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Topanga Creek Outpost

We are headed back to Sea Otter Classic this year for the weekend.   If you want to camp with us, please confirm ASAP.   We would rather prepare ahead.  Sea Otter Classic is a fun weekend of riding, racing, camping and having a good time surrounded by bicycles.    
Saturday Shop rides in Topanga.    Always hills.   Always fun. Always a good crowd of people. 
Saturday rides leave at 8 AM and we ride for a couple hours.  Always hills. Always fun.   Always a good group of people of different levels.   Please show up a bit early to leave right at 8, we freakishly leave on time so we can get back and open the shop by 11.      Rain or 30 percent chance of rain cancels.   
Fun New Things Happening at the Outpost
Artisanal Palomino Goods are now at the Outpost
In keeping up with the creative endeavors of the shop, we recently acquired the amazingly infamous Palomino Blackwing Pencils. Its been widely acknowledged that these are the best ‘writing utensils’ in the world. They were originally conceived in the 1930’s and were used by many famous artists and celebrities. During the time that the Blackwing was out of production, from 1998-2010, they would sell online from 3rd party sellers for up to $40 a pencil! The blackwing pencils are offered in 3 different varieties for writing or drawing. They’re fantastic pencils to write with and to top the icing on the cake, they donate a portion of their sales towards music and arts education for kids K-12. Win win.
Fixie Jesus' Wheel Lacing Corner
This week Jay stayed after work to lace up his new front wheel for the Tour Divide in June. With an I25 hoop, Shutter Precision generator hub, and PhilWood spokes, this wheel is going to fulfill all his electrical needs on the Divide.

Also note that Chris & Rover in the background are exhausted and sleeping after a hard days work.
The backroom wall that we built last week is both looking great and working well, holding up our titanium 650b Topanga hardtails. Classy.
Ringtail caps are great for all ages.
Always evolving and inventing new ideas for useful leather gear applications. From cool beard dressing leather storage pouches, to leather field journals that we've named the "Archeologist Journal". Interesting and innovative gear is always being created at the Outpost.

If you need anything made, let Chris know.  He is having a great time learning to make new stuff. 
Topanga Chamber of Commerce Annual BBQ Mixer at the Outpost
We hosted a BBQ Topanga Chamber of Commerce Mixer. Very fun evening with the greatest and largest collection of Life Coaches, Yoga Instructors and Insurance Salesman in America. One stop shopping was available for your life. Good or bad. Get it? Life coaches and Insurance?
Chris' Opinion and Comments....

What a great week.  Spring break brings people from all over the world to us and getting new people riding is the best.   It is great to be on the cutting edge of people's new riding experiences.   
***Current Specials at the Outpost***

Surly Bikes  ---- Karate Monkey Ops  20% OFF.  

We have a demo that you can test out.   FYI.


Supplies (sizes) are limited.*

Salsa Mountain Bikes Blow Out Sale - ALL NEAR 40% OFF

Inventories won't last long at these prices. First come first served. Visit us for additional details.

  • 2015 Salsa Horsethief Carbon XTR2015 Salsa Horsethief Carbon XTR $6,899.00 $4,199.00
  • 2015 Salsa Horsethief Carbon2015 Salsa Horsethief Carbon Bike $4,899.00 $2,999.00
  • 2015 Salsa Horsethief 22015 Salsa Horsethief 2 Bike $3,399.00 $2,099.00
  • 2015 Salsa El Mariachi 22015 Salsa El Mariachi 2 Bike $2,399.00 $1,499.00
  • 2015 Salsa El Mariachi 32015 Salsa El Mariachi 3 Bike $1,699.00 $999.00
  • 2015 Salsa El Mariachi Single Speed2015 Salsa El Mar Single Speed $1,499.00 $899.00
  • 2015 Salsa Spearfish 22015 Salsa Spearfish 2 Bike $3,399.00 $2,099.00
  • 2015 Salsa Spearfish 32015 Salsa Spearfish 3 Bike $2,799.00 $1,699.00
  • 2015 Salsa Colossal 22015 Salsa Colossal 2 Bike $1,999.00 $1,199.00
  • 2015 Salsa Beargrease 22015 Salsa Beargrease 2 Bike $2,599.00 $1,599.00
  • 2015 Salsa Blackborow 12015 Salsa Blackborow 1 Bike $2,799.00 $1,699.00
  • 2015 Salsa Bucksaw 22015 Salsa Bucksaw 2 Bike *Blemished $3,999.00 $2,499.00
  • 2015 Salsa Vaya 32015 Salsa Vaya 3 Bike $1,499.00 $899.00
  • Warbird Ti, Warbird 2 & 3, 20% Off
  • Framesets for the above bikes are also available at 40% off. Pictures shown may not represent the actual colors on sale. Please visit us for availability.
Supplies (sizes) are limited.*

***Compare us with other shops and their prices.   Just because we are not cheesy and pushing sales all the time, doesn't mean that we don't offer the same margin discounts on previous year models and amazing sales like everyone else.  We just happen to do more than try to get people to walk in because of sales. If sales, discounts and value is your thing, give us a chance or send a friend.  Virtually nobody has ever been disappointed making a purchase from us.  Our repeat business speaks to this.  Literally ask any customer who has ever purchased a bike from us.   Show up on a ride. Ask anyone. 

The Weekly Element:

 About 7 years ago, Scandium became another material /element for bike frames.  We noted that Scandium, Titanium, Molybdenum and Chromium (the elements in Chromoly frames) sat near each other on the Periodic Table of Elements while Aluminum is further away.    Remember from science class that attributes are similar for elements near each other?   Turned out our science teachers where on to something. That stuff does apply in life.  Aluminum bikes have different attributes from the others. Titanium, Chromoly and Scandium frames have similar ride qualities.   We reached out to Captain Penguin for more information and the weekly. element resulted.    

The Captain is on Spring Break and we thought we would explain to anyone who reads this why we have a weekly element.  

- editor

-The Captain

              New Bike Day
Tori picked up her Salsa Spearfish with custom Chris King wheels and immediately hit the trials with Chris on the Viewridge Trail and it was just the perfect way for her to get back to riding after taking a year break. Her smile did not dim. It was the ideal way to get back in the saddle, and she left the ride ready for more trails. Kinda great. Thank you Tori!
Cees stopped by the Outpost and was blown away with the ambience of the shop, so much that he came back a few days later to pick up a great bike that he could do just about anything with. He came in early Saturday morning to pick up his new bike and joined us for our weekly Saturday shop ride and had a great time. Thanks Cees!
Josh did a test ride on one of our Mariachi demo bikes during last week's Saturday ride and when he returned, he purchased one.  Here is Josh getting ready for the Saturday ride this week with his new Salsa Mariachi.    Always great to see someone get a bike and take off into the trails.  Especially, with us.   
Visiting from New York, these guys had so much fun mountain biking in the Santa Monica Mountains on a BMC, they are taking one back to NY.    Pretty great souvenir to Los Angeles.   
Recent Outpost Graduates
UnPredict Your Wednesday
Chris and Rover Unpredicted their Wednesday at Mt. Lowe this week. Conditions were windy Tuesday night which wasn't as fun as it could've been so they cancelled the plan. However, riding through Mt. Lowe is so fun that they headed back Thursday night and Unpredicted their Thursday/Friday. The weather was sunny and mild. Rover had the most amazing time running along side Chris and his bike. He was exhausted by the time they got back to the Outpost, and slept for the rest of the day.

This coming Wednesday we are headed to Carrizo Plain in search of wild flowers. Stay tuned!

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