I am is still on tour in Asia until June, check this event calendar for regular updates. I'm pretty busy these days, weeks, months and unfortunately cannot listen to all what I receive and discover, sometimes, very few audio links might be added due to a lack of time, sorry for that.

EESE, new music festival to debut in Bangkok in March 2014, aiming to promote experimental and electronic music artists from Southeast Asian countries (and beyond).
The line-up of the first version includes : FM3 (China), Dee.f (Vietnam), Rastko (Serbia/Myanmar), ZK III (UK), Stylist Nonsense (Thailand), Nolens.Velens (Thailand), Deathtrip (Thailand), Unicorn Domination (USA), The Sticky Rice (Thailand), Awkward Binocular (Thailand), Cut The Crab (Thailand), Space360 (Thailand), Kijjaz (Thailand), Tom Aj Madson, DCNXTR (Thailand), Ekta (Kohichi Shimizu & Voranat Voraphitak (Japan/Thailand), Clokue (Thailand), GAMNAD737 (Thailand), Arnont Nongyao (Thailand).

Occupied Sound. An eye on experimental music scene in the Arab world, article by Asma Ghanem.

Omarkestra is a new guitar oriented project by Lebanese, Turkish and Egyptian improvisers and experimentalists Sharif Sehnaoui, Maurice Louca, Charbel Haber, Osman Arabi, Umut Çağlar, Sam Shalabi, Fadi Tabbal, Tony Ellieh. Their first LP will be released by the Italian label Sagittarius A Star that already published some of the best known artists of the alternative electronic, free jazz and improv scene such as Konstrukt, Conrad Schnitzler, Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble, Sun Ra Arkestra, etc.

There was a little mistake in the database regarding Burmélange, this is indeed a project from Myanmar but the video was from another group of artists : Ko Jeu, Kif Nguyen, Rastko. Ko Jeu takes indeed part of Burmélange. I might be able to hear what Burmélange did by the end of the week.

Speaking about Myanmar, I performed a bit here and the last sessions have been live recorded, the whole event consisted in :

1. Rastko (gongs, voice), Ko Jeu (violin), Kif Nguyen (saxophone)
2. Ko Jeu (violin)
3. Rastko (electronics)
4. So Takahashi (electronics)
5. DJ Kavas (electronics)
6. C-drík (electronics)
7. Rastko (electronics, voice, gongs), Ko Jeu (violin), Kif Nguyen (sax), So Takahashi (electronics, gongs), C-drík (electronics, gongs).

The recordings will soon be online, meanwhil if you understand Burmese or want to see a few images of the performances, we are on Kamayut Media (ပရိသတ္ရဲ႕ အတြင္းစိတ္လိႈင္းေတြကို ကိုင္လႈပ္တဲ့ Experimental Music ေဖ်ာ္ေျဖပြဲ က်င္းပ).

I also performed with a very interesting traditional musician and improviser named Ko Doo at the French Institute but the recording is unfortunately not that good due to the background noise.

Experimen.TET is a yearly festival happening in hanoi (apprently after the Tet - the Vietnamese new year), this year, it will feature DomDom students, Mathias Rossignol, Dee.F, Nguyễn Đỗ Minh Quân, Duy01, Cao Thanh Lan, Gregor Siedl, The Mukang Fields for the audio part and Zilo, The Onion Cellar for the visual one. 27 February, Hanoi Rock City : 27/52 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho at 20h.

