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Welcome to the MFOS Scoop

True to our mission MFOS has been imagining, inventing, and trying like heck-fire to stay ingenious! At MFOS Colorado, the aspens paint a blazing yellow streak across the Rockies providing an inspirational backdrop for creativity. We're excited about our new products! Keep imagining, keep inventing, stay ingenious!

New 17 x 7 Inch Faceplate for the Sound Lab Mark II

MFOS has released a new panel for the Sound Lab Mark II analog synthesizer. The BUD Box AC-423 which is 17" wide 7" inches high and 3" deep makes a perfect case for the project or you can make a wooden case. I went with a bit thicker material (0.09") 6061 aluminum alloy sheet for this plate. The panel has a brushed finish with a black silk screened legend and is coated with iridite protective coating. It is very sturdy and holds up well even over 17" of width. Included with the panel is a PC mounting bracket made of 1mm (.039") thick aluminum plate. The panel facilitates mounting the PCB on the rear of the faceplate with potentiometers holding it in place.

I added a new tab - New 17 x 7 Inch Panel - to the Sound Lab Mark II's project page specifically for those who plan to use the plate. The details of how I constructed my unit are there as well as some thoughts about using the MFOS Wall Wart supply to power the unit. I also have some ideas about how I'm going to use all that blank space on the top of the BUD box. My first thought is to add an MFOS Delayed Modulation module. I'll share any mods or additions I come up with on the Sound Lab Mark II project's new tab page: "New 17 x 7 Inch Panel".

Echo Rockit

Echo Rockit Taking Off - New Faceplates Available

I'm seeing a lot of interest in the Echo Rockit project. I really have fun with that unit myself. I'm getting good feedback from builders and people are having a blast just sound sculpting with the ER all by itself. You can put a microphone or other instrument through the Echo Rockit to process them through the unit's 12dB per octave low pass filter (capable of oscillation) and PT2399 based echo unit for even more creative sound shaping and experimentation.

We now have professionally machined aluminum front panels for your Echo Rockit project. These retro-looking panels are 7 x 7 inches in size and 1/16" thick. They are drilled, deburred and have a silk screened legend protected with clear iridite coating.

Kits Available Now!
We have Echo Rockit kits available now. As always the kit does not come with a case but now the kit can be purchased with or without the faceplate. There are a lot of amazing DIY faceplate fabricators out there I know but if you're not among them and you want a cool plate this is the ticket. Have I made synths out of baking pans? Who hasn't? What synth diyer isn't always walking around saying "that sign would make a fantastic synth panel". Anything flat and drillable can be made into a synth panel I know but again if you're in a pinch MFOS has got you covered.

A diyer inquired about excessive noise in the output of the unit at long echo times. I completely agree that when the unit is used with echo times that are longer than the PT2399 chip can process properly it is VERY noisy. The PT2399 utilizes a 1 bit data conversion mechanism that requires a high clock rate to work. When used with echo times within the chip's design (40mS to about 300mS) the PT2399 is reasonably not noisy. The shorter the echo time the cleaner the echo signal. In my sound-scaping work I utilize all the "noises" that the Echo Rockit can produce including the echo hyper feedback noise, long echo time noise, over modulated echo times, etc possible with the unit which is why the Echo time can be adjusted way out of the PT2399's normal range. In conclusion, regarding the Echo Rockit, expect increasing noise as echo times increase beyond the PT2399's design range. 
Mini Amp/Mixer
You don't always need a Marshall amp to demo something for your friends. The new Mini 3-In Mixer & 1W Amp PCB from MFOS makes a great little amp for those times when you want to jam around the office, the kitchen table or at your local coffee house. I use one of these with my guitar effects pedal and it's plenty loud enough for practicing and goofing around. Complete plans at MFOS. 
FB Page
You're a click away...
I was stunned to hear that my title - Elevator Music - made its way into the world of Pandora. Will wonders never cease?

I like how it sounds but hey I'm biased. Glad to hear that Pandora either had a curator listen to it and say... "why not?"
or really needed to fill some time - whatever I was glad to hear from them. Thanks Pandora!
Function Generator Boards and Parts Kit
Simple 9V powered function generator kit makes a nice portable signal source for
ringing out amps or driving circuits on the bench. It's a relatively simple but useful project.
What's Ahead?
I'm being asked how can I interface my NOISE TOASTER and my Echo Rockit so that the Echo Rockit is looped in - mash-up coming. I can see a mash-up of the Battery Function Generator and the Mini Amp Mixer board as a signal tracer. A redux of the original Sound Lab with a few improvements (sine oscillating filter anyone) and a retro looking faceplate.

I also foresee shoveling the driveway a lot, looking out the window at the snow and hoping my bees get through the winter. I'm working on a new (non-synth-diy) book. Everyone should take the time to chronicle their time on this planet. Its pretty enlightening.

To all of you DIYers out there, I'm totally grateful that such an amazing group of creative people exists. Safe travels to everyone as we enter the winter. And as always peace to all. Namaste.

Free is good!
Orders totalling $75.00 and up (excluding shipping and handling cost) will receive a Micro Sample and Hold PCB, LF444CN quad op amp, 2N5457 N-Channel JFET and a .005uF polystyrene capacitor for FREE. Here's a  link to the project  so you can check it out. Offer good while supply lasts.
The MFOS mascot beehive has been an amazing adventure for my wife and me. We harvested our very first honey ever in our lives and actually got a ton of it. Neither of us got stung and we replaced the box full of honey we removed from the top of the hive with a new hive box on the bottom so they can move downstairs and keep doing what they do. The box that is now the top box will become the new honey and pollen repository. If you've been toying with the idea of beekeeping, go for it. If we can do it anyone can. Next to come - the MFOS mascot hen house.
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