New releases, tour and other events.


Tons of news to read this month, sorry for the delay !

Art of the Muses has been listed in the best of 2012 by Latimeriamadrid.

New reviews in German only (nur auf Deutsch) : Litter and Munma on Nonpop ; Art of the Muses on African Paper.

This September OneBeat (Found Sound Nation) will bring 25 musicians from around the world to the U.S. for a month-long residency and tour ; Elyse Tabet (Litter) has been selected, don't miss her if you are around New York and Florida !

Local Music Scenes and Globalization – Transnational Platforms in Beirut, a book by Thomas Burkhalter, details and info here.

Noise and jazz musician, Dirar Kalash is currently on tour in Europe, last chance to see him if you didn't yet :

14 August 2013, Dirar Kalash (saxophone & electronics, Palestine), Ansgar Wilken (cello & pedals, Germany) at Sucked Orange Galerie. Facebook
15 August 2013, C-drík (Belgium, experimental, drone), Dirar Kalash (Palestine, noise, experimental), Zen Lu & Liang Guojian (China, experimental + live painting) at Brunnen 70, Berlin, Germany. Facebook
17 August 2013, Dirar Kalash (saxophone & electronics) at Oberdeck, Hanover, Germany.
19 August 2013, C-drík (electronics, objects), Dirar Kalash (electronics), Iku Sakan (dj set) at Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany. Facebook

New website for Shaun Sankaran (Mindfuckingboy, Chöd, Elekore...).

Hanoi Soundscape is on of the few alternative electronic music release officially published in Vietnam (in 2013), it includes tracks by Robert Henke (Monolake), Tri Minh and Vu Nhat Tan (cd + cdrom), feel free to contact Tri Minh ( to order your copy. See details on Discogs.
Meanwhile, the Vu Nhat Tan Group has published two experimental, improv, noise cd's in Vietnam too last year and are available through CD Baby. See details on Discogs.

Destroy Transmission (((Signals))) is a big noise, experimental, improvised music festival in Singapore happening in October, followed two days later by another one in Kuala Lumpur, with artists from France, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and Malaysia, see on Facebook for the Singapore flyer and on another FB page for the Kuala Lumpur one.

日本のために - Benefiets For Japan is a double compilation cd published by Licht-Ung
Profits of five Euro per CD are going to the Red Cross and "Heart on coin - Kizuna" - a project for schools in the earthquake and tsunami devastated prefecture of Miyagi.
The cd includes artists such as Victor Gama, Yan Jun, (((10))), Tomokawa Kazuki, Naka Takuji, Kim Ki O, Yui Onodera, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Astronoise , Rudolf , The Haters, Emil Beaulieau , Prurient, etc.

Two of C-drík's tracks have been released this month :
Avarus Et Prodicus (a remix for Solar Skeletons), appears on Solar Skeletons in Aesthetic Surgery, limited to 100 copies double cassette with silkscreen cover and digital release (see on Bandcamp).
22 artists made various remixes, among them : 1997ev, Tzii, Âme De Boue, Nihiltronix, Mourmansk 150, Contagious Orgasm, Company Fuck, Daniele Brusaschetto, Helius Zhamiq, etc.

Éclat, appears on Schlagstrom Vol.7, double cd featuring 31 artists such as Dive, Imminent, Esplendor Geométrico, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Solar Skeletons, Underhill, Kunst Als Strafe & N.U. Unruh, Thorofon, Hybryds, Toys'r'Noise, etc.
Details and orders on Bandcamp.

C-drík also composed a remix for Imiafan and Dario Seraval (Borghesia) to be out later this year ; Imiafan is also setting up a compilation for the 4mgrecords 10th anniversary, a track by Kirdec/C-drík will be included on a the tape.

A new album by Axiome is on its way (seven tracks have already been recorded), a new album by Tasjiil Moujahed is also on its way (I - finally - might finish it by the end of the month).

C-drík's side project Alien Vegan Sect won't be published on Syrphe at least for now, so if you are be interested to listen and perhaps publish it, you're welcome to contact me but neither for an on line release, nor a cdr, nor a tape, thanks.

