It´s going to be short this time due to a usual lack of time and as you can see, I´m posting this late...
To make it easier (or not maybe...) I started a magazine on Wordpress, hence I will post slightly less here and possibly without images anymore as it always takes a lot of time to insert plenty of images and hyperlinks.
Syrphe magazine is here. As much as possible I will update it every one or two days with articles, calls for papers, calls for residences, links, reviews, interviews, new releases, videos, concerts and festival announcement, etc. Check it if you´re looking for possibilities to perform in Tehran and do an art residency in Alexandria, it´s all there.

As you will see at the bottom of the page, about 70 artists have been added in December and there are more to come in January and February. I will also post more music and releases from various labels and artists in the next newsletter.

Thanks for reading it !

Concerts and events.

Some events happening this week in Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taipei, Tehran and Berlin. More to come for the next weeks very soon.
If you´re looking at my personal events, it´s here.
And this week on Wednesday, there will be the Syrphe monthly event with Jealousy Party (Italy-Germany), Eric Wong (Hong Kong-USA), Kunst Als Strafe (Germany) and C-drík aka Kirdec for dj. All info there.

Videos & audio.

Here is a mix I did for Obscurum Noctis. 2h32 minutes of dark ambient, drone, eerie from Uzbekistan, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Palestine, Mongolia, Vietnam, Algeria, South Africa, Indonesia and more (playlist on the site).

Added to the database.

Gao Jiafeng (Gāo Jiā Fēng, 高嘉丰) Site Soundcloud Facebook [electro-acoustic, sound art, improv, electronica]
Mao Livehouse Site Douban [sound art, improv, noise, rock, etc. - will soon close]

0N4B Soundcloud [electronica]
Abouzeid, Youssef Soundcloud Twitter Facebook [electronic, rock]
El-Abd, Omar Site Soundcloud Facebook [ambient, electronic, electroacoustic, post-rock]
El Manzouma (المنظومة) Soundcloud Twitter [electro-rock, hip hop]
Fawzy, Nour Soundcloud Bandcamp Facebook [trip hop, electronic, dubstep, etc., lives in the Netherlands]
Omar El-Abd / Rami Abadir Soundcloud Soundcloud (El-Abd) Soundcloud (Abadir) [electronic, electroacoustic]
PanSTARRS (بان ستارز) Bandcamp Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Youtube [electro-rock, indie rock]
Seleit, Ismail Soundcloud Youtube Facebook [electronic, new wave, rock, ambient, etc.]
Shlomo Casio Soundcloud Twitter [electro-rock]
Sultan, Karim Soundcloud Twitter Cargo Collective Instagram [sound art, electroniclives in the UAE, lives in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Canada]

Hong Kong
Yiu, Alex Site Twitter [classical, electroacoustic, lives in the UK ?]

Nath, Ram Soundcloud Twitter [sound art, electroacoustic, lives in the UAE]

Adiado (Adi Priyono) Soundcloud Facebook [chiptune]
Digi Digi Crazy Soundcloud ReverbNation Facebook Twitter [speedcore, hardcore, ambient] (new - December 2015)
Doa Dan Dosa ((((DDD)))) Soundcloud Facebook [noise]
Harinugroho, Adhito Soundcloud Wordpress Twitter [chip tune, ambient, electronic]
Hubologist [noise][1995]
•Rabu• Soundcloud Facebook Twitter [ambient, folk]
ReGame Soundcloud [chiptune, mainstream pop]
Sampar Archive [post-folk]
Sound Of Silence (Asyraful Umam) Bandcamp ReverbNation [electronic, post rock]
Sudut Senja Soundcloud Facebook [chiptune]
wednesmandra Soundcloud [ambient, pop, folk]
Yesterdaybit! Soundcloud [chiptune, dubstep, drum n bass]
Loudness Records Bandcamp Facebook Twitter Instagram [noise, drone, rock, netlabel]

