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Friday, July 10th  2015, Toronto
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Since before the Fuller brush man appeared on the porch, marketing has been an outbound effort,
pushing messages out to interrupt prospects. The new approach builds on the opportunities created by social media platforms. The majority of us have got on board to some degree, engaging with what and whom we like. 

Tip of the Week

Say goodbye to signature envy. Enter "WiseStamp", the site where you may create an email signature to rival any other. What is unique here in my experience of signature creators is the freedom to use something other than Gmail. In fact, selections are available for a half dozen web-based email clients. I use Rogers collaboration with Yahoo and with one click brought my signature into the online interface. Every icon you select and link up is live in the recipient's inbox, right up to following you on Twitter. So stop hiding your face. Come out into the light - and claim your free signature. Naturally, you can pay if you want their ID to disappear, but personally I like offering the tool to others in every email I send.

Quote of the Week
“You'll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." 
 John C. Maxwell

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Where Shall we Eat?

When I thought about it at all I thought about FourSquare as an app for the young. Then I stumbled on a CNN video interview with its CEO. He identified their competitors as Yelp and Google local and that got my attention. When I chose to install the Android version to my Smartphone the word "Teen" was displayed on the install screen. But when I searched on the demographics of users I found that nearly half were in the 30-43-year-old bracket, overall split 60-40 male. Users may search, as the image suggests, for a variety of experiences around their geolocation, if they choose to provide it, or simply enter one, as seen above. Another feature I found and used is the invitation to enter details about a location not displayed in search results. So users grow the base of choices by adding favourites to be discovered by others. Results carry ratings and where food and drink are involved, the $$ signs suggestive of priceyness. Click on the image to visit their desktop site. I can't be sure yet, but this might be my go-to over Yelp and Local.

See Here

Email from a company that offers work to videographers around the world asked it I worked in "Matterport". No, it's not a place, it's a 3-D photography technique and I assure you, you haven't seen anything quite like it before. Visit the "try it" page and wait for the model to load. The resulting house tour is in vivid high definition and offers various perspectives including a look down through the roof choice that provides a view down into each room. The camera, visible in the image above, sells for USD$4500. What you shoot you upload to their cloud. There it is processed and made available for viewing. I'm guessing that this will be big with realtors and hotel/resort/attractions where it could give video a run for its money, thanks to the degree of viewer control. Move as slowly through a space as you like.
Beam Me Facebook, Scottie

Facebook Bluetooth Beacon
Earlier this week I blogged about why bricks & mortar business should be encouraging Facebook check ins, specifically by displaying the free signage available to download. Days later I discovered that Facebook, in the U.S., is freely distributing a Bluetooth beacon, and giving priority to small and medium sized businesses who already have a Facebook page. It's part of their "Place Tips" feature. The business decides what content goes into the tip and the beacon sends it to guests with compatible Smartphones with Bluetooth turned on, when they enter or just get near the premises. One of the tips is to suggest checking in.
Facebook Bluetooth beacon sending to phone screen
Facebook tested the beacons in NYC and the businesses involved reported a noticeable uptick in likes, views, clicks and other types of engagement. And Facebook is far from being alone in employing the Bluetooth beacon technology. According to BI Intelligence estimates, U.S. in-store sales influenced by beacon-triggered messages will reach $44.5 billion in 2016, 10 times projections for 2015.  There's a two-way street created in-store, the software can recognize  the specific user, rewarding loyal customers with surprise offers,  alerting sales staff to their presence on the floor, engaging with a personal greeting much like email that knows who you are. Operational improvements can come from analyzing customer traffic patterns and shopping habits. For SMBs thinking of applying for the free Facebook beacon the company created a FAQ page explaining how to use it and answering many questions, including the assurance that the technology doesn't interfere with any existing Wi-Fi installation.
The Perfect Palette

Under the category of fascinating shiny objects is "Coolors", far easier to get by seeing than by reading a description. This online app generates five side-by-side vertical colour bands, each of which displays how they are created in systems from Pantone to CMYK and more. Click a band and hit the space bar. Now four new colours create a palette around the one you selected. If you do any visual design work, even just the odd flyer or newsletter, Coolors will help you find the perfect colour combination, and if you don't it's still fun to play with!
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