And last but not least, C-drík will be on tour from mid October until early December, some confirmations have been made but it should cover Belgium in October, then from late October/early November performances, workshops and presentations in Ljubljana, Maribor (Kiblix 2013 Festival), Budapest, Tirana, Gračanica (Graçanicë), Belgrade, Berlin, etc.
More informations will follow in a few weeks.

Thanks for your time !

Concerts and events.


14 August 2013, Dirar Kalash, Ansgar Wilken at Sucked Orange Galerie, Berlin, Germany. Facebook

15 August 2013, C-drík (Belgium, experimental, drone), Dirar Kalash (Palestine, noise, experimental), Zen Lu & Liangguojian (China, experimental + live painting) at Brunnen 70, Berlin, Germany. Facebook

17 August 2013, Dirar Kalash (saxophone & electronics) at Oberdeck, Hanover, Germany.

18 August 2013, C-drík, Any, at AV Format, Berlin, Germany. Facebook

19 August 2013, C-drík, Dirar Kalash (lives), Iku Sakan (dj set) at Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany. Facebook

23 August 2013, Electropixel festival, with C-drík, Ero Babaa, Ibniz Orchestra, Alexis Degrenier, Underground Seeds Party, Shu Lea Cheang, Eva Usprung, minivomplie, Afroditi Psarra, Gilles Malatray, Golem Mecanique, René Paré, Schaumbad, Mad, Jason Kahn, Noisiv, Seamus O’Donell, Wilfried Nail, Jerome Joy, Av2, Audio Car Quartet,Jenny Pickett, Luc Kerléo, Noensemble, John Cage, Anthony Taillard, Brouillage Anti-radio group (Barg), Jean-Marc Savic, Jonathan Reus, Steim, Dorkbot-Nantes, Hollywood film destructor, Cambia, Benoit Maubrey, Creuse, Hub, Electromagnetic Nantes Collective, Perinne Lacroix, C-drik Kirdec, Ubu Film Projection, Prism Break Party…, various locations, Nantes, France.

23 August 2013, Switch ON festival, with Toshimaru Nakamura (jp), Black Zenith (au/us), The Decibel (au), Steven Miller (us), Jack Anderson (my), Wong Eng Leong (my), Goh Lee Kwang (my) at Findars, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

24 August 2013, Switch ON festival workshop (introduction to arduino), at Findars, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

29 August 2013, C-drík, Staalplaat Radio (experimental music from Latin America, Africa and Asia).

14 September 2013, Kirdec, MachineCode, Enduser, Subland, Berlin Germany.

22 September 2013, Mind Fiber (Li Jianhong and Wei Wei), QuietCue, Berlin, Germany.

13 October 2013, C-drík and more, Berlin, Germany. (tbc)

22 October 2013, C-drík, Brussels, Belgium. (tbc)

25 October 2013, Destroy Transmission (((Signals))) festival, with Jah Excretion (jp), Apocalyptcore (id), Control-Z (id), Sodadosa (id), Bonne humeur Provisoire (fr), Sistem Basuk Dari Dalam (id), Jerk Kerouac (my), ZDICM (my), S*I*N (sg), Mindfuckingboy (sg), Circuitrip (sg), Ghora (sg), Nazz (sg) at The Lithe Paralogue Studio, Singapore. Facebook

27 October 2013, Destroy Transmission (((Signals))) festival, with Jah Excretion (jp), Apocalyptcore (id), Control-Z (id), Sodadosa (id), Bonne humeur Provisoire (fr), Sistem Basuk Dari Dalam (id), Jerk Kerouac (my), ZDICM (my), S*I*N (sg), Mindfuckingboy (sg), Circuitrip (sg), Ghora (sg), Nazz (sg), venue tba. Facebook

00 November 2013, eastern Europe tour (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Hungary, maybe more). More info soon.

00 November 2013, C-drík (lecture) at Ljudmila, Ljubljana, Slovenia. More info soon.

06-09 November 2013, C-drík (and many more) at Kiblix 2013 Festival, Maribor, Slovenia. More info soon (lecture, workshop, concert).

25 November 2013, C-drík, at AKC Gračanica, Gračanica, Kosovo. Date to be confirmed, more info soon.

03 December 2013, C-drík, Budapest, Hungary. More info soon.

06 December 2013, C-drik & Scott Sinclair (and more) at Supamolly, Berlin, Germany. More info soon.


زنگ (Zang), live in Theran, Iran.