Ici. maintenant. où? here. now. where? هنا،الآن،اين؟  Du 25 Février au 2 mars 2014. From the 25th of February to the 2nd March 2014. من 25 فبراير إلى 2 مارس 2014.  Projet participatif de déambulation sonore dans les taxis de Marrakech, initié par Younes Baba-ali et Anna Raimondo, pour la plateforme d’art sonore et radiophonique Saout Radio, dans le cadre de la 5ème Marrakech Biennale.  A participatory project of sonic ambulation in Marrakesh’s taxis initiated by Younes Baba-Ali & Anna Raimondo for Saout Radio, platform for sound and radio art, during the 5th Biennale of Marrakech.  مشروع تشاركي لجولة صوتية عبر سيارات الاجرة بمراكش. تحت إشراف يونس بابا علي و انا ريمندو.لصالح مشروع الفن الصوتي و الاذاعي »صوت راديو 
Some of the artists who collaborated to the project are : Abraham Winterstein, Al Fadhil, Alessandro Bosetti, Alexandria Streets Project, Alice Czarnowska, Amélie Agut, Chris van Eeden, Christophe Rault, Em'kal Eyongakpa, Emeka Ogboh, Emmanuelle Gibello, Flavien Gillié, Lukas Ligeti, Meira Asher & Miriam Schickler, Mohammed Laouli, Ameur Yassine, Peter Cusack, Randa Maroufi, Saïd Raïs, Sally Musleh Jaber, Sama Waly, Yannick Dauby, Zainab Andalibe.

Momentum (舞.聲.道), a multimedia art project will be opening on 22 and 23 March at Peak Mountain and 18th April at 1a Space 2014 in Hong Kong, more details here.
Preview (for China), preview (for the rest of the world).

New Dehli based label/promoter Sound Reasons is going to published it's third cd, the compilation various artists such as n0ngrata + edGeCut, Petri Kuljuntausta, Buddhaditya Chattopadhyay, Hans Koch + Ish S, Andy Guhl + Jasch + Eish Less, etc.
You can listen to some extracts here.
There will be a release party on the 28th of February at
Khoj International Artists' Association in New Dehli. Event on Facebook.

Within, a dance recital by Aditi Mangaldas' Dance Company in Bombay, London and Germany, music composed by Ish Shehrawat and diFfuSed beats for the contemporary section Knotted.
You can preview the video on Youtube and preview some of the compositions here.
The performance will take place on 23 March at Jamshed Bhabha Theatre, NCPA, Bombay, India at 7pm, 22 & 23 May, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Belvedere Rd London UK at 7.30pm.

Inhabited Geometry tours Europe. Music composed by Ish S + diFfuSed beats.
Another dance recital called Inhabited Geometry for which Ish Shehrawat(Ish S) and diFfuSed beats have composed music for is touring various dance festivals and will be presented at the following venues in Europe in 2014. The piece is choreographed by Mandeep Raikhy. You can find more information about the recital at  and the video on Vimeo.
April 25, Zurich, Theater Gessnerallee, 20h00.
April 27, Moutier, Salle de Chantemerle, 19h00.
April 30, Vernier, Salle des Fêtes du Lignon, 20h00.
May 03, Bern, Dampfzentrale, 20h00.
May 04, Olten, Kulturzentrum Schützenmatt, 20h15.
May 06, Steckborn, Theater Phoenix, 20h15.
Dance preview/ trailer here.

That's it for the news !


Concerts and events.

01 March 2014, NOISE to SIGNAL 0.20 with Philippe Petit (France), Ahkok Wong (Hong Kong), Error: Wrong (Hong Kong) at HKICC, Hong Kong. Facebook

04 March 2014, C-drík (Germany/Belgium), Trodza (Germany), Make like a tree (Ukraine), APMF (France), Stylish Nonsense (Thailand) at Zoo - Bangkok, Thailand.

06 March, Lacking Sound Festival Special Listen 80.5 (失聲祭之特別演出場 Listen 80.5) with Philippe Petit, Yannick Barman at NoiseKitchen, Taipei, Taiwan. Facebook.

