Syrphe August 2013 updates, events, news, etc.


Experimental musician and documentary film maker Zev Asher passed away.
Zev had also made some films like Subcultural Revolution: Shanghai (featuring the noise artists Torturing Nurse) and
RAT ART: Croatian Independents.

Today (29th) C-drík will play again one hour of experimental and improvised music from Latin America, Asia and Africa on Staalplaat Radio (from 23h until 00h, followed by Geert-Jan until 01h). You can listen to it online, I'm not sure to record it this time again...

New double CD by Goh Lee Kwang. Launch as part of the 4th Switch ON Mini Fest!

We Play! Records has published two new albums this year (factory made CDr).

adeō, a new noise Honk Kong/Macau group comprising Alok (A Roller Control, 31G), Sin:Ned (No One Pulse, After Doom), e:ch (Forget the G) and oetzi.p (31G, A Poison Tree) just released a 3 limited edition albums aptly named the “adeō triology” all under different labels, which are : adeō – adeō (USB, Day’s Eye Records), adeō – 01 – 04 (3″ CDR, Lona Records), adeō – Prototype (5″ CDR, Re-Records).
adeō is A for Alok, D for Sin:Ned, E for e:ch and O for oetzi, the latin meaning of this adverb is "so much", "so greatly".

Perennially Peripheral : A One Man Nation interview I perhaps never mentioned.

Four interviews about the East Asian scene (all in Chinese) :
East Asia: label outside noise in East Asia/標籤之外,東亞的噪音
Hong Chulki (South Korea)
Rolf OxDx (Hong Kong)
Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia)
Nguyen Hong Giang (Vietnam)

Urban Arts Berlin just uploaded the last recordings of the live performances given at Waterloo, Berlin (part one : ANY, part two : C-drík).
I must tell that I took off one part of my live that I found boring.

(Sorry only in French)

La Spirale s'est ainsi rendue au Bénin, pays culturel d'importance et berceau originel du vaudou. Nous avons scruté les travaux photographiques de Phyllis Galembo, de Pieter Hugo et de Richard Mosse, interviewé Jonathan Dotse sur le futur du Ghana et C-Drik Fermont au sujet de ses voyages en terres méconnues. Leah Gordon et Aude Osnowycz nous ont ramené leurs visions des Caraïbes, l'autre terre africaine.

Mais ces efforts, déjà redoublés, n'ont pas suffi à étancher notre curiosité. Ce qui nous a décidés à nous focaliser plus encore sur le continent africain, tant nous pressentons qu'il jouera un rôle crucial dans les décennies à venir ; loin, bien loin des clichés misérabilistes que l'on se plaît encore trop souvent à véhiculer en Occident. Une mosaïque infinie de mégapoles folles et de zones vierges, dont la démesure ne connaît pas d'équivalent.

Embarquez à bord de notre esquif, nous mettons le cap en direction d'un futur exaltant.

Laurent Courau

You can now hear (and order if you wish) the complete Schlagstrom festival 2013 compilations, featuring artists like Imminent, Underhill, Thorofon, Hybryds, Toys 'r' Noise, Esplendor Geométrico, Gerechtigkeits Liga, Dive, Solar Skeletons etc.
There are available in digital format on Bandcamp and physical on Prodam.
Here's my track.

Saout Radio is the privileged partner for the Süden Radio 15 days programme and throughout their daily broadcast it will be possible to find a selection of sound works produced and selected by Saout Anna Raimondo and Younes Baba Ali.
From Saout produced Morroccan Mix and Carroussa Sonore to a special music selection coming from Syrphe Label, from the sounds of Atelier Echoes with Amélie Agut in Casablanca and Tanger to Saout’s very own workshops.


Eric Wong live at QuietCue, Berlin 2013.
Trailer of the documentary film about electro chaabi in Egypt.