Wajid Yaseen (2nd Gen, Uniform) uploaded plenty of his compositions on Soundcloud a few days ago.
L'œil noir, new track by Munma (electronics) & Caroline Bourgeret (voice and text).
Naked Man Walking (Gezi Park) by 2 taksim 5BZ (2/5 BZ).
Hasan Ujairi, √ (Taqasim), For Electric Oud And LaptopLive solo performance as part of "Unsold Art" art event at Factory 593 in Seoul, South Korea.
Hasan Ujairi, A Brief History of Our Seafaring Fathers.
Fantastic new piece by Victor Gama : A sketch for the new multimedia opera 3 thousandRIVERS by Victor Gama, currently in research and field work in the rain forests of Colombia and Brazil. Soprano singer: Sarah Collins from Boston based in Bogota. Instrument: toha played by Victor Gama.
Space Gambus Experiment : Cobaan ka-Tiga (promo edit).
Biblo : Losing light, track taken from her new album 'Moved', out now on Aentitainment.
Krom Monster.
Kijjaz uploaded two new teasers.
Indistict Formula, new ambient, dark technoid demo :  Drippy Face.
Talal Qureshi : Too Much To Handle (Original track).
Bosaina is currently composing some new solo tracks in New York, some extracts here.

Last releases.

For those interested, don't forget that Syrphe published two cd's of the Lebanese projects Litter and Munma, they are still available on physical (250 copies only) and digital (infinite number of copies at least until humanity vanishes) format through Syrphe or Bandcamp.

Added to the database.

Afrodreams Soundcloud Jamendo Facebook Google Site Twitter [electronica, trip hop, ambient]

Jiang Yuhui (Jiang Yühui) [experimental]
Mind Fiber (VAVABOND + Li Jianhong) Site Soundcloud Youtube [experimental, improv]

Congo, DR
Denis Mpunga & Paul K. Discogs [afro-pop, electro-pop, ambient, Belgium/DRC, live in France and Belgium]

Wetrobots Soundcloud [electro][2010]
Zuli (aka Swag Lee aka DJ-Ridiculess) Soundcloud Facebook Onesheet [electronica, techno][2010]
Kairo Is Koming (KIK) Site Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Youtube [electronic music video collective featuring Vent, Wetrobots ♥ Bosaina, Zuli, Wonderful Morning, $$$tag$$$, Ismael, Quit Together]

aXdX Archive MySpace [electro-rock]
(((Myrrh))) Bandcamp Archive [ambient, drone, experimental, noise]
Roman Catholic Skulls Bandcamp Twitter [ambient, drone]
Mindblasting Netlabel Wordpress Facebook [noise, experimental, punk, grindcore, pop, industrial, black metal, disco, etc., netlabel][2009]

Afghah, Navid Soundcloud [traditional, experimental, lives in the UK]
Ehsaei, Pouya Soundcloud Twitter Youtube Vimeo Facebook [electro-acoustic]
MiRaft (Pouya Ehsaei & Sam Fathi) Soundcloud [electro-acoustic]
Zang (زنگ) Soundcloud Facebook Youtube [experimental]

Dally, Rhéa (Rhea Dally) Facebook Soundcloud [chip tune, breakcore]
Jerusalem In My Heart Site Facebook Discogs [electronic, folk, ambient, psychedelic, lives in Canada]
XEFM MySpace Facebook [dark ambient, improv, post rock]

Sothzine Atspace [webzine about dark ambient, industrual, experimental, darkwaven trip hop, etc., no activities since 2006]

Asfandyar Khan Bandcamp [ambient, postrock]

Marad (ْمَرَض) Soundcloud [electronica, dubstep]

Cheyrol, Thierry Soundcloud Tumblr [experimental, lives in France]

Squarewhite (Dennis Tan) Site Soundcloud [experimental, lives in Germany]
Tan, Dennis Site Soundcloud [experimental, see Squarewhite, lives in Germany]

Hai-Ting Liao [electro-acoustic, experimental]

Baris k (Barış Karademir) Soundcloud Discogs Facebook [disco]

Hanoise Site [blog about the experimental scene in Hanoi and also about Jackson Garland's projects, based in Hanoi]
Hanoi Grapevine Site [blog about music, theatre, dancen art in general in Hanoi]

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