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The MFOS Scoop

Welcome to this edition of the MFOS Scoop.

I told you Music From Outer Space wouldn't bother you very often with promotional emails. It's been quite a while and we've been really busy here at MFOS. We've added some cool tools to the site and come up with some new modules and noise boxes. You might want to visit the site if you haven't for a while and check out the Virtual Op Amp Lab or the Resistor Value Calculator and one I find myself using often when I'm trying to cobble a resistor value together, the Parallel Resistance Calculator. Since the last issue we've released: The MFOS 16 Step Sequencer Vari-Clock module, the totally cool Alien Screamer LOFI noise box and the amazing MFOS NOISE TOASTER LOFI noise box. The last two products are powered by a single 9V battery and include a 1W amplifier and small speaker for portable sound battles or spontaneous outbursts of performance art. We have some comfortable new MFOS t-shirts for sale and for promotional give aways. How often do you say "man I wish I had some cool brackets to mount this PC board on?"  We have cool brackets. Another thing we've added is the Art of Electronic Sound page where anyone can post their DIY music/noise/sound composition. People are submitting and it's rapidly turning cool. We'd love to hear your submission. Check it out.


The best way I can describe the MFOS "NOISE TOASTER" is this... "The MFOS NOISE TOASTER squeezes more fun out of a nine volt battery than you ever thought possible". This is an excellent project for anyone interested in synth-diy or "noise" boxes. You'll come back to it again and again due to it's portability, simplicity of operation and incredibly wide range of sound possibilities. Along the way you'll also learn a new circuit trick or two for use in your own hobby builds. Get ready to have a TON of creative, imaginative sound making fun. MFOS will be offering PCBs, kits and fully assembled units. Check out the MFOS NOISE TOASTER project.

Vari-Clock Module

Quantized duration adjustment gives the MFOS 16 Step Sequencer the ability to have settable duration per step in 16 quantized increments. Additionally there are two gate modes, one in which the gate time is half the duration of the step and another in which n gates are emmitted throughout the step. It is definitely an advanced and challenging project but I tried to document it thoroughly. I think you'll really like the functionality provided by this circuit. Check out the MFOS Vari-Clock Module.

New T-Shirts

What better way is there to tell people that you love synth-diy than by adding an iconic knob labeled SYNTH-DIY turned up to eleven to YOUR BODY! Large MFOS logo on the back and a small MFOS logo on the front breast pocket area. These sports gray GILDAN Softstyle 90% cotton and 10% polyester t-shirts are really comfortable. I stock them in M, L and XL. Check out the new T-Shirts.

Alien Screamer

The MFOS Alien Screamer circuit consists of three main components: a voltage controlled oscillator, a low frequency oscillator and a one watt amplifier that drives a small speaker. The unit is powered by one nine volt battery and due to the low current drain of the LM324 it gets a lot of miles out of a nine volt battery. The circuit draws about 10mA. MFOS will be selling PC boards and parts kits for the Alien Screamer. Read more...

Universal Brackets

These are 1mm thick aluminum brackets that have a 3/8" hole and a 5/32" hole on one side and a slot that accomodates 6-32 hardware on the other side. You use these in conjuction with a 6-32 bolt and nut or front panel component (up to 3/8" shaft) to hold you PC board to your module's front plate. Check em out...
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