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Hello from Helen

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Welcome to the first issue of my e-newsletter. Over the coming weeks I'll be continuing to keep you up to date with developments as the Pioneer City project progresses, so stay tuned!

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Pioneer City Showroom

Last Friday I was honoured to host Colonial Real Estate's official launch of Pioneer City's Wellington showroom. The showroom is both a New Zealand first, and a global first, and I'm thrilled to be representing Pioneer City here on such a momentus occasion. The launch was incredibly well attended and I'd like to thank my colleagues for helping pull together such a great event.

The showroom is now open to the public from 10am-2pm Saturdays and Sundays from 18 June - 10 July 2011 at:
Ground Floor, Soho Apartments
80 Taranaki St

I'll be in the showroom this Saturday from 10am - midday, and on Sunday from midday - 2pm. Please feel free to pop in and have a look at the showroom, which features a stunning scale model of the city designed and built collaboratively by Architect Rachel Logie and Project Director Bronwyn Holloway-Smith.

Alternatively, I am able to arrange viewings of the showroom outside of these hours. Please call or email me if you would like to arrange a special appointment.

Watch out for fake deeds

New Zealand's Fair Go programme recently screened an episode on businesses selling extra terrestrial real estate through what they claim is a "loophole" in the International Space Treaty. Pioneer City has always maintained that such claims are unlikely to stand up to legal scrutiny, and Fair Go echo this opinion. While these "deeds" make a great novelty gift, buyers beware - that's all they are. Pioneer City, on the other hand, is being developed as a joint international private and governmental venture that fully respects the Treaty and upholds its vision. 
You can view the Fair Go story here.

Mars 500 project celebrates 1 year

Paving the way for future Pioneer City migrants, six men have now been living in a mock "Mars-bound" spaceship near Moscow for over a year. The Mars500 project is an international study into interplanetary spaceflights and the European crewmembers have been writing about the highlights, monotonous life, team spirit and determination to go on. The crew's schedule has them "landing on Earth" on 5 November 2011.
Read about the project here.
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