Litter just published a remix of Pan's Monologue.
You can find the original version on her album Newfound Grids.
And another demo track by Litter.
Dina Hani uploaded a new track called CC Sound.
Porya Atama remixed Sima Kim, you can hear the result here.
New ambient track by Kareem Lofti.
New track by Afrikence.
Gigi Force feat Kaboos Nation -  اسلوب متاح (Osloob Motah). New single available on Soundcloud (dubstep/hip hop).
New remix for 3cuspid.
New track by Gást.
New track by Pradit Saenkrai.
New track by Sulumi.
New remix by Robotik Hayaller, "Mors" KufuRa Remix

Last releases.

For those interested, don't forget that Syrphe published two cd's of the Lebanese projects Litter and Munma, they are still available on physical (250 copies only) and digital (infinite number of copies at least until humanity vanishes) format through Syrphe or Bandcamp.

Forthcoming releases.

C-drík, new album to be released for the autumn tour. More info soon.

Added to the database.


Formalinoise (Yiyi Yu) Soundcloud Bandcamp Facebook [noise]
Hhiña Bandcamp [experimental]
La'Bridge Site Soundcloud Bandcamp Douban (豆瓣) Facebook Twitter Tumblr [ambient, electronica, lives in Hong Kong][2011]
Sin:ned + Naturalismo + 大小 Youtube [noise, Hong Kong/Italy/China][2012]
Harshmallow Records Bandcamp Discogs [noise, experimental, netlabel][2012]
Liangcha Shop (凉茶铺) [exhibitions, experimental and electronic music]
Vitamin [defunct on line electronic music magazine]


Cellar Door Soundcloud Facebook Twitter [techno, electronic]
Hector Osbert Soundcloud Youtube [drone, experimental, electro-pop, post rock, ambient]
Magdy, Raymond Soundcloud Soundcloud [electronica, techno]
Object Obscure Soundcloud Facebook [post rock, ambient]
Saleh, Ahmed Soundcloud MySpace [experimental, ambient]
Theskyis256k Soundcloud Facebook Youtube [chiptune, lives in Canada]

Hong Kong

A Roller Control MySpace Youtube [electro-pop, Hong Kong/Germany]
adeō (Alok, Sin:Ned, e:ch, oetzi) [experimental, Hong Kong/Macau]
Error: Wrong (Eric Wong) Bancamp Vimeo Facebook Twitter [improv, experimental, electronica]
Error: Wrong (Eric Wong) Bancamp Vimeo Facebook Twitter [improv, experimental, electronica]
Ho, Sherman MySpace [experimental, drone]
Sin:ned + Naturalismo + 大小 Youtube [noise, Hong Kong/Italy/China][2012]
Wong, Eric Bancamp Vimeo Facebook Twitter [improv, experimental, electronica]
Yellow Crystal Soundcloud Facebook [experimental,improv]
Noisoke Records Blogspot Facebook [noise, experimental, improv and more][2011]
CIA (Culture Industries Association) Site Facebook [experimental, free jazz, improv, noise, etc.]
Strategic Sounds (策略和聲) Facebook [experimental music, active until 2012]


Apocalypticore Vimeo [noise]


adeō (Alok, Sin:Ned, e:ch, oetzi) [experimental, Hong Kong/Macau]
Loi Wang Wordpress [electronic, audio-visual, see Scorpio][2007]
Scorpio (Scorpiø) Wordpress Bandcamp Douban (豆瓣) Soundcloud Facebook Youtube [electronica, experimental, audio-visual][2010]
LMA (Live Music Association, Associação de Música ao Vivo, 現場音樂協會) Site Facebook [various kinds of music]


Electrostarter Site Soundcloud Reverbnation [dubstep, metalstep]


Afrikence Soundcloud [techno, hip hop, breakcore, hardcore, dubstep, etc.]


