May/June 2013


Both electronica Lebanese artists Munma and Litter have just released their new albums on Syrphe.
You can listen and order them on our index page (which I am slightly redesigning by now) or eventually on Bandcamp (pay attention, prices differ).

C-drík is currently composing a track for a board game called Rockwell, you can visit the Kickstarter page to see what it is about (and pre-order it if you like) and see a short clip with C-drík's composition on Youtube. You can also listen to a short version of the track on Soundcloud. The complete version of the track will be about twenty minutes long.

Syrphe is now on Google Plus and has a fan page on Facebook.

The /ˈnɔɪzɪz/ festival is taking place from Friday 14th to Sunday 16th June at the grounds of the b-05 Montabaur choosing as its theme the intercultural relevance of hearing as a multi-medial phenomenon. The festival is an initiative organised by Cultural Science students at the University of Koblenz.
The starting point is that globalisation in mass media is frequently only perceived as an economic rather than a cultural phenomenon which may be interpreted differently depending on the location. Above all hearing - hence the phonetic title - will be emphasised with DJ-sets, live-music, films and performances.
In addition the use of a silent disco, sound-installations, presentations and workshops demonstrate that 'noise' is interpreted differently - either subjectively or culturally - within the realms of sound in general or music in particular.
festival will have some of our latest releases for sale.
More info here or on Facebook.

Dirar Kalash (Palestine) will be on tour in Europe this summer : UK, France, Germany and is looking for more gigs, feel free to contact him.

Lai Chi-Hsia (Taiwan) is also in Berlin at the present time and is looking for possibilities to perform.

Tri Minh (Vietnam) will be in Europe soon, 19-23 Cologne, 24-28 Berlin, 2-5 Berlin, 6-8 Brussel, 9-15 Amsterdam and is looking for some possibilities to perform.

SONIC MMABOLELA 1st Annual Workshop/Residency for sound artists & composers at Mmabolela Reserve, Limpopo, South Africa November - December 2013 / 2 weeks  Conceived and directed by Francisco López. Coordination and logistics by James Webb.

Le Fest in Tunis is cancelled for this summer due to European budget restrictions, the next edition will take place in November.

A maxi including remixes of Cameroon 1970's electronic artistFrancis Bebey's music can be previewed here.

FM3 will be doing a live soundtrack for the Asia premier of this 1926 Hitchcock film as part of the Shanghai Film Festival. Info page in Chinese.

Concerts and events.

14 June 2013, Munma, Dubsnakkr, DAO, Beirut, Lebanon. Facebook.
15 June 2013, C-drík, 48 Stunden Neukölln/15. Kunstfestival, Die Frühperle, Berlin, Germany.
20 June 2013, C-drík and more, ZMF, Berlin, Germany. Facebook
22 June 2013, Catacomb, Sumo Elevator (Electronic edition), 3CUSPID, TaaPet, 11HolyDriils, Tel Aviv, Israel. Facebook.
29 June 2013, Kill The Silence Festival with dj sniff, e:ch, Sin:Ned, Fiona Lee, Achun, KWC, Sinek and many more artists from Hong Kong and Macau, Macau, China. Facebook.
08 July 2013, C-drík (dj set) + live performances by artists tba at Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany.
12 July 2013, C-drík, Aix-En-Provence, France. (Details later)
20 July 2013, Kirdec aka C-drík, ParaNoiZ, Jealousy Party at NK, Berlin, Germany. Facebook
26 July 2013, She Past Away, Paris, France. Facebook.
01-04 August 2013, Schlagstrom Festival. (Details later, I'll be giving a small lecture/presentation and there will be tons of wonderful experimental and industrial artists), Berlin, Germany. Facebook
18 August 2013, C-drík, Any, Marta Zapparoli at AV Format, Berlin, Germany. Facebook
19 August 2013, C-drík, Dirar Kalash at Madame Claude, Berlin, Germany.


Erfan Abdi (Iran) & Wen Chin Fu (Taiwan).

Dirar Kalash, live in Ramallah, Palestine.

Mindfuckingboy (Singapore), live in Indonesia.

Warong Wachpreecha, live in Thailand.

Forthcoming releases (1st August 2013).

Alien Vegan Sect, another of C-drík's side projects : future folk, dark ambient, minimal loops, field recordings... More soon.

Added to the database.

Sail Mohamed [noise, experimental]

Xu Cheng (徐程, Xú Chéng)  [experimental, noise, improv]
Yin Yi (殷漪, Yīn yī) [sound art, ambient, improv, experimental, audiovisual]

Tarik, Mahmoud [experimental, ambient]

Hong Kong
Vrank [gothinc industrial]

Prastyo, Redy Eko [modern classical, future folk, traditional, new age]
Sangsaka Worship [lo-fi, experimental, mashuo, noise]
Experia [experimental, modern classical, future folk]

mHz [electronica, lives in New Zealand]


Munma & Amine Gharbi [ambient, spoken word]
Munma & Hamdi Mejdoub [ambient, spoken word]

6LA8 Bandcamp [post rock, ambient]
Alien Panda Jury [electronica]
Beet Kake, Toll crane & Granneh [ambient]
bNk [electronica]
Dalt Wisney [electronica, mashup]
Granneh [electronica, ambient, lives in the UK ?]
Hyatt, Danial MySpace [electronica]
Khan, Asfandyar [post rock, ambient]
Mightyhook [electronica]
Mole [post rock, ambient]
Qureshi, Talal [electronica, dance, dubstep]
Riedinger, Faizan [electronica]
Smax Bandcamp Vimeo [electronica, ambient]
Toll Crane [techno, electronica]
Mooshy Moo [electronica, mashup, ambient]

Boikutt [hip hop, experimental, ambient]

23 Sombras de Amnesia [experimental]

Pan Gu [experimental, noise, ambient]

Dharma (Dharma Shan) [jazz, experimental, electronic, post rock, noise]
Low, Leslie [jazz, experimental, electronic, post rock]
The Observatory [post rock, ambient, experimental]
4iB records [industrial, noise, experimental, power electronics]
The Well Recordings [jazz, experimental, electronic]

Tamluenk คณะตำลึงค์ [experimental, improv]

Konstrukt [improv, free jazz]

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