Here is a new review (in German only) of 30.2 on African Paper and two other German ones of Litter and Munma on Alternativmusik.

100Copies released a compilation CD called Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session #1 featuring the following artists : Asmaa Azzouz, Shorouk El Zomor, Hala Abu Shady, Jakqueline George, Nina El Gebarly, Ola Saad, and Yara Mekawei.
And another CD by classical and electro-acoustic composer Nahla Mattar has been released this month too by the same label.

Luaka Bop published a compilation CD and triple vinyl of Nigerian electronic and funk composer William Onyeabor, those tracks were initially published in the 1970's on the Nigerian label Wilfilms Records.

An interview with Algerian musician El-Mahdy Jr. as been published on Sowhatdikhrap.

Interview with Victor Gama on Afropop.

C-drík stays the whole month of November in Slovenia for an artist residency (at Kibla), some dj sets, workshops and concerts in Ljubljana, Maribor and Vitanje (at the Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies Institute.
He will also perform at the Kiblix festival on the 7th of November among other artists such as Oscar Martin, Robertina Šebjanič & Aleš Hieng Zergon and will then head on tour to Asia from mid December until June.
Info are regularly posted here.

Kaotik System will organise its last event after ten years of parties in Lebanon from the 1st until the 3rd of November, featuring local and Belgian artists such as Droon, Sickboy, Tavarish, Makh, Dao, Mosques, etc.

The ChoP festival 2013 will take place in Shenzhen and Nanshan, China in November.

Ujikaji Records is producing 3 podcasts specially for the SEA ArtsFest 2013, a London festival which champions and develops the work of the artists of South East Asia and those inspired by South East Asia. Ujikaji Radio hopes to introduce music of the region to an international audience, focusing on contemporary music of an experimental, off-kilter bent, but also occasionally taking a dip in the historical and traditional. Ep. 2/3 has just been posted and features C-drík collaborating with Laotian musician Khamsuane Vongthomkhan and much more !

The rise of alternative electronica, an article about Indian electronica on South Asian magazine dedicated to electronic music Border Movement.

Concerts and events.

01-03 November 2013, Kaotik System 10 years party with Droon, Sickboy, Makh, Mocques and many more, at Baissour Country Club, Beirut, Lebanon. Trailer

01 November 2013, Boikutt (release party) at U Café, Ramallah, Palestine. Facebook

02 November 2013, Lenhart Tapes (live), Cica Mica (dj), C-drík (dj), at Jalla Jalla, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Facebook

02 November 2013, Abdullah El Miniawy at 100Copies Music Space, Cairo, Egypt. Facebook

03 November 2013, Noid (Austria), Martija Schellander (Austria), Lionel Marchetti (France), Soviet Pop (China), Yan Jun (China) at Zajia Lab, Beijing, China. Facebook

05 November 2013, Keiko Uenishi (Japan) & Tuna Pase (Turkey) at Dunia, Kadıköy, Turkey. Facebook

05 November 2013, Charanjit Singh (India) at Melkweg's Oude Zaal, Amsterdam. Netherlands.

07 November 2013, Charanjit Singh (India) at De Centrale, Ghent, Belgium.

07 November 2013, C-drík, Oscar Martin, Robertina Šebjanič & Aleš Hieng Zergon + workshops, etc. at Kiblix 2013, Kibla, Maribor, Slovenia. Facebook

08 November 2013, Charanjit Singh (India) at Tri Postal, Lille France.

09 November 2013, Telepoetic (album release party) at 100Copies Music Space, Cairo, Egypt. Facebook

10 November 2013, Charanjit Singh (India), Centre For Fine Arts, Brussels, Belgium.

10 November 2013, Noise To Signal with Sascia Pellegrini + Sin:Ned (Experimental / Italy / Hong Kong) Burnie (Electronic / Macau) Formalin (Noise / Guangzhou) adeo (Noise / Experimental / Hong Kong) Yellow Crystal (Improvisation / Hong Kong), at Saffron the Peak, Hong Kong. Facebook

10-16 November, ChoP festival (various locations) with Michał Wolski + Zhang Jianfu, ErDao + Błażej Malinowski + Michał Wolski, Kim_Nasung + Gold Plated Face Grzegorz Bojanek + Zen Lu and more, Shenzhen & Nanshan, China.

