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Topanga Creek Outpost
Saturdays - 8 AM - Shop Ride

We ride for about 2 1/2  hours every Saturday from the Outpost.  Always Fun. Always Hills.  Always a good crowd.    (We don't ride when the trails are wet/muddy or there is a 30 % chance of rain or it rained a lot in the day prior or so and the trails need a rest.)

Show up early. We leave exactly at 8 AM.  

Chill loop ride this week to encourage new riders, get some swag and get the word out that our friends at Blackriver have a good app for the social side of bike stuff.

Download the app before the Saturday ride and get swag.

And, yep.  We are expecting a visit from the one and only Bicycle Nomad next week.     (Insert smiley face here.)
Surly / Topanga Creek / Blackriver Information
We want to give out some Surly note pads after this week's ride, refresh everyone's certificate and get new people excited and riding.    Sign up for the Black River App before the ride and follow the TCO loop for some Swag.   This Saturday, we are going to do the loop and encourage new riders.  Very chill pace.    Very inclusive.
SALES - Markdowns
Demo Sales   - Close Outs

*Md Carbon Salsa Cutthroat M  (floor model test ridden) 13 %

*Md Salsa Fargo 27.5+ (Floor model test ridden) 10% OFF

*55cm Salsa Vaya Deore Dark Green (floor model test ridden) 13 % OFF

AND MORE   >>>>>>>>>

****   We are changing what we do and clearing out floor models.   We will mostly have demo bikes and just a tiny number of new bikes to leave with.  We would rather demo bikes that get really dirty and sell people the kind of bike that is good for them.  Not the bike good for us because it is in stock.  
Adventure Night @ The Outpost
           Baja Divide Edition

Our lastest Adventure Night/ Topanga Chamber of Commerce BBQ/ Salsa Demo Day was a massive success! Lots of old and new faces congregated at the Outpost and had a fantastic time. Chris gave his slideshow of the Baja Divide Route and inspired many to get out there and Unpredict Their Journey. Thanks again to everyone who attended!
Life at the Outpost
Lineage since 1999. If you visited us at our original location in Hollywood or now in Topanga one of the guys at last night's BBQ built your wheels or helped you. Scott, Ryan, Chris, Eric, Tanner, Jeo, and Jay had a shop family reunion during the BBQ, representing our continuous staff since 1999 tag teaming each other as they headed to new adventures while still being a lifetime part of the staff shop family. The big question now is who will be standing to the right of Jay in the next family photo as he heads out on his next life adventure in June.
Link to Job Listing
Jay is heading out on the next adventure of his life and we have a unique opportunity for someone coming up.  If you know someone, please forward the link or this email.  
Johanna and Richard from Waterford stopped by the Outpost for some morning coffee talk and put a pin on Waterford, Wisconsin.
Cool Stuff, People and things at the Outpost
Karate Monkey's. Karate Monkey's everywhere! Dave's new single speed Karate Monkey sure is a looker!
It ain't Topanga until somebody TieDye's something. We intentionally ordered a couple of white Outpost shirts specifically for tiedying. The classics never go out of style, stop in and grab one before they're gone.
Chris, Eric and Rover visited our friends Carla and Sean at the Cub House in South Pasadena this week.  Such a great place and their creative energy is so fantastic.   It's Not a Bike Shop.    Water bottles from Team Dream Team, Ringtail plus a whole bunch of fun socks and hats made it up to Topanga.    We also found some TCO patches and cards hanging on their bulletin board.  Always fun to see our stuff in the wild grouped with our favorite other bike stuff. 
Jay's been keeping busy at the shop building a bunch of cool bikes lately. Lucky him.
A Surly with American-Made parts go hand in hand.
Rogue Journeymen
This week, came a very special request for Chris. A very good friend of the shop who has cancer inquired about making a custom Rogue Journeymen bag to add life to his ugly hospital-issue bag for carrying all of his important machinery. Probably one of the most personal projects that he's taken up, Chris put his heart and soul into making a bag that would brighten his friends' day everyday he used it. The result is a meaningful bag, made with care. Thank you for this request, it has brought much soul searching and has only enforced our focus onto all things Rogue Journeymen, as this venture has the possibility for us to make a difference in the world.
Visit our Etsy Store to purchase Rogue Journeymen
Topanga Creek Outpost is  hiring....

Here is a link to our career listing page.     It is always fantastic to see our staff move on to new adventures in life opening the door for someone new to enjoy working under oak trees in Topanga with us.     Please share this link with any top candidate that might be a fit.    The position begins in May.


New Bike Day
Dave picked up his new Single Speed Surly Karate Monkey before the shop ride on Saturday and was lucky enough to take it up Cheney on its first ride and out to Parker Mesa Overlook.
Carl stopped in to look at a couple bikes. A few days later, he stopped back in and picked up his new Rocky Mountain.
Michael is ready to do just about every ride out there on his Surly Disc Trucker. Ready to ride.

Rachel was in the mood for a bike to do a lot of things and go a lot of places. She is ready to do that with her new Surly Disc Trucker. We love that bike and everyone who gets one because we know what adventures are ahead of them.

Doug made an appointment with us about getting himself a new bike for touring. So he stopped in, drank some coffee, got fitted and we happened to have his size in stock at the shop. Lucky guy got to immediately go home with his new bike. Nice!
Recent Outpost Graduates

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Sundays - Closed

Turns out that very few people read this far in a dispatch, or at least don't mention they read to the end and learned the secret phone number below.     So, as a bonus to the barley 5 people who we think might be reading this, next time you are at the Outpost ask Chris to make you a Rogue Journeymen Keychain for free.    You earned it.

Rarely published actual phone number. 
Nobody reads this far anyway,
we might as well give it out. 
(310) 455-1451
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