the professional speaker, business trainer and business coach maximise each speaking and training opportunity.

After all, isn’t your published work the ultimate calling card

Contact Joe at - 0044 7970 430 155



For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments. You can find a list of current tender opportunities on the CPD website. Again, there is no email alert facility that we can find which makes the content difficult to adapt to the Bulletin format.

Please see for the current list of Northern Ireland opportunities.Ref: AUG374716

Ref: AUG379715
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Provision of Programming Services to NORA in respect of the Biofuels Obligation Scheme
Published: 29/08/2012
Published by: National Oil Reserves Agency
Deadline: 25/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG379895
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Feasibility Study for a Tourism Project: The Loop Head Geology Experience
Published: 29/08/2012
Published by: Kilkee Tourism Ltd
Deadline: 14/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG379975
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Study on access to finance for growth for SMEs in Ireland and Northern Ireland
Published: 29/08/2012
Published by: InterTradelreland
Deadline: 19/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG379558
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Provision of National Media & PR Services
Published: 28/08/2012
Published by: Waterford Institute of Technology
Deadline: 08/10/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG379375
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Creative Clusters - Economic analysis of the current status and future clustering potential
Published: 28/08/2012
Published by: West Cork Development Partnership
Deadline: 12/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG379555
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Tender for Supply,Installation and Commissioning of pipenetwork&ancillary works-Glenflesk,Co.Kerry
Published: 28/08/2012
Published by: Kerry County Council
Deadline: 11/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG379475
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Request for Tender for an Online Registration,Payment & Events Management System
Published: 28/08/2012
Published by: Enterprise Ireland
Deadline: 18/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG378295
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Event Management
Published: 23/08/2012
Published by: Science Foundation Ireland
Deadline: 07/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG378315
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Implementation Support Team Co-Ordinator
Published: 23/08/2012
Published by: Supporting Social Inclusion and Regeneration in Limerick
Deadline: 10/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG378435
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Age and opportunity courses for over 55s
Published: 23/08/2012
Published by: Clare Local Development Company
Deadline: 12/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG378375
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Survey of the historic vernacular buildings in North and East Kerry
Published: 23/08/2012
Published by: North and East Kerry Development
Deadline: 04/09/2012
Full Text:

Ref: AUG378475
Notice Type: Invitation to Tender
Title: Internet for Older People
Published: 23/08/2012
Published by: Clare Local Development Company
Deadline: 12/09/2012
Full Text:

Latest UK low-value tenders
GB-Southampton: Agile toolkit fof GIS 30 August 2012
GB-TELFORD: The supply of Qty 690 7PMT/3940-99-148-0379 - Sling, Endless Round Recovery 30 August 2012
Research study to understand interactions between public investments in research capital and other research resources in Higher Education Institutions 30 August 2012
Electoral Agents  30 August 2012
GB-East Grinstead: Entrance for Main Outpatients 30 August 2012
BGS Lab Refurbishment 30 August 2012
DfT PPM CoE Portfolio Office Function 30 August 2012
The Supply and Installation of 5 replacement dehumidifiers in National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton (NOCS) 30 August 2012
DCB: National & International Business Development 29 August 2012
Eastern Region Foster Care Rolling Select List 29 August 2012
Two stage Tender for the Design and Procurement of 10-15 Beach Huts by an Architect Lead Design Team  29 August 2012
Boho One: ICT support services 29 August 2012
GB-Southampton: Revenue Compliance Programme 29 August 2012
Home Computer Initiative  29 August 2012
GB-London: Round table discussions on religion or belief 25 August 2012
COM1106 Henry Moore - Knife Edge Two Piece 25 August 2012
Gas Wet Scrubber 25 August 2012
Investigation into trends in export participation among UK Firms  25 August 2012
GSV1148 Data Security Accreditor Services  25 August 2012
Evaluation of The Space: Artisitic Quality 25 August 2012
Latest UK ICT tenders
Research study to understand interactions between public investments in research capital and other research resources in Higher Education Institutions 30 August 2012
UK-Winchester: IT services: consulting, software development, Internet and support 30 August 2012
UK-Derby: data-transmission equipment 30 August 2012
UK-Milton Keynes: project management consultancy services 30 August 2012
UK-Leicester: real-time passenger information system 29 August 2012
UK-East Kilbride: project management consultancy services 29 August 2012
UK-Milton Keynes: data collection and collation services 28 August 2012
UK-Grantham: patient-monitoring system 28 August 2012
IN-New Delhi: foreign economic-aid-related services 28 August 2012
UK-Leeds: information technology services 28 August 2012
UK-Coventry: electronic message and information services 28 August 2012
GSV1148 Data Security Accreditor Services 25 August 2012
UK-Portsmouth: miscellaneous building structures 25 August 2012
UK-Salford: software package and information systems 25 August 2012
Business/Meet Birmingham - Online implementation of customer journey 24 August 2012
UK-London: social work services 23 August 2012
UK-Belfast: industry specific software package 23 August 2012
UK-Blackburn: operating-theatre lamps 22 August 2012
UK-Edinburgh: financial analysis and accounting software package 22 August 2012
UK-Chelmsford: educational software package 21 August 2012
Latest UK & EU construction tenders
UK-Belfast: repair and maintenance services 30 August 2012
D-Karlsruhe: construction of a consignment building (R Wing), a guard building (S Wing) and fencing at the Institute for Transuranium Elements 30 August 2012
UK-Pontypridd: scaffolding 30 August 2012
UK-Nottingham: gas appliance maintenance services 30 August 2012
NO-Oslo: litter collection services 30 August 2012
GB-East Grinstead: Entrance for Main Outpatients 30 August 2012
Supply & Installation of Semi Commercial Greenhouse at HMP Gloucester 30 August 2012
The Supply and Installation of 5 replacement dehumidifiers in National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton (NOCS) 30 August 2012
UK-Bristol: technical support services 29 August 2012
UK-London: health and safety services 29 August 2012
IRL-Trim: fences 29 August 2012
UK-Newcastle upon Tyne: electrical installation work 29 August 2012
UK-London: repair and maintenance services of boilers 29 August 2012
UK-Warrington: other containers 29 August 2012
IRL-Dublin: film printing system 29 August 2012
UK-Guildford: construction work for houses 29 August 2012
UK-Matlock: residential homes construction work 29 August 2012
UK-Irvine: repair and maintenance services of building installations 29 August 2012
UK-Carmarthen: installation of doors 28 August 2012
UK-Leeds: concrete products 28 August 2012
Belfast City Council Tenders are available at

First Edition Publications

First Edition Publications, The Technology Centre, Townsend Enterprise Park, Townsend St., BELFAST BT13 2ES 
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