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Content Mgmt Outlook

Issue 8 - July 11, 2014

After a break for the July 4th holiday here in the US, I'm back with another issue of Content Mgmt Outlook.

This past month there was a big change for me. The only difference as far as this newsletter is concerned is that I now write it during the day instead of at night with my eyelids propped open by toothpicks. It also means I can spend more time on the training courses that bring me a lot of joy to create.

A lot of that time is spent working with and thinking about web content management systems. Which, I should note, is good for this newsletter. The old folks call it synergy; the young'uns call it "synergy."

Whatever it is, I'm glad to be here. Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend,

Ryan Irelan
Austin, TX

WordPress 4.0 Beta 1 Available

This week WordPress announced the availability of 4.0 Beta 1. The new version of WordPress, which is due out next month, includes new features like previews of embedded URLs, improved plugin installation experience, and language selection during installation (another highlight to the already infamous easy installation).

It's not quite ready for production, according to the announcement, but ready for play and testing. You can download the beta directly or use the Beta Tester plugin.

The Short, Long History of WordPress

WordPress host Kinsta put together a long, one-page history of WordPress. It starts with, of course, Matt Mullenweg taking over the abandoned b2 blogging system and turning it into WordPress. Early screenshots show just how humble the beginnings were but even I'll admit that WordPress is damn powerful.

This is a good read if you've forgotten how far WordPress has come, how different publishing on the web was ten years ago, or are a young whippersnapper.

Art Directed Layouts with Craft and Matrix

We all know Snowfall from the NY Times, the wonderful long form article that attempted to make an immersive experience through art direction and embedded media. Over on the A List Apart blog, my former colleague Anthony Colangelo reviews how he'd build an art directed layout using the Craft CMS and its Matrix functionality.

I'm deep into Matrix right now for a non-development project and it is indeed a fresh take on managing content for complex web publishing layouts. Have their been other tools out there that do this already? Sure, but have they done it so beautifully?

New Entity Query Service in Drupal 8

The entity.query service available in Drupal 8 will "instantiate a query object for a given entity type." The examples in the articles give you a gentle introduction to querying and loading nodes using the entity.query service.

Drupal 6 Support Extended 

After the release of Drupal 8, the official support of Drupal 6 core and its modules was to end. But you get an extra three months to agonize over how and whether to upgrade to Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 (or find a firm that will assist you in supporting Drupal 6). 

The forever problem of moving forward versus not leaving people behind.
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