Critical Music 2: Interview with Colin Siyuan Chinnery (part 1)
First part of an interview with Colin Siyuan Chinnery, the Beijing-based artist, curator, musician, and writer. In the early ’90s Colin and his band Xue Wei were part of the evolving music scene in Beijing, as artists pushed up against the boundaries of the then dominant rock ‘n’ roll. His interest in experimental music later led to his initiating the influential Sound and the City project with the British Council, which saw four experimental musicians travelling from the UK to Beijing to create sound projects there. The second part of this interview (to follow) will cover his more recent activities: his involvement with the Shijia Hutong Museum and the development of the Sound Museum, an entity investigating and exploiting the wider potential of sound. Read more on 不知道 i don't know.
Photo : Siyuan Chinnery

A Guide to Iran’s Electronic Underground
The existence of any kind of underground or electronic music scene in Iran is a relatively recent development, arguably part of a quiet and generally slow shift in the country’s post-revolution identity. Those changes came to a head with the election of reformist and relative centrist Hassan Rouhani as President in 2013, which opened up a doorway for Iranian relations with foreign countries, all but shut off after decades of international sanctions. Read more on Bandcamp Daily.
Photo : 9T Antiope

Beijing Label Genjing Bridges China’s Underground With The World
Genjing Records was born on the road. Nevin Domer, who has lived in Beijing since 2005, was on tour with his hardcore band Fanzui Xiangfa (Chinese for “criminal thoughts”) in southeast Asia when he realized he needed to press vinyl records to sell abroad. Domer hit it off with Malaysian band Daighila, and decided to press a split 7” with them in order to have some merch to sling on Fanzui Xiangfa’s upcoming European tour. Read more on Bandcamp Daily.

(Only in French)

Enregistrée aux quatre coins du monde, la bass music de Filastine est toujours aussi engagée
Le Barcelonais d'adoption Grey Filastine sortira le 28 avril prochain un album collaboratif avec la chanteuse Indonésienne Nova Ruth, Drapetomania. Comme à son habitude, le producteur nomade propose une bass music marquée par l’identité sonore des pays qu’il a visités ; une marque de fabrique, résolument politique. Rencontre avec un artiste chaleureux et volontaire. Lire plus sur Traxmag.
Photo : Julieta Feroz
Limited Access Festival Festival for Moving Images, Sounds & Performance
This Friday is the last day of Limited Access Festival in Tehran, Iran, the closing ceremony and performances will happen at Rooberoo Mansion.
It will also be your last chance to be able to hear the sound installation From Here to There, curated by Leonie Roessler that includes the following artists : Siamak Anvari, Tomer Baruch, Sjoerd Brill, C-drík & Aluviana, Barbara Ellision, Francisco López, Marco Molteni, Leonie Roessler, So Oishi.
Some audio
Full Moon Bright Night is a new digital release by Malaysian artist Goh Lee Kwang. The three electroacoustic tracks have been composed with acoustic guitar with real time processing. Bandcamp.
Prose Edda is a new ambient electronica album published by Egyptian artist FRKTL (Sarah Badr), available on Bandcamp.
A few concerts this week and beyond
  • 14 April 2017, Yogiga, Seoul, South Korea. Eugene The Oceangrapher, OOOOOOOONLY, Tengger. Facebook
  • 14 April 2017, Ruang Gulma, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Lisa Simpson & Stephanie Müller (and more).
  • FEN on tour in Europe (Otomo Yoshihide, Ryu Hankil, Yan Jun, Yuen Chee Wai) :
    22 April - Cinema Torresino, Padovam, Italy
    23 April - Area Sismica, Forli, Italy
    24 April - Café OTO, London, England
    25 April - Cate Oto, London, England
    26 April - Ho's Supermarkt, Cologne, Germany
    27 April - Instants Chavirés, Paris, France
    28 April - Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, Switzerland
    29 April - DAAD Galerie, Berlin, Germany
    30 April - La Cave 12, Geneva, Switzerland
Last additions to the database
I realised that there are already more than 2000 references and I have to add so many more !

China Egypt Indonesia
  • Ruang Gulma Facebook Instagram [art community, alternative music, punk, noise, etc.]
Sri Lanka
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