14 March, C-drík at Meta House - Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

14 or 15 March 2014, C-drík and Cie L'Art Hache Scène, performance in an orphanage, more details soon - Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

21 March, Laibach (Slovenia) seminar at the City University of Hong Kong.

21 March 2014, C-drík and Luong Hue Trinh at ATK, Hanoi - Vietnam.

21 - 22 March 2014, EESE with FM3 (China), Dee.f (Vietnam), Rastko (Serbia/Myanmar), ZK III (UK), Stylist Nonsense (Thailand), Nolens.Velens (Thailand), Deathtrip (Thailand), Unicorn Domination (USA), The Sticky Rice (Thailand), Awkward Binocular (Thailand), Cut The Crab (Thailand), Space360 (Thailand), Kijjaz (Thailand), Tom Aj Madson, DCNXTR (Thailand), Ekta (Kohichi Shimizu & Voranat Voraphitak (Japan/Thailand), Clokue (Thailand), GAMNAD737 (Thailand), Arnont Nongyao (Thailand) at Stereo Bar, Bangkok, Thailand. Facebook.

22 March, Laibach concert at The Vine Centre - Hong Kong.

22 - 23 March 2014, 舞.聲.道 Momentum, 環境舞蹈演出 A site-specific dance performance, Conceiver, Composer & Sound Installation Artist:李勁松 Dickson Dee, 編舞 Choreographers:梅卓燕 Mui Cheuk-yin、邢亮 Xing Liang at Mount Austin Playground, the Peak, Hong Kong. More info here.

23 March, NoiseIstanbul #12 with Rovar 17 (Hungary) and Batur Sönmez (Turkey). Facebook.

27 March, C-drík, Goh Lee Kwang and more tba - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

01 April 2014, C-drík and more tba at Artistry, Singapore.

04 April 2014, C-drík (lecture and performance) at IARC, Singapore.

05 April 2014, C-drík and more tba at Gem Bar, Singapore.

18 April - 10 May, 舞.聲.道 Momentum, 環境舞蹈演出 A site-specific dance performance, Conceiver, Composer & Sound Installation Artist:李勁松 Dickson Dee, 編舞 Choreographers:梅卓燕 Mui Cheuk-yin、邢亮 Xing Liang at 1a Space Gallery, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Kowloon, Hong Kong. More info here.

19 April, Orgazm (Mohamed Kamal - Guitar & Electronics, Mahmoud Tarek - Electronics) at 100Copies Music Space, Cairo, Egypt. Facebook.

  • Live video extract of C-drík live in Chiangmai, Thailand at Motiva 14.0 by Nath Palathanarotch.
  • Some videos of the Sound Reasons Festival that took place in November 2013 in New dehli, India.


Last releases.

Don't forget our last releases : Litter (Bandcamp) and Munma (Bandcamp), you can also order on Syrphe, more releases to come in March (free live download of our Yangon live sets) and September (one or two cd's, details this summer).

Added to the database.

(I still have a nice list of artist to check and add in the next fee weeks or months but I have little time now)

  • Aywee THA Seed Bandcamp [electronic, lives in France]

  • Darko C. [experimental]
  • DJ Kavas Vimeo [techno, electronic, experimental]
  • Ko Jeu [improv, electronic, experimental, modern classical]
  • Ko Jeu, Kif Nguyen, Rastko Vimeo [electro-acoustic, improv, Myanmar/France/Serbia]
  • Ko Jeu, Kif Nguyen, DJ Kavas, Rastko, So Takahashi, C-drík [electro-acoustic, improv, Myanmar/France/Japan/Serbia/Belgium]
  • Tser Htoo [experimental]
  • Tser Htoo & Darko C. [experimental]

  • NoiseKitchen Site [experimental music and installations venue]

  • Chamber Of Tapeworms Facebook Youtube [noise]
  • Seanschndr Soundcloud [ambient, drone, electro-pop]
  • EESE (Experimental Electronic South East) Facebook [experimental music festival]

  • Noprostudio (Đạt NoPro, Dat NoPro) Soundcloud Facebook [electronic, metal, folk, pop...]
  • Parallel Asteroid Soundcloud Wordpress [experimental, modern classical,, improv, Vietnam/Germany]
  • Experimen.TET [experimental, classical, avant-garde, etc. festival]


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