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Friday, May 27th,  2016
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Thanks for choosing the Facelift Marketing Friday Digest of social media marketing news. The digest is a work in progress. SM Marketing will always play a part but the stories we bring will come from casting a wider net, to cover progress in areas including virtual and augmented reality, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, beacon use cases and proximity initiatives including the mobile devices that support them.  We hope you'll decide to stay for the ride.

Tip of the Week

Any marketer doing social media has almost certainly used Facebook advertising. And because images are integral to most ads, said marketer has known the frustration of dealing with the maximum 20% text over image "rule".  Without notice, Facebook has removed the rule, substituting "guidelines":
  • Image Text: OK
  • Image Text: Low
  • Image Text: Medium
  • Image Text: High
Every step up from "OK" earns you less reach. I personally don't understand the thinking behind this. You pay for the ad and because Facebook doesn't like text on images, fewer people see the ad you paid for? And all images are not created equal. Exceptions include movie posters, album covers, infographics and more. Detailed information here.

Quote of the Week
"Men's natures are alike. It is their habits that carry them far apart." 


In Case You Missed it

If you missed last week's digest, you'll find it here. To follow me on Twitter go here.

Required Reading

The Digest began as a basket of timely social media marketing news, and while it has thrown a wider net in recent months, those of you who have recently joined our readership (thank you!) responded to an offer of news and tips on SMM. So, here's a biggie. I'm not a huge fan of offers of more content than I'll ever have time for, but this article divides 30 by 3, giving us ten articles on each of three big platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Dive in.

Social Buck Bang

    Ever since the term "marketing" was appended to the words "social media", business has been trying to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) in spending in the channel. This article looks at the cost effectiveness of each of three traditional channels as compared to social, and as the screen capture above makes clear, social leads in cost effectiveness. Credit for this is due in large part to the huge advances that have been made, by Facebook in particular, in allowing marketers to target very tightly. In one example "you're a real estate agent in Miami and you want to reach prospective home buyers - Facebook Ads will let you target 'people in the market for a first home' in any given geographic location, of a certain age, certain income bracket, and certain interests." That's powerful stuff. In addition to reaching a specific market segment, social media has by far the lowest cost related to reach - a few dollars per thousand versus nearly $30 for direct mail (and how they do it that cheaply would make for a popular article!).
    The writer is not suggesting that the other channels aren't worth investing in. Many businesses swear by direct mail despite the cost, because it creates business for them. But a channel that didn't exist ten years ago has matured into something too valuable to be ignored. Read more...

Twitter Loosens its Belt 
    My guess is that for most dedicated Twitter users the 140 character limit is usually a welcome challenge. But not always. So, I'm mostly okay with the recently announced changes that will allow the message to get a bit longer. 
    If you're replying to a tweet that contains a number of handles, they use up some of your precious characters. Going forward they won't be counted as tweet characters. But, if you add new handles, (@somebodynew) they will count toward the limit. 
    Currently, when you add attachments. be they photos, video, gifs or polls, they eat up 24 characters. That's going away too.
    Twitter gurus encourage you to retweet your best stuff, but Twitter didn't make it easy. You had to start over, making even just a punctuation change from the original, anything so it wasn't identical. Not any more. The new Twitter will let you retweet and quote tweet your prior goodness. The illustrated article here.
    One change may irritate veteran users. Those in the know knew that when a tweet begins with a handle, it will only be seen by the owner of the handle and his/her followers. Putting a period in front of the @ sign sends it to everyone. That's going away too. We'll just have to find a new Easter egg to make us feel superior.
Banking on Beacons

The BluetoothLE beacons you haven't interacted with yet are popping up all over the map. In NYC, Citibank has installed beacons in select branches, enabling customers to enter ATM lobbies after hours, without using a card. With your wallet in your hand you become a target of opportunity for a thief.
    The Citibank initiative works with iPhones and Apple Watches, pushing out a notification to nearby customers asking "Do you want to unlock the ATM lobby door?". Beacons will also inevitably give notice when a customer enters a branch, giving a heads up that high value clients are in the house. And, of course, just as retailers have increasingly learned to do, banks will broadcast offers, rewards and investment and other information to users of their app.
    Thanks to a very promising new Google development called "Progressive Web Apps" it will soon be possible to duplicate much of the look and function of custom apps without the app. The look and function will be created on the web. Users will be offered a screen icon just like an app and thanks to advances in code under the hood, these web apps will work even when the user is offline. But that's a story for another issue. If you're curious, there's an example at airhorner.com. Visit on your phone and be careful with your volume. It is an airhorn after all. Tap the three dots at the top right and look down. You'll see an "Add to Home Screen" option that makes the web app as available as any other app on your screen.
    The Citibank story is available here.

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