Broken Hearts Ministry's 2012 Year End Update

Worship Fully. Spend Less. Give More. Love All.*

Ministry and making a difference begins with worship. Worship leads to loving God and loving others more. That's why Jesus came, and that's why we go.

For our friends struggling to survive on the streets, never having grown up in loving homes, Christmas is not a happy time of year. Most of them will barely notice it because it passes by as just another day to try and stay alive, sheltered and fed. If they're really lucky, they might forget some of the pain of their past that causes them to be alone and overlooked on yet another  Christmas.

Broken Hearts exists to meet physical, relational and spiritual needs of the broken hearted on the streets, but we can only meet so many needs without your support. This past year we...
  • Washed over 300 loads of laundry for the poor in our community.
  • Served over 600 warm meals at our Refuge Services.
  • Began and deepened over 150 relationships with those trying to escape the destructive lifestyle of the streets.
  • Partnered with 7 local churches to run the first  faith-based winter shelter in Hollywood.
  • Saw a tremendous increase in numbers and participation at our 78 Refuge Services.
  • Completed “Street Ministry 101”, an educational course designed to train & equip individuals to better understand and serve the broken.
  • Over 15 men and women to attend volunteers’ churches and/or small groups
  • Saw 3 of our friends graduate from college or certificate programs, 2 obtain permanent housing and full-time jobs, and 1 reconnect with family and remain sober.

If we've learned anything, it's that we can "live simply that others may simply live" (in the words of Ghandi), and that spending less allows us to give more.

In fact, the $600 some may spend on a few Christmas gifts could actually help house someone for 3 months as they transition off the street and into permanent housing. Just $35 can feed an entire group of homeless men and women while studying the Bible together. Or a larger donation can help pay missionaries and staff devoting their full time to the discipleship of our friends.

As the year comes to an end and the last chance to give for tax-deductible donations, would you consider joining with us in worshiping our Savior by loving the overlooked, spending less, and giving more?


Thank you, and have a Merry Christmas!

*No, these are not original words or ideas (we borrowed them from We embrace them, however, and hope that you will too this season.
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