27-30 November 2013, C-drík (dj set) at KSEVT (Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies Institute), Vitanje, Slovenia.

06 December 2013, C-drík (and more) at Supamolly, Berlin, Germany. More info soon.

13 December 2013 - +/- 10 January 2014, C-drík - Lebanon.

14 December, Gást at 100Copies Music Space, Cairo, Egypt. Facebook

+/- 10 January - 08 February 2014, C-drík - India + Bangladesh.

08 February - 18 February 2014, C-drík - Thailand.

18 February - 28 February 2014, C-drík - Myanmar.

28 February - 26 March 2014, C-drík - Thailand - Cambodia - Vietnam, maybe Laos.

26 March - 07 April 2014, C-drík - Malaysia - Singapore.

07 April - 25 April 2014, C-drík - Indonesia.

26 April 2014, C-drík at Saffron on the Peak, Hong Kong.

27 April 2014, C-drík at LMA, Macau.

End of April 2014 and later (still no specific order) - Taiwan - Philippines - China and if possible Japan - South Korea


23 Shadows Of Amnesia, live in Spain.

Stingrays x Yao Chung-Han live in Taiwan.

Hala Abu Shady & Hend El Kolaly at 100live Electronic Music Festival 2009.

El Mahdy Jr., Gravity, video taken from his first album, The Spirit of Fucked Up Places, out now on Boomarm Nation.

Dirar Kalash (soprano sax + laptop (puredata)) live in Hannover
Part one:
Part two:
Part three:

Hala Abu Shady & Hend El Kolaly live at 100live Music Festival 2009.

Cairo Kids Cobra Shop by Staalplaat Sound System in Cairo, Egypt. Building instruments with children and performing.

[dis]connect III, video and audio by Emeka Ogboh (Nigeria).

2/5BZ aka Serhat Koksal in Tracks ARTE-Programm 19.10.2013

Cynthia Zaven, Missing Links, installation at the Beirut Art Center.

معلش (Forgive),  video : Mohammad Timor, music: Rami Abadir.

Sodadosa live at Metal In Fashion, Indonesia.


Movement by F- (Fog Illusionista).

Radio Tashwish n°6, dedicated to old Arab avant-garde artists.

Yes! by Afrikence.

ECT by Meczup.

Baraka from the moon by Afrikence.

Last releases.

For those interested, don't forget that Syrphe published two cd's of the Lebanese projects Litter and Munma, they are still available on physical (250 copies only) and digital (infinite number of copies at least until humanity vanishes) format through Syrphe or Bandcamp.

Added to the database.

El-Mahdy Jr. Soundcloud Facebook Twitter [electronica, hip hop, lives in Turkey]

Liu Yiwei Vimeo Flxer [electronic music, audio-visual, see Far / ∞]
Far Infinity (Far / ∞) Vimeo [electronic music, digital art][2012]

Azzouz, Asmaa Discogs [electronic]
El Gebaly, Nina
El Zomor, Shorouk Discogs [electronic]
George, Jackeline [electronic]
Hala Abu Shady & Hend El Kolaly Site Youtube [experimental, audio-visual]
Hala Abu Shady & Nina El Gebaly [electronic]

Zaven, Cynthia Soundcloud Youtube [improv, modern classical, electronic]

Saout Radio Site Facebook [Morocco, Belgium]

Ogboh, Emeka (14th May) Site Vimeo [electro-acoustic, electronic, audio-visual]
Onyeabor, William Site Soundcloud Facebook Discogs [electronic, funk][197?]

Stingrays Soundcloud Facebook Youtube Discogs Twitter [industrial techno, techno, lives in Taiwan]

12 dog cycle Bandcamp [experimental, Taiwan/Australia, live in Australia]
Stingrays x Yao Chung-Han Youtube Soundcloud [noise, techno, Singapore/Taiwan]

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