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Hello from Helen
Dear <<First Name>>,

It's almost hard to believe that we've reached the final weekend of the Wellington Pioneer City showroom. Its been a very interesting past three weeks full of fascinating responses. I've become very fond of this project and I'll be sad, but excited, to see it move on to its next exciting future location.

Tomorrow, Sunday 10th July from 10am-2pm will be your last opportunity to see the showroom in it's inaugural setting. I'll be there from midday-2pm - see you there!


Helen McCarroll

Pioneer City Model


The Cost of Going to Mars

Over the course of the past few weeks I've fielded several responses from people concerned about the cost of going to Mars. While it may be easy to assume the cost is far to high, this great talk from Senior NASA Research Scientist Joel Levine puts it in perspective: his predicted cost of going to Mars is $145 Billion versus the cost of the Iraq war so far: $739 Billion.


What's the weather like on Mars?
The climate will be much more constant and pleasant than the extremities that Wellington has to offer, mainly due to the fact that Pioneer City is a fully contained city so you won't be venturing outside very often (and only with good protection if you do!). The outdoor Martian climate isn't an oxygen-based atmosphere and it tends to be quite cold. However, the climate inside Pioneer City will be warm, dry, and comfortable. Swimming pools will be available, and there will be a variety of sports on offer. Places like the agricultural avenue will be suitable for picnics, and if you like rain you could always visit during the sprinkler watering times!

Who is behind Pioneer City?
Pioneer City is an international collaboration between both private and government groups. It will not fall under the control of one single nation, but there is the possibility for governments to establish national research centres within Pioneer City (similar to the manner in which Antarctica is occupied).

Have a burning question that hasn't been answered here? Email me and I'll be happy to answer it for you.

Space Greenhouse Prototype Revealed

Agricultural engineers at the University of Arizona have developed a prototype 18-foot greenhouse designed to grow vegetables in space. "It provides carbon dioxide, it provides water, it provides nutrients and it provides light," says Dr. Gene Giacomelli. Engineers say a collapsible module could be flown in on a spacecraft, deployed, and be growing food even before explorers arrive. "The water turns on, the lights turn on, the seeds that are already put in place begin to grow," Dr. Giocomelli said. View a video of the Lunar Greenhouse here.

HiRISE image
Stunning Mars Landscape Photos

Keen for a glimpse of what you might get to see first hand as a Pioneer City resident? Wired Science has collected a few of the oddest and most beautiful shots captured by NASA's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera. View the HiRISE gallery here.
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