9T Antiope Bandcamp Soundcloud Facebook [electronica]
Amini Siavash Bandcamp Soundcloud Facebook Spotify [drone, ambient]
Anvari, Siamak Site [electroacoustic, lives in the Netherlands]
Darvishi, Aftab Site [modern classical, film score, electroacoustic, lives in the Netherlands]
Serenade Music Site Facebook Instagram [electronic music, in Farsi only - magazine]

Keidar, Oded Soundcloud Facebook Instagram [electroacoustic, sound art, noise, industrial, see Divinsky]
Shalev, Oori Site Soundcloud MySpace Discogs [sound art, electroacoustic, improv, jazz, lives in Germany]
Ziblat Shay, Ilya Site Discogs [electroacoustic, modern classical, lives in the Netherlands]
Los Jubilee Site Bandcamp Soundcloud Discogs [electroacoustic, electronic, dub, techno, house, etc. - label]

Offshore Site Facebook Twitter [webzine about Asian music and culture]

Faslane Soundcloud Facebook [drone]

Abdul Wahid, Hasnizam Soundcloud FACA [electro-acoustic]
Sudarshan Chandra Kumar and Yong Yandsen Soundcloud [improv, electroacoustic]

Arkmak Bandcamp [electronic]
Lorenzo, Levy Site [electro-acoustic, electronic, audi-visual, installations]
Nowhere840 Soundcloud Youtube Instagram [electronic]

Schizophrenic Wonderland Bandcamp [ambient, drone, noise]

South Korea
Ji Youn Kang (Kang, 강) Site Soundcloud Bandcamp Vimeo MySpace Twitter Facebook [electroacoustic, noise, modern classical, lives in the Netherlands, see Kang]
Kang (강) Site Soundcloud Bandcamp Vimeo MySpace Twitter Facebook [electroacoustic, noise, modern classical, lives in the Netherlands, see Ji Youn Kang]

Chang Ching-Pei (張經佩, Zhāng Jīng Pèi) Discogs [sound art]
Chen Heng (陳珩) Soundcloud [modern classical, electroacoustic, lives in France]
Chen Huei-Chuan (陳惠娟, Chén Huì Juān) Discogs [sound art]
Chi Po-Hao Soundcloud [electronica, ambient, electro-acoustic, electro-pop, lives in the UK]
Chiu Li-Fen (邱麗芬, Qiū Lì Fēn) Discogs [sound art]
Huang Fang-Ting (黃方亭, Huáng Fāng Tíng) Discogs [sound art]
Kuo, Jose (郭行毅, Guō Xín Gyì) Discogs [sound art]
Kuo Wen Yang (郭文陽, Guō Wén Yáng) Discogs [sound art]
Lai Yu-Jin (賴俞今, Lài Yú Jīn) Discogs [sound art]
Lin Fang Yu (林芳妤, Lín Fāng Yú) Discogs [sound art]
Lu & Du Soundcloud Facebook Discogs [electro-acoustic, drone]
Lujiachi (家齊 盧, Jiā Qí Lú) Soundcloud Twitter [ambient, drone]
落差草原WWWW Bandcamp Facebook Twitter Tumblr [post-folk, ambient, sound art]
Pan, Yoyo (潘佑, Pān Yòu) Discogs [sound art]
Tao, Marcus (丁丁, Dīng Dīng) Discogs [sound art]
Little-Object Site1 Discogs [sound art - label, among other stuff]

No Answer Facebook [electronic, sound art...]

Hatun, Nene Soundcloud Bandcamp Youtube Facebook Discogs [electronic, ambient, electronica, lives in Germany]

United Arab Emirates
Tse Tse Fly Middle East Site Facebook [sound art, electronic]

Nguyễn Thanh Thủy Weebly NhacSo Discogs [modern classical, improv, lives in Sweden]
Nguyễn Thanh Thủy, Jakob Riis Weebly Discogs [electronic, improv, electroacoustic, live in Sweden]
Phương Nam Phim Discogs [jazz, electronic - label]


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