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Thanks for choosing Helen McCarroll’s Pioneer City e-newsletter. Please read on for this week's news about this innovative new development that paves the way for the future of humanity.

Hello from Helen

Dear <<First Name>>,

The past week has been fantastic. We've had a great number of visitors to the space on the weekend and I've enjoyed being able to talk through the ins and outs of Pioneer City, and to answer some of the great questions that have come up. We've also received a big box of mini-Mars bars from our kind sponsors Mars NZ, which are available to all visitors to the Pioneer City showroom.

The showroom is only open for another two weekends, from 10am-2pm Saturday and Sunday, so make sure to come along if you haven't yet. I'll be there from midday-2pm on both days, but one of our staff will be able to assist you filling out an Expression of Interest form if I'm unavailable. The EOI form is also on http://Pioneer-City.com and I'm available to give viewings outside my weekend hours - just email or call me to arrange a visit.

Read on for exciting Mars and future development-related news.

Helen McCarroll

Pioneer City Lightbox

Public Responses to Pioneer City

I've had a great deal of questions about the project, and some very thought-provoking responses. Below are a few questions and comments that stand out:

Is this real?
Yes, the project is real but it's at an early stage. We're looking to raise both public, industry, and governmental support to get Pioneer City 'off the ground' so to speak.
Beautiful city and great idea. How does the political system work on Mars?
We haven't made any formal decisions about the governance or political structure for Pioneer City, however you are welcome to submit your recommendations through our Expression of Interest form (Section C), accessible here: http://pioneer-city.com/eoi.html
We understand that the political system will need to be well thought out, bearing in mind both positive and negative precedents on Earth. This will be a difficult area to get right so we'd appreciate hearing any suggestions you have.

...and some suggestions for the vision of Pioneer City:

"I was dissapointed that I was born too early to explore the stars. I'm hoping commonsense and decency is a requisite for migration. Maybe a sense of civic duty but without nationalism. Is not ours to exploit, it belongs to everything, not one human."

"Free energy supply, or at a nominal cost."

"An economy based on technology that allows a person to contribute and provide for themselves and family, but where time consuming activities that add little value are automated. This allows greater satisfaction in work and much more leisure time, and hopefully greater quality in society."

Curious Mars Rover Unveiled

NASA are busily developing their next Mars Rover, and have introduced it this week through an  incredible 11-minute animation depicting key events on it's trip to Mars. Named "Curiosity" the rover may remind some of you of Wall-E, or even Johnny 5 (if you're from my generation). Curiosity will be a science laboratory on wheels, tasked with the important job of hunting for life on the Red Planet. The video depicts everything from the rover's inter-planetary cruise to it's descent and landing on the surface of Mars, and surface operations. You can view the video of Curiosity here.

Lab-grown Meat More Efficient

Scientists from Oxford University and the University of Amsterdam have published a report in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, finding that the environmental impacts of cultured meat could be substantially lower than those of meat produced in the conventional way. Lab Meat, also known as In vitro meat, or cultured meat, is an animal flesh product that has never been part of a complete, living animal. It is a product that Pioneer City are investigating as a potential food source for future settlers. Hanna Tuomisto of Oxford University’s Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, who led the research, states that ‘Cultured meat could potentially be produced with up to 96% lower greenhouse gas emissions, 45% less energy, 99% lower land use, and 96% lower water use than conventional meat.’ An article covering the report can be read here.


Sick oceans threaten NZ's seas

One potential Pioneer CIty migrant stated "Get me out of here! There is too much melting ice and all lifeforms are going extinct!". A NZ Herald article echoes this concern, reporting on an international study that has found that fish, sharks and whales are at high risk of an extinction crisis at a scale not seen in human history. The study by the International Programme on the State of the Ocean (Ipso), which includes research from the University of Canterbury, concludes that mass extinctions are inevitable if human impacts are unchanged. New Zealand marine experts said this country had relatively low pollution and over-fishing problems, but was still vulnerable to mass events.

* The combination of stresses on the world's oceans is creating conditions comparable to every major extinction in the Earth's history.
* The speed and rate of degeneration have been greater than most scientists predicted in worse-case scenarios.
* The first steps to globally significant extinctions may have already begun.

* Over-fishing has reduced some commercial fish stocks and populations of by-catch by more than 90 per cent.
* Record high temperatures in 1998 led to mass coral bleaching, killing 16 per cent of all coral reefs.
* Pollutants such as flame retardants are being found in the polar seas and are making their way into marine food chains.

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