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Kathleen Trotter Personal Trainer
April 2016


Happy April everyone!  

My April was fantastic. I had the pleasure of writing this newsletter while in Vegas. My best friend bought us tickets to Britney for my birthday. In Vegas not only did I get to see Britney and have quality friend time, I did yoga with dolphins, tried a class at The Canyon Ranch, and did a TRX class at a Pilates studio off of the strip. I am one lucky trainer!  

In other fun fitness news, I filmed new Fitness Basic videos with the Globe's fantastic video team on April 27! I am excited to share them with all of you once they are completed! Until then, watch these two; they are from a recent batch. In this one I explain how to safely strengthen your back , and in this one I outline three excellent exercises you can do to help prevent running-related knee pain. 

I also want to highlight two articles that I am particularly proud of. First is this "sofa to 5 km” plan I developed for The Globe and Mail. If the warmer weather has inspired you to start running, make sure to read the column and learn how to safely amp up your training regimen. 

Next, I want to share a recent Huffington Post  blog. It is my second "favourite things" themed blog. I am really enjoying researching and writing these monthly lists. Talk about fitness FUN! In this month's edition I share a current favourite yummy recipe, a few exercises, my new snack obsession, and even my most recent health mantra!  

The featured exercise this month is "towel hamstring curls."  

This month instead of an article I am including a meta-analysis on the importance of eating vegetables! Take a read; I am hoping that the results are powerful enough to convince even the most reluctant of vegetable eaters to sneak some kale into their soup!  

Fun fitness info this month 
(Thank you to my wonderful client and friend Kathryn for bringing this meta-analysis to my attention.)

A 2014 meta-analysis (of 16 cohort studies and almost a million patients) published in the BMJ found that at the population level the risk of cardiovascular disease was reduced by 4% and that total premature death rate was reduced by 5% for each additional daily serving of fruits and vegetables.

So, the main-take away is EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! As Kathryn wrote to me in an email "How hard is it to add in one serving of fruits or vegetables a day?"

You can read the full meta-analysis here.  

Exercise of the Month
         Towel hamstring curls


Lie on your back with each of your heels on one towel. Use your bum to lift your hips into a bridge. Straighten and bend your legs so the towel moves to and from your bum.  

When you don't have equipment, substitute this exercise for traditional favourites like stability-ball hamstring curls or machine hamstring curls.

What's New
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(I didn't write this, but Eric mentions me. I had to include it because his kind words almost made me cry! I am so lucky to work with such supportive people!!) 

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