New interview / report of C-drík / Syrphe by Audition Records, plus free digital compilation to download.

Hanoi’s Budding Art Scene is a small article about the art scene in Hanoi.

"RPM: Sound Art China" is the first survey exhibition of Chinese sound art in the world. It is a large-scale historic event showcasing the present condition and history of sound art in China. With a fast paced development over ten years, sound art in China has been producing amazing results that deserve worldwide attention. This exhibition is the best opportunity to get to know this field and it focuses on reflexivity, contemporaneity, liveness, sensuality, and social participation.
20 October - 19 December.

A sonic map of Alexandria is now published on the platform radio aporee ::: miniatures for mobiles, which allows you to further explore our audio map on location, in the streets of Alexandria. You will only have to install radio aporee's player on your mobile phone. For further instructions, please go to Radio Aporee's page.

Noid & Matija Schellander Japan/Korea/Hong Kong tour here.

Contemporary sounds of Southeast Asia by Ujikaji for SEA ArtsFest, featuring alternative and experimental music from the region. One hour-long mix will be released on this page every other Monday, and remain available for listening for the duration of festival.

More news about my current activities in another newsletter following this one.

Concerts and events.

10 October 2013, Ryu Hankil (ckockworks, typewriter) Matija Schellander (double bass, electronics) Noid (cello, jing-hu), at Space Tetra, Fukuoka, Japan.

10 October 2013, İstanbul Industrial Fest 2013 with Con-Dom (UK), Brut (UK), DBPIT & XXENA (IT), Wounded Wolf Press: Aokigahara (TR), Analog Suicide (TR), Robotik Hayaller (TR) at Ghetto İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey. Facebook

10 October 2013, 3lectronica Übersonik, with Sasha Perera (A third of the bass-heavy electronica act JAHCOOZI, Germany, Gaurav Malakar (One-half of the electro-visual act BLOT, India), Rahul Giri (India), Omer Nashaad (The electro solo act, Dhaka), Dhaka Electronica Scene Acts, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Facebook

11 October 2013, One Man Nation will take part to a queer night in Zagreb. Facebook

11 October 2013, Cacophonous #4 with Fukte, Blu, Cha Kung Laos, Kijjaz, Genepool Submersion at Harmonica, Bangkok, Thailand. Facebook

11 October 2013, Radu Malfatti - trombone, Klaus Filip - sine waves, Nikos Veliotis - cello, Hankil Ryu - typewriter, clockworks, Noid - cello, jing-hu, Matija Schellander - double bass, electronics, Ali Moromoto - electronics at Guggenheim house, Kobe, Japan.

18 October 2013, Object Obscure at 100Copies Music Space, Cairo, Egypt. Facebook

19 October 2013, Kandala Recordsspecial issue, with Kazuki Tomokawa, Taipei, Taiwan. Facebook

20 October - 19 December 2013, RPM: Sound Art China, Shanghai, China.

00 November 2013, C-drík (lecture) at Ljudmila, Ljubljana, Slovenia. More info soon.

00 November 2013, C-drík, Maribor, Slovenia. More info soon (lecture, workshop, concert).

25 November 2013, C-drík, at AKC Gračanica / Graçanicë, Kosovo. Date to be confirmed, more info soon.

30 November 2013, -Doravideo, Hijokaidan, Toshiji Mikawa (Incapacitants), Jojo Hiroshige, Junko, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Atsuhiro Ito, Yumiko Tanaka, Miho Wakabayashi, Ko Ishikawa, Makato Oshiro, Painjerk, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Katsura Mouri, Kaysuyoshi Kou at Galaxy, Tokyo, Japan.

06 December 2013, C-drík (and more) at Supamolly, Berlin, Germany. More info soon.

January 2014 - June 2014, C-drík's Asian tour, see here.


New album by Hussein Sherbini (Wetrobots from Cairo - free download).
Sodadosa new noise soundscape.
The Rampage, Moebius EP preview.
Talal Qureshi new electronica track.
Hasan Hujairi uploaded a new track (free download) which combines middle eastern contemporary electronic and jazz.
20.SV has uploaded The Fifth Sonic Wave, you can buy or listen it online.
BEYOND THE HORIZON | JAPAN 2011, Digital compilation curated by Seiji Morimoto  Special thanks to Satoshi Yashiro, Tetsuya Umeda, Tomoko Sauvage, Keitetsu (Hironori) Murai & MINORU SATO –m/s, SASW.

Added to the database.

  • Kai Fagaschinski + Mai Mai Soundcloud [improv, experimental, Germany/China]
  • Kazorp (Li Huihui) Bandcamp [experimental, see lllllllllllHH, Hhiña, Arrebato]
  • Mai Mai Soundcloud [noise, experimental, improv]
  • Yao Xi Vimeo [electro-acoustic]

Hong Kong
  • Sound Reasons Site [electronic and experimental music festival]
  • The Indian Sonic Research Organisation (ISRO) Site [collective of artists, musicians, designers, hackers and scientists, workshops,concerts, residencies, label]

  • Rakas Soundcloud [electronica, dark ambient, industrial, doom]


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