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White as Snow
washing clothes, washing hands, washing feet...

Stories of Hope from the Streets

Bringing, Building, Bridging

Sitting around a room for 6 hours with post-its,  markers,  brainstorming tools, tacos and cookies  was how we started our year off at Broken Hearts. We were working on a strategic plan around "The 3 B's" that make up our mission: Bringing the Gospel, Building Relationships, and Bridging the Gap between the church and street.

While strategic planning is helpful, if it doesn't birth action, it's not much good. Luckily, we have a team of volunteers who give hands and feet to these ideals...

The week after intense planning, we saw more faces on the boulevard than we had in a long time, giving opportunity to bring the love of Jesus to several individuals hanging out "hustling" (making money via drugs, prostitution, panhandling, etc). One in particular had recently gotten out of jail, was addicted to meth, and after
discussing possible avenues into housing, came to Bible study and actively participated in our Hosea study.

Another friend we'd made about a year ago returned that night after not seeing him for months. He'd been off of meth for two weeks and came asking for prayer and in need of love.  He recently had surgery, but that established relationship meant he could turn to one of our volunteers for not only rides to the hospital in his time of need, but even to help him dress his wound on a daily basis!

At the end of the January we held our free laundry service, White as Snow, and saw the gap bridged between the four walls of the church and the forgotten on the streets. A community group from one of our biggest local churches lead the activity for the evening of hand and foot washing and manicures for our friends, showing them that they are respected and loved, not overlooked and forgotten.

We challenge you this year to not only enjoy the stories of healing broken hearts, but to ask yourself, "What part can I play in bringing, building, or bridging?"

It all starts and ends with prayer...


  • Please pray for the development and blessing of our new strategic directions such as a Discipleship Program, Building Acquisition, and possible Expansion through partnership to Skid Row.
  • Pray for our friend Raul who was in the hospital for over a week with internal bleeding and for the cause to be figured out by the doctors helping him. Pray for miraculous healing!
  • Pray  for our friend "C" who is 3 weeks sober from crystal meth and is trying to find permanent housing.

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Laundry for the community


White as Snow - February 28th & March 28: Want to see what it's all about? Invite friends, neighbors and strangers to get their laundry done for free on Thursday night at 9:00pm at the Launderland Coin Laundromat on Santa Monica/Las Palmas.  Volunteers are welcome, and should arrive at 8:30pm for briefing. Contact for more info.

Hollywood Winter Refuge - February 17-March 3rd: This is the second year that churches have come together to run a shelter for the homeless.  We not only get to share meals and serve those in need, but have ministry time, pursue permanent housing, and have opportunity to go deep and start relationships that will last far beyond the shelter. If you'd like to donate or serve, contact

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