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Friday, February 13th,  2015, Toronto
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Since before the Fuller brush man appeared on the porch,
marketing has been an outbound effort,
pushing messages out to interrupt prospects.
The new approach builds on the opportunities created by social media platforms.
The majority of us have got on board to some degree, engaging with what and whom we like. 


Tip of the Week
I've written about the public library app OverDrive Media, offering access to thousands of eBooks and audio books to anyone with a compatible device and a library card. Now I've found something almost equally useful. The site is called BookBub and here you find an ever changing archive of books of many genres, offered for free or very little for promotional or clearance reasons. You may select categories that interest you, like historical fiction and biographies. Thereafter suggestions will come to you. In a few minutes on my first visit I bought two novels for well under a total of three dollars. They're sitting on my tablet waiting to be read.

Quote of the Week

"When it's third and ten, you can have the milk drinkers; I'll take the whiskey drinkers every time."
Max McGee, Green Bay Packers
In Case You Missed it

If you missed it, you can read our most recent issue here.

26 Ways

    According to one of my favourite sources, calls to action (CTAs) are the backbone of social media. When readers engage with your stuff it boosts your social media presence. One such used by Sony is circled in red above. "On Facebook, Sony uses phrases such as “Check it out,” “Don’t forget,” “Find out more,” “Go behind the scenes” and “Read about it here” to get people to click through. The URL destinations include blog posts, Vine, embedded videos, Vevo, a Sony video gallery and their website."
    This is one of more than two dozen tips for adding muscle to your social media efforts, from our friends at the SocialMediaExaminer.

SEO's Elephant
You can't run a website for business and not want to understand search engine optimization (SEO). Keywords, metatags, descriptions, file names and WordPress plugins get a lot of attention and you might have overlooked the subject of directories in learning up. "A directory is simply a web site that contains a categorized listing of links from around the web."  Their importance lies in their creating incoming links to your site from directory search results. Some are directories of everything, some as narrow as "fishing". Some charge for listings while many are free and in both cases the length of time between registering and being listed is an issue to pay attention to. According to this source, DMOZ is the most important directory in the world to be listed on, is free and can take one to six months or more to appear after listing. The article goes on to suggest a number of other directories to consider. You can visit DMOZ by clicking on the image above.

The site pictured above ranks 40 directories and identifies the oldest with green text for the year in which they appeared. Apparently Google places more trust in the older directories and listings there are more likely to get ranked well. Click on the image to visit.

Hashtag-Centred Twitter Chats

Google+ has its hangouts. Twitter (who knew?) has Twitter Chats. And they've caught on to such a degree that there are several sites at which to look at already scheduled chats and the subject of same. The image above is from one of them and you can visit by clicking on it. It takes a few seconds to load. Check the upper right hand corner for a drop down that shows schedule Chats by subject. SocialMediaExaminer is sold on hosting Twitter Chats to build your presence and they both make the case and offer hard advice in a post here.
A Final Word

Finally this week, some advice on SEO from the folks who darn near invented it. Clicking the image will take you to a 32-page PDF, which will make you glad that it's not the "everything you need to know" guide. No telling how many pages in that one.

The Fog of Where

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