Elintseeker (Fuzz lee) Soundcloud Bandcamp Facebook Twitter Tumblr Discogs [post rock, ambient]
Indistinct Formula Soundcloud [ambient, electronica]
Sima Kim & Elintseeker Bandcamp [ambient, post rock, South Korea/Singapore]

South Korea

Saito Koji & Sima Kim Bandcamp [ambient, Japan/South Korea]
Sima Kim Soundcloud Bandcamp Facebook Tumblr [ambient, electronica, lives in the UK][2011]
Sima Kim & Elintseeker Bandcamp [ambient, post rock, South Korea/Singapore]
Yang Minsuk [electro-acoustic]


Miss Machine Soundcloud [electronica, industrial, noise pop,lives in Germany]


Robotik Hayaller Soundcloud Youtube Facebook [electronic][2013]
Wounded Wolf Press (Wounded Wolf Press: Aokigahara) Site Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Tumblr Youtube [future folk, ambient, post rock]
Wounded Wolf Press (label) Site Facebook [future folk, ambient, post rock, visual art, poetry, etc.]
İstanbul Industrial Fest Facebook [experimental, noise, industrial, ambient]


Studio Ha Ho Discogs [experimental, jazz, electronic, techno...]

Concerts and events.

29 August 2013, C-drík, Staalplaat Radio (experimental music from Latin America, Africa and Asia), 23h-00h.

30 August 2013, Release Event and Artist’s Talk of CD "Signal in Noise", Hanoi, Vietnam.

06 September, 4th Switch ON Mini Festival_ +DB with Jerk Kerouac (MY), Atomic Cockbombs (GB), Yong Yand Sen & Goh Lee Kwang (MY), Zbigniew Karkowski & Atsuko Nojiri (PL/JP), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Facebook

07 September 2013, 14h30, Syrphe mix at Saout Radio.

13 September 2013, Experimental Electronic Trung Thu with Space 360 (TH), Luong Hue Trinh (VN), Nguyen Do Minh Quan (VN), Dee.f, Hanoi Improv. Sesh (VN), Duy, Hanoi, Vietnam. Facebook

14 September 2013, Kirdec, MachineCode, Enduser, Subland, Berlin Germany. Facebook

14 September 2013, Keep the silence festival with Alok (HK / Minimal Electronic), Eva Tana (MO / Acoustic), KWC (HK / Minimal Electronic), LAVY (MO / Acoustic), Squarewhite (SG / Minimal Electronic), ZenLu (CN / Minimal Electronic), Hong Kong, China. Facebook

15 September 2013, Electronic Music Workshop at Hanoi Rock City, Hanoi, Vietnam.

19 - 22 September, Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival, Beirut, Lebanon.

21 September 2013, Keep the silence festival with Alok (HK / Minimal Electronic), Eva Tana (MO / Acoustic), KWC (HK / Minimal Electronic), Caligine (IT / Acoustic), Crosshair (MO / Acoustic), e:ch & the forgettens (MO / Ambient), Sin:Ned (HK / Minimal Electronic), Wilson Tsang & Eric Wong (HK / Piano Poetry), Yan Jun (CN / Hypnotic Sound), Hong Kong, China. Facebook

22 September 2013, Mind Fiber (Li Jianhong and Wei Wei), QuietCue, Berlin, Germany.

10 October 2013, İstanbul Industrial Fest 2013 with Con-Dom (UK), Brut (UK), DBPIT & XXENA (IT), Wounded Wolf Press: Aokigahara (TR), Analog Suicide (TR), Robotik Hayaller (TR) at Ghetto İstanbul, Istanbul, Turkey. Facebook

13 October 2013, C-drík and more, Berlin, Germany. (tbc)

18 October 2013, Object Obscure at 100Copies Music Space, Cairo, Egypt. Facebook

22 October 2013, C-drík, Brussels, Belgium. (tbc)

00 November 2013, C-drík (lecture) at Ljudmila, Ljubljana, Slovenia. More info soon.

06-09 November 2013, C-drík (and many more) at Kiblix 2013 Festival, Maribor, Slovenia. More info soon (lecture, workshop, concert).

25 November 2013, C-drík, at AKC Gračanica / Graçanicë, Kosovo. Date to be confirmed, more info soon.

03 December 2013, C-drík, Budapest, Hungary. More info soon.

06 December 2013, C-drik & Scott Sinclair (and more) at Supamolly, Berlin, Germany. More info soon.


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